Does Click 4 Surveys Lie? Click Here 4 The Truth! [Review]

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Click 4 Surveys is another site promising you the world on a silver platter simply by taking, well, paid surveys.

But is it a slimy scam posing as a legitimate way of making $100s – $1,000s per month or does this thing actually do what it promises on the tin?

If you wanna know the truth, then grab this article!

Does Click 4 Surveys Lie or Tell The Truth Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Click 4 Surveys (C4S).


Cost: $97. But price drops to $19 lol.

Owner: Daniel Cooper (apparently).

My Score: 2/10.

But before you continue, let’s just pause for a second…

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What’s Click 4 Surveys All About?

‘C4S’ is all about Daniel Cooper exposing “the secret” of how he’s raking in between $500 and $3,500 per month just from sharing his opinions via surveys.

Apparently, the site is full of companies that are eagerly waiting to reward you from $5 to $75 per survey completed.

But the truth be told, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from taking surveys in the past, is that they waste a lot of your time for very little in return.

Realistically speaking, if anything, you’re more likely to be earning at the bottom end of the scale of up to $5 per survey.

If you think about it, with the sheer volume of folks wanting to cash in from surveys, why would companies reward you with ridiculous payments?

They can easily get away with rewarding peanuts, just like with any ‘Get Paid To’ opportunities because they know folks are willing to trade their time for a few measly cents/bucks.

Second of all, if the companies went all out crazy paying 100s, even 1,000s of peeps up to $75 a time, I’m pretty damn sure they’d be out of business in the blink of an eye.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Why You’re Misled by ‘C4S’, Even More!

In all honesty, the whole ‘C4S’ thing just reeks of a “SCAM” because right off the bat, the hyped up sales page and video are riddled with red flags – basically blatant LIES, which I’m about to expose in more detail.

#1: In addition to the far-fetched “$500 – $3,500” income claims, Daniel Cooper provides you with a quick 11-question sample survey to do for $15 – to show you how “easy” it is.
Click 4 Surveys Misleading Surveys
But I’m calling his bluff because there’s no way on Earth you’ll get 15 bucks from a simple survey that takes 2 minutes to complete.

In my opinion, even if a survey paid so much cash, I assure you, there would be a heck of a lot more than 11 questions.

#2: Daniel shows multiple screenshots of how he went from a negative bank balance to making $10,000s and paying off his debts.
Click 4 Surveys Fake Income Proof
He claims his screenshots are “REAL” but again, he’s Billy Bullsh*tter because there’s no actual evidence of the screenshots being genuine – especially since fabricated income shots can easily be created these days.

#3: In my opinion, “Daniel Cooper” is used as an alias for the real product creator to hide behind because it makes it easier for he or she to trick you without putting their true identity in danger.

In addition, he tells you his short sob story, which I find hard to believe when the guy probably doesn’t even exist at all.

And then, he shows a photo of himself on the couch with a laptop, which again, is total crap because the image is obviously from a stock photo site.
Click 4 Surveys Fake Owner
The use of stock images seems to be a common tactic among scam artists online these days, so never trust everything you see.

#4: On both the sales page and within the video, there are “too good to be true” testimonials from members giving the opportunity heaps of praise – like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
Click 4 Surveys Fake Testimonials
When in actual fact, these folks are hired on Fiverr for their spokesperson services, and other faces also come across as stock photos.

Hey, check out the same fake ‘C4S’ member again on Fiverr…
A Casual Presenter From Fiverr
#5: And then comes the “Disclaimer” at the bottom of the sales page which basically confirms ‘C4S’ is built around a pack of lies.
Click 4 Surveys Misleading Disclaimer
If every effort really has been made to accurately represent the product, then how come the sales page revolves around deception, and LOTS of it?

If there’s also “no guarantee” that you’ll earn money with ‘C4S’, then how come Daniel gets your hopes up with easily raking in $100s/$1,000s on a monthly basis?



Final Thoughts: Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, ‘C4S’ is quite clearly a waste of money because for starters, it’s highly deceptive.

Not only does the creator behind the product make far-fetched income claims but also implements a number of shady tactics to have you fooled.

Secondly, YES you do get a list of survey companies (50 in total) – BUT there’s not a cats chance in hell they’ll reward you handsomely due to the fact that too many people wanna share their opinions for cash too.

Plus they’re a bunch of survey sites that you can find on the web for “free” anyways, which makes ‘CFS’ unworthy of your hard-earned dollars.

The BEST part about ‘C4S’ is that it’s a product on Clickbank (CB) – meaning you can get a full-refund.

The WORST part about it is that it’s on Clickbank LOL.

Unfortunately, most of the stuff you find on CB in the “make money online” niche these days is a pile of deceptive garbage.

Yes, you always get something for your money, but never what’s advertised.

Normally, I class most CB products in the money-making arena as borderline scams.

But on this occasion, I am branding ‘C4S’ as a rotten SCAM because the real owner behind it tries to pull the wool over your eyes – especially when they claim it’s some “secret” to making a fortune.

At the end of the day, survey sites pay peanuts and there’s no such thing as “get-rich-quick” either – so don’t get sucked in by it.

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