Email Processing Home Business: DON’T Do It! [Review]

Thanks for dropping in to check out my honest and unbiased review of the Email Processing Home Business!

Unlike most reviews, I’m not gonna give you some long-winded intro and blow smoke up your ass – congratulating you for doing your due diligence, blahdy blah.

I’m here to give it to you straight: This so-called email processing money-maker is nothing but a slimy SCAM.

“But how so, Neil?”

Only one way to find out, buddy!…

Dont Join Email Processing Home Business Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Email Processing Home Business (EPHB) – aka My Residual Profit.


Cost: $25.

Owner: Undisclosed (no surprise there, I guess).

My Score: A big fat 1/10.

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What’s Email Processing Home Business About?

The ‘EPHB’ is exactly what it says on the tin – a way for you to make some dough from processing emails.

You can make a WHOPPING $25 per email!


But just like the Email Processing System, ‘EPHB’ makes some pretty wacky claims throughout its sales page from top to bottom.

It tries to flood that smart brain of yours with all sorts of “too good to be true” crap like:

“Get paid upto $750 per day GUARANTEED.”

“This is an EASY & profitable opportunity to earn $1,000s weekly.”

“Process just 10 emails daily & MAKE $7,500 monthly.”

“If you can copy n’ paste, you WILL make money.”

I dunno about you, but I need a sick bucket, pronto lol.


These claims are nothing but a “sizzle and no steak” (get-rich-quick) approach to benefit the creator’s pockets, at the end of the day.

Sadly, the reality of making a sh*t ton of cash online is no walk in the park.

Because, there are numerous variables at play, which I’m gonna discuss in two shakes of a tail feather.

So hang tight!


The Ins & Outs of Email Processing Home Business…

According to the sales page, you simply follow 4 easy steps.

  1. Check your email box daily
  2. Send out the info you’re supplied with
  3. Get paid $25 from each email sent
  4. Make $100 – $200 per day (even though it claims you’ll make upto $750 daily – $1,000s weekly). So there’s some slight confusion there.

All you need is a PayPal account, pay $25, and apply 20 minutes of effort for your PayPal account to be flooded with buckaroonies.

Let’s discuss the ins and outs in a little more detail, shall we?

We’ll kick things off with the emails you’re gonna send out.

Once you hand over $25, you’ll get 16 pre-written ads.

You simply copy n’ paste the Ads on social media platforms.

Like, Facebook and Twitter, and free classified sites like Craigslist and Backpage between 7 am – 7 pm daily.

Secondly, there are some basic instructions on getting started with the ‘EPHB’ and also how to start making money online within your first 24 hours.

Thirdly, you get a website (with your own affiliate link embedded) exactly the same as the one you joined ‘EPHB’ through.

In a nutshell, all the resources you need for turning a buck with the program are inside the membership area.

But don’t think for one second you’re gonna be sipping Margaritas on the beaches of Paradise anytime soon! 😛


Why ‘EPHB’ is Wrong on so Many Levels!

Right off the bat, I knew from the hype and outdated 90s website layout (lol), that ‘EPHB’ was gonna be bad news.

And I my gut wasn’t wrong.

#1: there are all the “GUARANTEES” of raking in the big bucks as easy as warm apple pie.

Heck, they even chuck in an income calculator to get your hopes up and those greed juices flowing.
Income Calculator
But the truth be told, there are never any guarantees when it comes to earning an income on the net.

Because, it depends on factors like the level of effort and your chosen internet marketing strategies, etc.

Another contributing factor is how well your actual affiliate offer converts visitors into sales when generating “targeted” traffic.

And then there’s an income proof screenshot on the sales page which is utter bullsh*t.
Get Rich Quick Claims
Who is the guy or gal behind ‘EBHP’ trying to kid?!

The concept of getting rich quickly, especially the “lazy man’s way” is some mythical fairy tale story.

Because, it takes A LOT of elbow grease and heaps of time for success in the online space.

Trust me, this is coming from personal experience.

#2: There’s absolutely ZERO info on the creator. Not to mention there are no company contact details either.

To me, this says the owner has intentionally kept his or her identity and details secretive because they’re clearly operating a shady opportunity.

Why would you wanna invest 25 of your hard-earned dollars into something that lacks transparency from the offset, huh?


#3: Put simply, you’re taught to “SPAM” the internet, which ISN’T a cool or sustainable way to make money.

Yeah, you may make your cash back and generate a few more measly sales spamming Facebook and Craigslist with Ads, etc.

IF you’re lucky, punk!

But it’s just a shocking way of trying to earn a buck…

Landing you in the same gutter league as all those desperate amateurs posting their crap in FB groups all day and night.


Trust me on this one, it’s how I *GASP* started out online in 1999 LOL.

SPAM doesn’t work – especially in this day and age. Simples.

#4: Not only is the person responsible for ‘EPHB’ breaking laws, but you will be too!

Well, first of all, the Disclaimer, Policy, and Terms (only the most important ones) tabs at the bottom of the sales page are non-operational.
Email Processing Home Business Breaks The Law
Whichever tab you click on, leads you straight to the PayPal purchase page.

And if that’s not enough to send you sprinting for the hills like Speedy Gonzales, ‘EPHB’ is actually a “cash gifting” or “chain recruiting” scheme…

Because, your $25 lands into the pockets of your sponsor. And then your referrals deposit $25 payments into your pockets.

That’s how everyone cashes in.


Also, considering the fact that all you gain access to is a members’ area with a bunch of materials for peddling the junk – containing NO tangible products…

Makes it even more of a dirty and valueless “scheme”.



My Final Thoughts on Email Processing Home Business…

A Big Thumbs DownThe way I see it, ‘EPHB’ isn’t a scam in the sense of the creator making a dash with your cash because obviously you have access to a membership area with a bunch of resources to use.

But on the basis that ‘EPHB’ is an illegal recruitment scheme that offers no tangible products of any value, then that makes it a SCAM to avoid like the London plague.

In both my opinion and experience, simply copy and pasting Ads (basically “spamming”) the net isn’t gonna result in a full-time income, I’m afraid.

Don’t get me wrong, the potential is certainly there to make a few bucks from referring other suckers into the program.

But don’t consider it as a long-term game plan because you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

By all means, feel free to fork out 25 bucks for ‘EPHB’ if SPAM’s your cuppa and you wanna try to prove me wrong.

I’ll be waiting right here to hear all about your results lol.

But if you’re a newbie who wants a tried and true way of earning a full-time income online – one that shows you HOW to transform your hobby or passion into success…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘EPHB’, we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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