Aspire Today: Why It’s a SCAM Trap! (Reviewed)

Welcome to my review of the scammy Aspire Today!

I recently came across this program that apparently helps you to make mountains of money on the web in a matter of minutes.

Well, in just “30 minutes per day” to be more precise.
Aspire Today Scam Review
I’m sorry, but what a load of hogwash because making a great deal of income online requires heaps of time and effort.

But besides this wacky sales pitch claim, what else makes the online money making Aspire Today system such a scammy honey trap, huh?

Before I walk you through this honest review and expose the true nature of the opportunity…

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What is Aspire Today & How Does it Work?

Aspire Today (AT) makes extremely misleading claims of being a simple 2-step system.

One, that shows you the way to making more money in half an hour of work each day than you would from working a full-time job…

And as a total internet marketing novice with zero knowledge too.

As a newbie, I’m sure you must be well aware of all the hype when it comes to earning on the net.

Because there’s a lot of this “easy and fast” money stuff out there.

See some crap I’ve recently reviewed – Viral Pay, Secret Society of Millionaires, and Home Wealth Business, to name a few so-called opportunities.

Unfortunately, ‘AT’ is a dummy opportunity.

Because it’s simply a landing page/sales funnel for leading you straight into the arms of Michael Force’s Aspire Digital Altitude system.

UPDATE: Digital Altitude got shut down by The FTC for being a deceptive business coaching scheme.

‘AT’ isn’t the only gateway site to Digital Altitude either.

Because there are more of Michael Force’s affiliates (aka money-hungry “opportunists”) who assume it’s perfectly acceptable to deceive newbies.

The ‘Digital Millionaire Secret’ is another similar scam I found.


Digital Altitude, What’s That When It’s at Home?

Simply put, ‘ADA’ is a high-ticket digital marketing training platform and MLM biz opp that provides a number of products.
Aspire Digital Altitude
The great thing about ‘ADA’ is that it provides some valuable training that can actually work to make you a buck online.

But the system is designed for the sole purpose of you promoting “the system” (which is all ‘Done-For-You’) as an affiliate for BIG bucks.

Which is why some folks find the system appealing. What newbie wouldn’t want all the money-making obstacles taken care of, huh?

However, the system is flawed, in my opinion, for 3 very important reasons.


#1: It Costs Way More Than $37/Month!

Mr. Force gives you the impression that his platform is as cheap as chips with his $37 monthly fee.

But in reality, you will be forking out up to $28K (YES, $28,000!) if you wanna go “all in”.

Who in their right mind would spend $10,000’s on a program…

Especially when everything required (tools, training &24/7 support) for starting and growing a profitbale online Biz can be found HERE for a few hundred bucks per year?


#2: An Unsustainable Biz Model

Not only do affiliates get ripped off big time.

But selling a high-ticket product is gonna be unsustainable.

Because most people just don’t have that kinda money to splash out today. Period.

Empower Network‘ (another overpriced scheme) got shut down by co-founders (David Wood & David Sharpe) for the very same reason.

And in case you didn’t know, Sharpe has started up yet ANOTHER costly platform called Legendary Marketer.

Which, will no doubt draw the attention of the Federal Trade Commission at some point and be shut down like Digital Altitude and also MOBE.


#3: It’s a ‘Pay to Play’ System

There’s a catch to generating large affiliate commission payouts…

You must actually buy the training products inside the system yourself if you wanna make money from promoting them.

Otherwise, the commission goes straight into the pockets of the next “qualified” affiliate in your upline.

“Seriously, Neil?!”

YUP, no joke!

If you ask me, it’s a manipulative and unethical scarcity tactic used at your expense for keeping ‘ADA’ afloat.


Is Digital Altitude a SCAM?

In my own personal experience with Michael’s program in the past, ‘ADA’ is LEGIT, but also a SCAM.

Yes, you will get plenty of high-quality training for making some money with his system.

But he also takes you for a mug with his overpriced training products.

However, what really p*ssed me off was the fact that I tried to contact support on a couple of occasions for my money back.

Because I wasn’t prepared to be taken for a fool by parting with thousands of dollars.

But his so-called “support team” didn’t have the common decency to issue a refund or even reply to any of my emails.

He still owes me a WHOPPING… $37 LOL.

But, it’s the principle that really matters at the end of the day, right?

Would I recommend Digital Altitude?

My question to you is “has hell frozen over yet?”

UPDATE: Well, since Digital Altitude got shut down by the FTC for operating unethically, then YES, it’s now classed as 100% a scam.


PROS vs CONS of Aspire Today/Digital Altitude


  • The ‘ADA’ affiliate behind it does a good job at showing you how scams work
  • It’s cheap to get started with – But whether you will get a refund is another story


  • It uses deceptive marketing tactics
  • False claims of making a lot of money easily
  • The opportunity is fake – It’s simply a doorway to ‘ADA’
  • ‘ADA’s’ products are extortionate
  • It’s not a sustainable biz model in the long run


My Final Thoughts on Aspire Today…

Unfortunately, the Aspire Today landing page gives you a strong impression that big money can be made super quick and fast on the internet.

Now, if that’s the case…

Then why isn’t every internet marketing “newbie” submerged in a bathtub of cash in a penthouse suite in Las Vegas right now?

Plus, the fact it’s now shut down anyway LOL.

So the hyped up ‘AT’ system is something that I seriously wouldn’t recommend to any beginner.

Especially considering when it leads you directly to the Aspire Digital Altitude system.

The bottom line

‘ADA’ puts pressure on you to spend thousands of dollars on products just for the sake of making a pretty penny for yourself and keeping the scheme rolling.

The emphasis is more on “how much money” members can make in affiliate commissions.

Rather than actually promoting reasonably priced products for the purpose of providing noobs with real “value”.

That’s my 2 cents worth anyway.

If you’re sick and tired of finding scams and expensive programs everywhere you turn online and you want a real direction for building a profitable affiliate marketing business without being ripped off…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or anything you would like to share on ‘AT’ or ‘ADA’? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below…


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