Email Processing System: $3K/Month? Um… [Review]

Inside this unbiased review, I’d like to discuss the ins and outs of the Email Processing System which claims you can make over $3K per month via PayPal.

I dunno about you, but it seems way “too good to be true”.

But I guess you’re about to discover the truth soon enough.

So hang tight!

Email Processing System Review
Quick Overview

Name: Email Processing System (EPS).


Cost: $25 (non-refundable).

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 1/10.

But before jumping into this review.

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What’s The Email Processing System About?

Email Processing System is a ‘Done For You’ system that instantly pays you $25 for every email you send.

Apparently, you can rake in as much as $125 per day – equating to $3,750 per month!

You just need to follow a couple of basic steps for the magic to happen:

  1. Set up your PayPal email & pay the $25 membership fee
  2. Post Ads & reply to emails for 20 minutes daily

Sounds easy as apple pie, right?

Well, that’s what the cringe-worthy and outdated 1990s-style sales page wants you to believe lol.

Trust me, if it really was that simple to make an absolute fortune on the web, then every man and his dog would be cruising Miami in Lambos.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Let’s Draw Back The Curtains of ‘EPS’…

When you enter your name and email to get started with, you arrive at a members area with resources and instructions to follow.

The first few steps are a piece of cake.

First of all, you create your affiliate link through Payzeno which will allow you to earn $25 for each paid member you refer to ‘EPS’.

Secondly, you use a service called Bitly for shortening your affiliate link.

Thirdly, download your ‘EPS’ website so you actually have something to connect your affiliate link to and promote for the dough.


And Then It’s Off to The Races…

You’ll get 4 sites for your 25 bucks – which are the same sites every member of ‘EPS’ uses to bring new members into the system.
Email Processing System 25 Dollar Websites
But I didn’t purchase the sites because I didn’t wanna waste my hard-earned English pounds.

Especially, knowing what the main site already looks like. 😛

Once those steps are out of the way.

You then start blasting places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and classified sites like Qwikad and Craigslist with pre-written Ads & your affiliate link.

See small examples of the Ads.

Twitter Ad Copies

Twitter Ads

Facebook Ad Copies

Facebook Status & Group Ads

Classified Ad Copies

Free Classified Ads

Additionally, you’re provided with links to other free classified sites and even traffic exchanges for potentially more eyeballs seeing your promotions.

And then BOOM, the dollars are gonna roll into your PayPal account like clockwork!

Sounds absolutely AMAZEBALLS, right?

But don’t punch the air with excitement just yet, buddy!


The 3 Ugly Truths of Email Processing System…

Sadly it’s hyped-up money-making systems like ‘EPS’ that poison the waters of the Affiliate Marketing world, so to speak.

Here are a few good reasons why ‘EPS’ is a no-go area and will more than likely land you in hot water with certain platforms and the law.


#1: Cash Gifting is a No-No!

In a nutshell, the system is a “cash gifting” scheme because there are no tangible products of any value inside the members’ area.
Stack of Dollar Bills
The ONLY intention of the system is for members to pocket 100% of their referrals’ $25 fees.

It’s an illegal way of making money online and anyone getting caught could potentially be fined, or even worse, face time behind bars.

Additionally, PayPal could close your account for suspicious activities.

It’s already happened to some marketers and they’ve lost a lot of money as a result.



#2: Adopts The “SPAM & Pray” Approach

Spamming the internet with Ads and affiliate links – especially social media really isn’t a cool look.

Not only will it harm your reputation and land you in jail with Facebook, for example.

But it’s an ineffective strategy in this day and age of marketing on the web.

Yeah sure, you’ll make a few bucks from vulnerable newbies IF you’re lucky.

But you MUST learn tried and true internet marketing skills if you really wanna crush it in the affiliate marketing arena.

It’s the only way. Period.


#3: Traffic exchanges totally SUCK, big time!

But why do traffic exchanges suck like rotten eggs, you ask?

Because, every person who uses them is doing the same thing…

Promoting their own stuff in terms of affiliate products and MLM opps.

So how on earth are you gonna reel in new ‘EPS’ referrals if these traffic exchange folks are also trying to recruit and sell to you?

Traffic exchanges never have worked, and this comes from my personal experience in 1999 and early 2000s.

I remember sat at my computer for hours on end and bored out of my brains surfing multiple traffic exchanges at once.

And for what?… A bunch of traffic credits that produced ZERO results with my affiliate offers.

Add insult to injury, I foolishly spent a load of dollars on traffic that still didn’t convert.

Sadly, the types of people who use these outdated and ineffective methods also try stuff like:

They’re always looking to spam and cut corners.

Instead of working hard and leveraging REAL methods that ACTUALLY work for creating a successful online Biz.


Final Thoughts on Email Processing System…

A Big Thumbs DownDon’t get me wrong, I admire folks who wanna use the internet as a full-time income source for changing their lives around.

But it’s programs like ‘EPS’ that lead people astray…

Telling them how quick and easy it is to rake in a sh*t ton of cash. Blahdy blah…

And it’s also systems like this that teach folks VERY bad internet marketing habits that aren’t gonna pay off in the long-term.

While I do think it’s possible to turn a buck with ‘EPS’ since there are “newbies” who will easily fall for “get-rich-quick” type of stuff…

It’s not the right path because it is considered as an illegal cash gifting scheme, at the end of the day.

Making money with it just isn’t worth the risk, in my book.

So on that note, YES, I believe ‘EPS’ is a SCAM you should avoid.

But before you go, check out a LEGIT and LEGAL way of making sustainable money online that WORKS…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have questions or thoughts to share on ‘EPS’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…



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