EB Formula: $3K/Day on eBay – REALLY?! [Review]

A big welcome to my review of EB Formula!

You can “make up to $3,624.18 on eBay today with zero investment required” according to the sales page.

But is it as true as the day is long or just the typical rehashed BS you hear from the majority of hyped up Clickbank products in the “money-making” arena?

Dive right into my unbiased review for the honest answer you’re looking for!

Is 3K Per Day a Reality With The EB Formula Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: EB Formula (EF).

Website: ebformula.com.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Dan Wright.

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s EB Formula All About?

The ‘EF’ claims to be some revolutionary system that could make you up to $3K+ daily ($500,000 per year) from eBay.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes on your mobile device on a daily basis to rake in the big bucks.

No specialised skills are required, it doesn’t involve Bitcoin or forex trading, or any of that crap, and the system’s as easy as tying your shoelace… so the person in the sales video claims.

Yeah, yeah, how many times have you heard all that “too good to be true” stuff before, huh?


I dunno about you, but the hyped up sales video triggered alarm bells for me instantly.


How Does EB Formula Supposedly Work For Big $?

Like most of these hypie sales pages you’ll come across, the ‘EF’ video doesn’t give much away about how the system works.

All you know is that you’ll be making a sh*t TON of cash on the web via the “eCommerce” business model – dropshipping products using the power of eBay.

Apparently, only 3 simple steps are required to make all your dreams come true on the internet:

  1. Fill in The Form
  2. Activate Your Account
  3. BOOM, Watch Your Profits Grow

Hmm, if only it was that simple!

Unfortunately, this is what the product creator wants you to believe so you splash out on their product – putting dollars into THEIR pockets.

Put simply, the sales video sells you nothing but “the dream” because who doesn’t wanna make a life-changing amount of cash from doing next to nothing for it, huh?

And if I had to bet money on it, I’d say the creator of ‘EF’ is also behind EZ Bay Payday, and eCom Profit Sniper – both have similar deceptive sales videos on eCommerce.

Ecommerce is a powerful way of earning an income online, don’t get me wrong.

But just like Affiliate Marketing and MLM, etc, you’ll need to learn the necessary skills, invest some dosh, and work your socks off if you wanna create a super successful Biz.

So some quick, simple and easy “3-step system” isn’t gonna cut it, I’m afraid.

The person behind ‘EF’ is telling you porkies for their own benefit.


Why ‘EF’ Raises a Bunch of Red Flags…

In addition to the garbage spewed out of the sales video, there are a number of Red Flags – both on the sales page and inside the video that I must warn you about before you enter your info and pull out that credit card.

We’ll start with the sales page:

Firstly, your country is “confirmed for instant set up”.
EB Formula Scam Tactics
This is to give you the impression that the system truly exists and is only available to folks in your area to make you feel special.

The truth is, any English-speaking person with a working credit card can purchase ‘EF’ through Clickbank.

Secondly, there’s a scrolling bar underneath the video of folks who have apparently just made $100s with ‘EF’.
EB Formula Fake Member Profits
It may seem trivial, but there’s no evidence to support the existence of such members and their profits.

Anyone can pull a bunch of random names and figures from thin air and plaster them on to a website.

My advice: Take it all with a pinch of salt.

Next up is the sales video:

First of all, who the hell is “Dan Wright?!”

He claims to be the guy behind ‘EF’ but there’s zero photographic evidence of the dude’s existence.

More often than not, hypie and low-grade Clickbank product creators tend to hide behind an alias because they know they’re peddling worthless “get-rich-quick” garbage.

Cowards is what they are. Pure and simple.

Second of all, there are testimonials from ‘EF’ members who are crushing it with the system – making $10,000s!

Take this guy, for example.
EB Formula Fake Testimonials
But hold on a sec…

This guy is actually selling his “spokesperson” services via Fiverr!
EB Formula Testimonials Are From Fiverr
So don’t trust a word he says about ‘EF’ because it’s quite clear that the system is non-existent and therefore, he hasn’t made a single penny.

The only money he’s made is from the person responsible for ‘EF’ who hired him lol.

Finally, you’re told that for a single $37 payment, you can gain access to the life-changing system.

Yeah right, pull the other one, “Dan the Con man!”

Sadly, that’s a blatant lie because there’s no way on this Earth you can generate a life-changing amount of cash from a small payment.

To become successful with any online Biz model, you’ll need to pay monthly or annual costs for all the essential resources – which could easily rack up to $100’s/year.

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The truth be told, the low $37 fee for ‘EF’ is designed to get you hooked because all Clickbank products come with “Upsells” running into extra costs.

So if you do join ‘EF’, you will be enticed by other costly products.


Play Time Over! How ‘EF’ “Really” Works…

As with all Clickbank products, luckily you do get something for your 37 hard-earned bucks.

But unfortunately, it’s not gonna be some magical and revolutionary money-making system (as promised within the sales video).

Sorry to burst your bubble, young grasshopper! 😛

All you really get is a bunch of short generic training tutorials on getting started online with eBay and the components you’ll need for your eCommerce/dropshipping business.

A small example of the video tutorials.
EB Formula Training Videos
I must say the training is very basic and disappointing to say the least because it’s insufficient for creating a successful Biz.

In my opinion, it’s the kinda training you can very easily find on YouTube for “free”.

So $37 is a total waste of money.

But with that said, Clickbank will refund you the $37.

Happy days!


Final Thoughts on EB Formula…

A Big Thumbs DownSadly, every aspect of the ‘EF’ is as fake as a wedding cake.

Actually, tell a lie, the training videos and $37 refund are legitimate lol.

At the end of the day, the real person hiding behind ‘EF’ sells you a “pipe dream” for the sake of filling HIS or HER pockets with YOUR cash because they know how easy it is to fool newbies.

Making money online is 100% possible, whether it be through eCommerce, affiliate marketing or MLM.

But it will require plenty of time and effort because there are no shortcuts to wealth online – regardless of what these hyped up Clickbank product creators force-feed you.

So on that note, ‘EB’ is NOT recommended and deserves to be labelled a borderline scam.

If you’re sick and tired of being duped, but looking for a LEGIT way of earning a full-time income online…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or questions to share on ‘EF’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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