Duty Money Review: (It’s my Duty to Inform You, It’s A SCAM!)

Welcome to my review of Duty Money!

So, you’ve just come across this “too good to be true” income opportunity and you want the lowdown, right?

Well, you couldn’t have picked a better place to be, my friend!

In this post, I’m gonna show you exactly why you should avoid the SCAM like the plague.

After all, it is my “duty” to help you steer clear of such stinking garbage on the web. 😉

Duty Money Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Duty Money (DM).

Website: dutymoney.com.

Cost: Free.

Owner: An unknown con artist.

My Score: 0/10.


Duty Money may seem like the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for because who wouldn’t wanna easily make $100s from just referring folks, huh?

This is how the creator of DM convinces you to join and start taking action right away.

What happens is he or shoe promises you $5 – $10 per referral and a $25 sign-up bonus.

But once you reach the payment threshold, it’s just a bunch of lies because you’re enticed by a bunch of scammy and porn offers to purchase instead.

This means the only person raking in the dough is the one who takes newbies like YOU for a walk down the garden path.

But before diving into this honest review…

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What’s Duty Money All About, Huh?

Duty Money is exactly the same as Best Cash Job and Salary Daily.

And I’m sure these replicas are just the tip of the iceberg too.

So I’m ringing that bell now to give you plenty of warning to save you from sinking like the Titanic!

‘DM’ might look different on the surface but once you’ve gained access to the members’ area, it’s clearly designed by the same trickster behind the other duds.

On the main web page, it’s advertised as an “online job career” that enables you to “start earning right away“. From today, in fact.

But like most scams, it kinda leaves out the part about “HOW” you’ll be making money on the net.

Basically, it’s a manipulative tactic to make you hand over your personal details.

DON’T do it!

And I’m about to reveal why you shouldn’t trust the DM creator as far as you can chuck them…


How The Deceptive Duty Money Opportunity Works…

After registering your personal details, you gain access to a free back-office area and also get an instant BONUS of $25.

Well, so you’re led to believe.
Duty Money Fake Members Area
‘DM’ then claims you can make between $5 to $10 from each person who clicks on your link, which is quite generous, right?

You simply share your link on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, G+, to name a few places – and watch $100s come rolling in every week.

When you reach $300, you can cash out your earnings.

WOW, it’s such an amazingly easy dream come true!

However, there is one slight problem with this money-making opportunity…


Nobody Actually Gets Paid, Ever!

When you hit that $300 mark and click the “Withdraw Your Earnings” button…

There’s just a page full of junk offers to complete and also surveys to sign up for.

In fact, one of the offers is a PORN site.

“Hey, hot stuff, come join me and my girlies now for a night of naughtiness!” LOL.

Scammy Porn Site Offers
So in a nutshell, the scam artist does nothing but exploit you!

Firstly, you promote their shady program to build THEIR email list for THEM.

Your referrals also do the exact same, and so on…

Secondly, you view a bunch of pointless offers and subscribe to numerous dodgy surveys to make the trickster even more money.

Again, your referrals follow suit and so do theirs…

The only person who comes out as the WINNER here is the slimy toerag responsible for the con trick.

You and your referrals will make a big fat $0, I’m afraid.


Don’t Be Fooled by The Duty Money Hocus Pocus Trickery…

If that’s not enough to put you off ‘DM’ like a rotten Tomato…

There are numerous red flags that shout the word “SCAM” on the main page.


Red Flag #1: Exaggerated Income Claims With No Proof

First of all, the sign-up page claims that members have already been paid over $80,000!
Fake Earnings
Hmm… you’ve got more chance of seeing an elephant fly.

Sorry “Disney’s Dumbo”, no offence!

There’s not one scrap of hard evidence to prove these earnings to be true, so why should you trust them, huh?


Red Flag #2: The Dollar Symbols Are Back to Front

Notice how the dollar signs are after the figures and not before?

Any “legitimate” business owner would know how to display these figures properly.

Whenever I come across a program with the “$” at the end, it always turns out to be a scam without fail.

So this is something that you should remain very cautious of.


Red Flag #3: $10 Per Referral is a Lie

There’s not one single ‘GPT’ (Get Paid To) site on Earth that pays you anywhere near $5 – $10 just from a simple task.

Just look at Swagbucks, Qmee, and InboxPounds, for example.

I’m 100% sure these sites along with their advertisers would be out-of-pocket pretty damn quickly if they paid each of their 1,000s of members up to $10 per task.

Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s just to make DM seem more appealing, so you’re more likely to join and start blasting out your referral link all over the internet.

Which, BTW, is an outdated strategy anyway because making money is all about providing your audience with “value”.

This can be done through starting your own website, doing YouTube videos, and putting loads of great content out there via Instagram, etc.


Final Word on The Duty Money Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownMaking money online, and in fact, earning $1,000s per month is absolutely 100% achievable from investing hard work and time.

But not in the “Get-Rich-Quick” way that Duty Money falsely promises.

Simply put, you’re not gonna get paid a single penny from ‘DM’ because nobody ever does.

The only guy or gal making an absolute fortune online with ‘DM’ is the scam artist who designed the trash.

In addition, I wouldn’t even trust the scammer with your email address either.

Because they’re more likely to sell it on to third parties and other fraudsters, and sell you on the idea of more scammy stuff to join.


Where do You go From Here?

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But by no means is it gonna be a walk in the park.

Because if you wanna earn at least $1,000 per month, you must be prepared to work your tail off for the next 12 – 18 months.

As the saying goes: “Nothing in This World Worth Having Comes Easy“.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘DM’ that you’d like to share? We’d LOVE to hear your comments down below…


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