Instant WordPress Domination Review (Will You Dominate?)

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Will this training course really allow you to dominate your competitors’ as a blogger or is it a massive letdown?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to dive into THIS honest review…

Instant WordPress Domination Review
Quick Overview

Name: Instant WordPress Domination (IWD).


Price: $37 one-time fee.

Owners: Jackson Tan & Keefe Lee.

My Score: 5/10.

Verdict: (LEGIT) – Regardless of the sales page containing hyped-up sales text…

The product itself offers some good basic training for the newbie blogger to get an online business started as an affiliate marketer.

BUT with that said, all you’ll learn are the ropes of WordPress blogging.

Because there are no advanced tutorials on how to go about writing your own content, optimizing your blog for SEO and doing keyword research.

Furthermore, the “money-making” focal point is on Google Adsense – putting ads on your site.

This isn’t the best approach because you essentially get paid peanuts from visitor clicks. Plus it does nothing for user-experience.

So you really need to learn how to pick decent affiliate programs and products to promote on your site – which you’re not shown.

But before getting the FULL ins and outs of Jackson and Keefe’s training program…

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What is Instant WordPress Domination, Huh?

Put simply, Instant WordPress Domination is designed as a step-by-step video training course.

Showing you how to build a free WordPress blog from scratch and succeed at making money online as an affiliate marketer.

The digital learning program consists of a total of 14 videos that cover blog setup, content creation resources, Affiliate and Google Adsense setup.

BUT there is one thing I really dislike about ‘IWD’.

The owners boldly claim you will “skyrocket your success in the shortest time, ever!

It’s a load of BS!

Being a WordPress blogger myself…

I know for a fact that it’s impossible to create a successful online business super-quick, especially when it comes to using SEO.

Blogging is all about building your authority online and creating a solid relationship with Google which takes time.

From my experience, laying the foundations of your blog takes at least 3 months of publishing content.

Then after that, you continue to scale your business to get traction in Google for at least a good year or so.

Providing you work hard on your online business, you can potentially earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

Building a blog and implementing SEO for rankings and traffic is a slow process, but your efforts will pay off in the long-term.


Who is Instant WordPress Domination Suitable For?

The program is ideal for any beginner who wants to easily put their own WordPress blog together…

For the purposes of earning commissions as an affiliate marketer.

If you want to learn some internet/affiliate marketing basics, then ‘IWD’ can be a good starting point, in my opinion.

And at only $37 for the course (without any upsells), I don’t think you can grumble at the price either.

But the downside is that you’ll need to search the internet for some solid training on advanced training – that you can find inside FIMP. 😉

And speaking of training…


What Do The Instant WordPress Domination Tutorials Cover?

Once you part with your money, you’ll find the following video tutorials inside the members’ area:

  1. A basic introduction to WordPress
  2. Learn how to buy a domain name without too much hassle
  3. Details about where to purchase web-hosting
  4. How to set up your hosting & domain for your blog
  5. How to install your WordPress blog
  6. Easily set up your website
  7. Resources for getting high-quality content
  8. Affiliate setup & niche marketing research
  9. Information on Affiliate Marketing setup & success factors
  10. Details on how to get useful content for your site
  11. Adsense site setup step #1 – Learn about niche research
  12. Step #2 – Learn about Adsense site setup
  13. Setup #3 – Learn about Adsense content
  14. The conclusion on bringing the 13 steps together

After I went through the videos myself, I thought the training was good for getting up and running online.


But I Did Have a Few Issues With The Training…

Firstly, the “niche market research” training should be video #1.

Because you can’t build a WordPress site if you don’t know your direction beforehand.

Secondly, there’s nothing on getting your site “SEO ready”.

If your blog doesn’t have the right plugins installed and it’s not set up for SEO, then ranking your content in Google could take much longer.

Well, that’s even if it ranks at all.

Thirdly, although the training shows you where to find content for your blog.

It doesn’t teach you how to write quality content or even use a keyword tool for keyword research so you can get rankings.

Blogging is meant to be a FUN process where you write about your passion and help others.

If you’re just gonna be using content writers from the get-go for an income, there’s no point in being a blogger, in my opinion.

Finally, once you get to video #14. That’s it. There’s no advanced training.

There’s much more to blogging than just following a bunch of basic videos.

You must also know stuff like:

How to produce “high-quality” content that’s at least 1,200 words in length, add images to your posts, interlink your content, and add affiliate links, etc.

Take it from me, there’s A LOT more to this “blogging” thing than meets the eye.

So ‘IWD’ seriously falls short in numerous areas.




  • It’s only a one time fee of $37 
  • Step-by-step video tutorial training
  • A good newbie-friendly place to get started as a blogger
  • There are ZERO upsells


  • The course is basic & doesn’t teach advanced methods
  • Some training is in the wrong order (niche selection should be first)
  • There’s no free website builder or hosting included
  • Extra expenses will be required for services/resources
  • No community for ongoing help & support
  • Too much emphasis on Google Adsense – It’s good to start with, but there are better & more profitable affiliate programs to make money from


Final Conclusion: Is Instant WordPress Domination Worth it?…

Instant WordPress Domination is a totally legitimate learning platform for any beginner to start up their first blog and internet-based business.

And for only $37, it’s a real bargain too, in my book!

So I am giving it a big thumb’s up from that angle.

But by no means is ‘IWD’ perfect because there are a number of negatives which I think outweigh the positives.

For starters, I hate that Jackson Tan and Keefe Lee use deceptive claims on their sales page.

Because there’s no such thing as fast success online.

Not just that, but I think the program misses out the essentials like:

Learning to produce your own content, conducting keyword research, and implementing SEO.

In addition, if you do choose to hire content writers, it can cost you a fortune when getting started.

Personally, I don’t think you’ll be dominating using the program, but you do have the potential to make SOME money on the web.

Before you dash off – IF you do want in-depth training for seriously crushing it as a WordPress blogger…

==> Check Out my #1 Option For WordPress Sites, Hosting, Tools, Beginner to Advanced Training & 24/7 Support For a Full-Time Income!


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘IWD’ – We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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