Ecom Cash Code: $1,000s/Month, My Ass! [Reviewed]

If you’re looking for the lowdown on Ecom Cash Code, then you’ve definitely landed on the right spot!

Inside this honest and unbiased review, I’m gonna expose the true nature of this program and show you exactly why it must be kept at arm’s length to save your hard-earned bucks.

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Ecom Cash Code - 1000s Per Month My Ass - Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Ecom Cash Code (ECC).


Cost: $97 + $1,000s.

Owner: Teo Vee, apparently.

My Score: 0/10.

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What’s Ecom Cash Code All About, Huh?

Apparently, ‘ECC’ is some “secret code” based on a proven money-making formula designed to reward you with stacks of cash as easy as pie.

Starting in the next 24 hours, you can earn daily payouts of $23 to $109 – equating to $1,000s per month!

According to the sales video, some folks have already raked in the megabucks from ‘EEC’.

Meet “Mercedez” who makes up to $2K daily and has raked in over $80K with the formula as of today!
Ecom Cash Code Testimonials Are Fake
Holy Hole in a Doughnut!

But don’t believe the words that flow from her cake-hole because the truth be told, she’s been “paid” to shoot a video testimonial.

Say Hello to the same lady selling here “spokesperson” services on Fiverr.
Ecom Cash Code Testimonials From Fiverr

Tell me, if ‘ECC’ truly exists, then why the need for fake-ass testimonials?


And as for the guy behind ‘ECC’ and also the video spokesperson…

He introduces himself as “Teo Vee”, but who the heck in the world is this dude?!
Ecom Cash Club Owner Teo Vee is Fake
With no ACTUAL proof to support his claim, makes his identity extremely questionable.

I dunno about you, but I sure as hell wouldn’t take his word for it. He’s not to be trusted.

More often than not, online racketeers hide behind “pen names” because operating in stealth mode allows them to easily scam the pants off newbies.

So right out the gate, ‘EEC’ raises a couple of Red Flags.

Wouldn’t you agree?


More Reasons to Remain Very Wary…

Firstly, Teo Vee tries it on with you by deploying psychological triggers – sharing his story of working a crappy low-paid day job and just scraping by, etc.
Ecom Cash Club Fake Life Story From The Owner
Something that most us can relate to, right?

But with no photographic evidence of Teo’s story being genuine, it should raise some concerns.

Secondly, Teo says how desperate he was to make money online and kept bumping into scams, etc.
Ecom Cash Club Scam Tactics
Again, something that resonates with you, right?

It’s nothing but a manipulative “trust-building” exercise for making you buy into the guy, his story and product.

Don’t get me wrong, “storytelling” is a legitimate and powerful strategy for success – one that’s discussed inside Russell Brunson’s free ‘DotCom Secrets’ book here.

But when some unknown video spokesman (probably hired on Fiverr) feeds you his story, you should seriously take it with a pinch of salt.

Thirdly, Mr. Vee claims he posted questions about money-making in a chatroom – where some guy had a “secret code” to share with him.
Ecom Cash Code Fabricated Money Making Story
Apparently, the secret drummed up a nice sum of cash for the random guy in just a few days.

Yeah, and I’m Prince Akeem from Zamunda!!

Trust me, there are NO “secret” ways of quickly raking in the dough online – especially for a one-time $97 purchase lol.

If there was, don’t you think everyone and their grandmother would buy ‘ECC’ and become stinking rich in the blink of an eye?


This is just a sleazy tactic for the person behind ‘ECC’ to get the better of your curious nature so you hand over cash without any hesitation.

Finally, the sales page displays a bunch of eCommerce, Security, Business, and Privacy Verified badges.
Ecom Cash Code Fake Verified Logos For Trust
Except, the logos are just for appearances only. They’re unclickable – meaning you have ZERO access to the details of the ‘ECC’ site.

The truth be told, any website owner can plaster a bunch of fake logos on their site to create that “trust-factor”.

The whole ‘ECC’ sales page/video contains the same old bullsh*t hype and deception I come across all the time online.

Take a peek at eCom Profit Sniper, Fast Profits Online, and AZ Formula, to name a few, to see exactly what I mean!


How Ecom Cash Code Works For $$$…

Teo claims there’s a popular new trend surging through the World Wide Web that can reward you with mountains of affiliate commissions when folks buy from Amazon, etc.

‘EEC’ simply taps into their online purchases and your wallet or billfold goes “KA-CHING!”
Ecom Cash Code is a Fake Money Maker
But it’s just a bunch of baloney!

Well, for starters, the concept of affiliate marketing has been around for decades.

Affiliate marketing is certainly a popular way to earn a crust on the internet in this day and age.

But it isn’t new. I assure you that.

And secondly, ‘EEC’ doesn’t do what it says on the tin because it’s nothing more than a sales funnel designed by some unknown “affiliate” of My Ecom Club (MEC).
My Ecom Club
So ‘ECC’ doesn’t even *GASP* exist!

Once you part with $97, you’ll become a member of ‘MEC’ which is all about helping you to make money through the “eCommerce” business model using the power of Dropshipping and Shopify.

And as for the price of ‘MEC’, it will cost you at least a couple of thousand dollars for the upsells to get the full benefits of the program.

In my opinion, you can easily find the same eCommerce training, support, and resources elsewhere for much less than $2K.

Additionally, ‘MEC’ comes across as sketchy because there are various names associated with the program – which causes some confusion over the actual owner(s).

Plus the fact, the company address is tied to Countdown To Profits – a scam I reviewed some time ago.

So there are also some Red Flags with ‘MEC’ itself, I’m afraid.

Just tread carefully with ‘MEC’ if you choose to pursue it.


Final Thoughts on Ecom Cash Code…

A Big Thumbs DownSadly, ‘ECC’ is some fairy-tale crap.

Not only does ‘EEC’ try to pull the wool over your eyes with hype, lies, and manipulative tactics – but it’s a page that funnels you to something completely different that will cost you and arm and a leg.

So on that note, YES, it’s a dirty SCAM to avoid like plague, in my opinion.

It’s not recommended.

As for My Ecom Club, there are some legitimate aspects of it. But also scammy ones that you should take into careful consideration.

I hope by now, this review has given you some great insights to help you make an informed decision on ‘EEC’.

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘ECC’ or ‘MEC’, we’d LOVE to hear what you have to say in the comments section below!

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Your Friend, Neil 😀



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