Fast Cash App Review: (A Quick Way to Get Duped?)

Howdy, welcome to my Fast Cash App review! 😀

So, it has found its way to you and you’re here because you wanna know whether it’s gonna send fat stacks of cash your direction…

Or is just a rotten egg to keep at arm’s length, right?

I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass by saying “well done, you” for doing your research…

But I do appreciate you landing on this review. So cheers!

To get the honest ins and outs of the opportunity in question (from a “non-affiliate” of it), do read on…

Is Fast Cash App Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Fast Cash App (FCA).


Cost: $37 (apparently).

Owner: Robert Fisher (some random stage name).

My Score: 2/10.

But before jumping into this unbiased review.

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What’s Fast Cash App All About?

Without beating about the bush, ‘FCA’ fools your ass from the get-go, I’m afraid.

The sales page boldly claims you “can earn up to $22,750 in your first week starting today in under 25 minutes and 14 clicks“…

And then the video spews out extra hype on ‘FCA’ being one simple system that can bring you insane amounts of cash as easy as plum pie for the rest of your life – using some new trick.

Ya, right!

I dunno about you, but I know for a fact that those claims are as rare as rocking horse sh*t.

If this pipe dream truly existed, don’t you think everyone and their grandmother would be living like lords and ladies of the manner?

The notion of “get-rich-quick” is some fairy-tale bliss told by lame product creators wanting to easily “cash in” themselves.

It’s as simple as that.

“So are you saying ‘FCA’ is a dirty hoax, Neil?”

Yeah, kinda lol.

The reason why I don’t think it’s a flat-out scam is gonna be revealed very soon.

So hang tight, my young grasshopper!


How Do You Turn a Buck With Fast Cash App?

Sadly, the guy in the sales video gives very little away about HOW the system ACTUALLY works for raking in the buckaroonies.

All he’s selling you is the idea of making up to $2,475 per day without breaking into a sweat – basically selling you “the dream”.

There are 2 reasons for this. A) the system is non-existent from the offset, so how can he disclose the ins and outs.

And B) it’s nothing but a con trick for getting the better of your curious nature.

Unfortunately, these lousy tactics are common among “too good to be true” opportunities these days.

Want more proof?

Check out other hypie dream systems I’ve reviewed:

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

So you really need to watch your step when it comes to searching for money-makers.

Because, there are loadsa tricksters trying to pull the wool over your eyes for THEIR own personal gains.


Yikes, It’s Red Flag Galore With Fast Cash App!

Not only does the dude in the ‘FCA’ sales video try to dupe you with convincing fast and easy big money claims.

But also uses other desperate and deceptive tactics for extracting your hard-earned dollars.


#1: A Personal Invitation…

He says you’ve been personally invited to watch the private message…

And NOT to share the video with anyone because it’s highly classified and lucrative info LOL.

Confidential and Profitable Claims
The truth:

A) the product’s for sale on “Clickbank” – available to every man and his dog to purchase.

B) It’s to excite your bones – making you think you’ve got your hands on some super life-changing opportunity.

C) It’s considered as a “reverse psychology” trick to make you socially share the video and line the creator’s pockets even faster.


#2: Weird Trick BS…

He claims he’s gonna show you some “new trick” that you can get your hands on before anyone else LOL.
Fast Cash App Claims Its a New Trick
Now I know the dude’s lying through his teeth because I’m pretty sure every “online money-making” base has been covered.

Even if it ‘FCA’ was some new discovery.

Don’t you think every skilled internet marketer would jump on it like a b*tch in heels BEFORE any “newbie”?


#3: Ludicrous Income Claims…

He reckons some members are already crushing it with the system – raking in $1,000s without hardly lifting a finger.

The first successful member mentioned is David, 27, an engineer from Houston – who made $7,000 last week! LOL.
Fake Member Income Claims
But do yourself a huge favour and take the testimonials with a grain of salt because there isn’t one scrap of evidence to support those claims.

No newbie will ever rake in that amount of cash so quickly. It’s ridiculous!

Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can create a “text-based” presentation online to fool noobs.


#4: Robert Fisher’s a Fake…

Finally, who the heck is “Robert Fisher” when he’s at home?! LOL.
Fast Cash App Owner Robert Fisher is a Fake
The video spokesperson claims to be Robert Fisher, the owner of ‘FCA’.

But I’m willing to bet a lifetime of earnings that he’s some random “voice-over” hired from Fiverr because it’s always the case.

Second of all, Robert Fisher is highly likely used as a “pen name” to hide the true identity of the product creator.

There’s no surprise there I guess because it’s what these shameless money-grabbers do on the web.

Add to the fact that there’s no circumstantial evidence of the guy being the real deal, means you should seriously take him with a pinch of salt.

Put simply, the sales video is full of lie-after-lie.

There’s nothing “legitimate” about the whole thing.


What’s Really Cracking Off Behind The Scenes of Fast Cash App?

The good news is that ‘FCA’ is sold via Clickbank.

Which, means the creator MUST provide a product and CAN’T make a dash with your cash – leaving you high and dry.

Plus, you can claim back your $37 from Clickbank inside a 60-day window. BONUS!

But the bad news is that it’s a “too good to be true” product.

Meaning, you’re gonna get some crappy value that doesn’t even resemble a “dream system” as promised.

Which is definitely the case here.


But What Happens When You Part With 37 Bucks?…

You’re immediately smacked in the chops by 3 upsells (which is always the case with Clickbank products):

  • Fast Cash 2.0 ($197)
  • ‘FC’ Pro ($177)
  • ‘FC’ Social ($97)

So quite clearly, ‘FCA’ isn’t just a “one-off” payment of $37 as the sales page claims.

Don’t get me wrong, sales funnels are an awesome way to rack up profits for marketers by delivering tremendous VALUE to customers.

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But when it comes to slimy crap like ‘FCA’, how likely are you to purchase the “upsells”?

When you finally get past those offers, the membership area will contain some generic PDF/video training on making money.

It’s the type of stuff that’s inadequate for any kind of success, and you can find it for “free” online anyway.

These hypie Clickbank products generally follow the same pattern…

They fill your head with nonsense and provide you with some sub-par training on the inside.

If not that, then it’s some sort of crappy software that doesn’t work and/or a bunch of “make money” affiliate offers.

Trust me, I’ve bought numerous products of this nature since 1999 and they’re always trashy and costly.


Final Thoughts: Is Fast Cash App a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownPut simply, the sole purpose of the Fast Cash App is to line the deep pockets of the sleazeball creator.

They don’t give a rat’s ass about YOUR success, only THEIRS!

If he or she genuinely cares about changing YOUR life…

Why are they trying to sweet talk you into investing in some Peter Pan fairy-tale story and squeezing you like a lemon for more $?


So from that point of view, YES ‘FCA’ is a SCAM.

But from another angle, since you do gain access to some sort of product and Clickbank also offers a refund, I’m gonna brand it as a Borderline SCAM.

Which is only fair, wouldn’t you agree?

The only way to earn a full-time income on the web is by learning the rights skills and working like a dog.

It’s that simple.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘FCA’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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