Easy Cash Machines – Is Money That EASY to Make? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my review of Easy Cash Machines!

Is this really an easy-peasy way of making over 100 bucks on a daily basis or are the guys behind this product just full of crap?

Get stuck into this honest and unbiased post for the answer…

Is Easy Cash Machines a Scam or Legit Money MakerQuick Overview

Name: Easy Cash Machines.

Website: easycashmachines.com.

Cost: $6.10 + $81 in upsells.

Owners: Idrees Farooq, Zain Waseem, & Musthak Mahroof.

My Score: 3/10.

Verdict: The system is a huge disappointment.

Not only does the hyped up sales page mislead beginners, but the majority of training is poor. As a newbie, you will struggle to make a dollar with the program.

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What’s Easy Cash Machines All About?

Easy Cash Machines (ECM) is apparently a “secret free traffic source”, making you over $120 each day with a few clicks of your mouse button.

WOAH, super cool! You’ll never have to work a day in your life, again!

The creators of the program boldly claim that it’s the fastest way to make money online for Internet Marketing newbies.

It doesn’t involve affiliate marketing, and you will definitely NOT be creating your own products, building free websites, creating sales funnels or even email lists of subscribers, etc.

You’ll be making money within the next 24 – 48 hours. Sweet!

WOW, it really sounds like a dream come true for the people wanting to get rich easily and quickly while lounging around on sofas, stuffing their faces with snacks.

BUT after trying out the program for myself, it gives you false expectations and also targets the people who are too lazy to put their time and effort into building a proper online business.

There’s nothing special about the system and there are no hidden traffic secrets either because the guys behind it simply talk to you about using marketplaces like Fiverr to make money.


What Training Will You Receive?

There are 8 training modules that mainly cover selling your online services (Gigs) on Source Market (owned by Source Wave) and also the Fiverr platform.
Easy Cash Machines Video Training
Unfortunately, there are 2 main problems with the training though. For starters, it’s difficult to hear a word the guy is saying due to video sound technical problems.

Secondly, you first need to have an online skill before you can even sell any services on Fiverr.

If you don’t have marketing skills, then joining ‘ECM’ is a pointless exercise and a waste of money because the system doesn’t show you how to start an online business for getting rolling.

So for the marketers behind ‘ECM’ to say that their system is newbie-friendly, is a lie.

In addition, there are 7 bonus video modules to watch. To be honest, they are far better quality (in terms of sound) than the initial 8 modules LOL.

The bonus training goes a little more in-depth on Fiverr and how you can create successful Gigs that make you some money on the web.


What Level of Support is Available?

If you need any help and support with any part of the ‘ECM’ program – there’s a contact email address provided in your members’ area or you can join their private customer support group on Facebook.

Unfortunately, there’s no live chat feature or even a forum for hanging out with other members’.


How Much Does ‘ECM’ Cost?

Getting started with ECM at the basic level will only cost you $6.10.

In addition, there are a few optional upsells available to buy:

Upgrade #1 – Done For You Money Making Cash Machines is a one-time fee of $17.

Upgrade #2 – One-To-One Easy Cash Machines Coaching is a one-time payment of $47.

The Third Upgrade – The Income Maximizer is a one-time cost of $17.




  • You can join for under $7
  • The video training is step-by-step
  • There are bonus training videos
  • Other free bonuses to download
  • Support is available


  • It’s a hyped up and misleading system
  • There’s a free “6 steps to $100K” webinar that’s unavailable
  • Terrible quality of training+ because the sound keeps breaking up
  • Doesn’t help you to get a business started
  • You need skills before you can use the system
  • The whole system is just about using Fiverr (not the best way to earn)
  • The bonus training is simply information & advice-based
  • It’s unsuitable for any beginner


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs DownWhen it comes to Easy Cash Machines, I hate the fact that it misleads newbies with HYPE, the basic training is very difficult to take in because of the sound issues, and it’s mainly focused on making money from selling Gigs.

In all honesty, I’ve never rated Fiverr for building a profitable business anyway because there are far better ways of using your time on the web for an income.

If you’re a newbie with zero skills, then you’re gonna find it a struggle to earn an income with the ‘EMC’ system because it doesn’t teach you any skills for starting up a biz. It just assumes that you already have a skill set lol.

The Bottom Line: ‘ECM’ does provide some value and you’ll probably have a much better chance at success on Fiverr if you purchase the upsells. But it’s not a program that I would recommend to beginners.

Instead, see a better solution for making money online – a platform that shows you (the noob) how to turn your hobby or passion into a successful affiliate marketing business. It’s also $0 to get started…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘ECM’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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