Fast Cash Club: Fastest Way to Get SCAMMED? [Review]

Thanks for dropping in on my Fast Cash Club review! 😀

Sadly, it’s another one of those hypie Clickbank products that come across as being all sizzle and no steak on the surface.

But to find out whether it ACTUALLY puts a couple of grand in your account every day…

Or is just a big stinking pile of horse manure, then grab thins honest and unbiased review!

Fast Cash Club Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Fast Cash Club (FCC).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: John Harris (apparently).

My Score: 2/10.


Fast Cash Club is nothing more than your typical “get-rich-quick” garbage intended to make the creator richer instead of you.

Not only is the sales page riddled with deception.

But when you actually access the product itself, it’s just some generic PDF training on eCommerce and Shopify that you can get for “FREE” on YouTube.

Seriously, don’t bother splashing your cash on this product because UNLESS you love the taste of sour disappointment.

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What’s The Fast Cash Club All About?

Fast Cash Club outlandishly claims you can rake in a cool $2,000 PER DAY online on autopilot without breaking into a sweat!

Apparently, all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse button, and away the system goes to collect you bucket loads of cash from the web!

WOWZERS, all your wildest dreams are about to come true, my friend!

But right off the bat, I’m sure you can see where this one’s heading…

YUP, the system is nothing but a “get-rich-quick pipe dream” built on BS promises.

Because in the REAL online world it takes heaps of elbow grease and time (not to mention the right resources) for success.


How Fast Cash Club Supposedly Works For Big $…

John Harris (the mastermind behind the ‘FCC’, apparently) claims his “magical money-making” system is a simple 3-step process.


Step #1:

Enter your name and email address to sign up to the system.

Red Flag: Like with all hyped up Clickbank products, it’s just a ploy for the creator to get your email.

So they can bombard you with more scammy trash in the future.

Also, there’s the possibility of your email being sold to 3rd parties without your consent.


Step #2:

Pay the $37 fee that is asked of you to activate your account.


Step #3:

Follow the simple methods shown for raking in $2K/daily!

But if you believe that drivel, then I guess you may as well believe in Santa Claus and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

But SHH, don’t tell St. Nic I said that! 😉

Unfortunately, those 3 steps are all you know about the system because the FULL ins and outs are purposely kept secretive.

All the video narrator talks about is “making money” – basically selling you “the dream” and nothing more.

The sales video is just rehashed BS because it’s the exact same type of baloney you hear from:

The lack of info inside the ‘FCC’ cheesy video raises another Red Flag in itself.

Because it’s simply a shady tactic used to make your “curiosity” get the better of you.

Which leads to the creator getting their hands on your cash.


Warning, It’s Red Flag City With Fast Cash Club!

In addition to the couple of red flags I’ve just highlighted…

I’m gonna give you a heads up on the trickery played on your brain to persuade (or should I say hypnotize) you to buy ‘FCC’.

Unfortunately, this shadiness is widespread among low-grade products and scams, in general.

Because it’s the ONLY way the fraudsters know how to easily “cash in” by exploiting the vulnerable.


#1: The Use of “Scarcity” at Its Worst!

John tells you he’s only taking on 20 students at the moment.
Fake Scarcity
It’s just BS to make you think you’re gonna miss “the opportunity of a lifetime” if you don’t grab it with both hands… NOW!!

In reality, the product’s gonna be available around the clock.

Because why wouldn’t the shameful creator wanna reel in as many $37 payments as possible?

Don’t get me wrong, scarcity is a legitimate tactic deployed by marketers who genuinely have a limited number of products available.

Plus, it’s an awesome tactic used during special sales like the Black Friday event – when you only have 4 days to grab bargains!

But unfortunately, scammers are now deploying the technique “unethically” for no other reason than their own personal and greedy gain.


#2: ZERO Genuine Success Stories!

You’ll hear from people who have made a killing online with ‘FCC’ in the shortest time possible, allegedly.
Fast Cash Club Fake Testimonial
But in actual fact, these folks do nothing but lie through their teeth.

Testimonial From Grey Haired Fiverr Seller


Because they’ve been hired on Fiverr for a few bucks to shoot false “testimonials”.

These “spokespeople” are equally to blame as the con artist for walking unsuspecting beginners down the garden path and should be held accountable, in my opinion.

Fiverr really needs to do a better job at keeping a tight leash on those sellers.

What do you reckon?


#3: Who on Earth is “John Harris”, You Ask?

He claims to be the CEO and founder of ‘FCC’ but that’s also a pack of lies.

Say hello to “Johnny Rotten”. And NO, I’m not referring to the lead singer of the Sex Pistols! 😛
Fast Cash Club Fake Owner
But now *GASP* look! His image is actually from stock photo sites.
Man on Stock Photo Sites
The guy sure gets about a bit!

This has to be one of the lamest of tactics for gaining your trust and lowering you into a false sense of security. Period.

Unfortunately, scammers and low-grade Clickbank product creators tend to use “pen names” and images of random peeps.

So they don’t expose their TRUE identities.

If you ask me, the coward behind ‘FCC’ clearly has something to hide…

The fact that they’re peddling “get-rich-quick” garbage.


What’s Really Going Down in Da Hood With Fast Cash Club?

The good news is that when you hand over 37 of your hard-earned dollars for ‘FCC’…

The creator’s not gonna cut and run with your cash because he or she does offer you something in return.

But by no means is the product a reflection of the hype throughout the sales video.

Because what you actually get is similar to what eCom Profit Sniper provides – A bunch of generic training on the concept of “eCommerce”.

The training comes in the form of a 78-page ebook and revolves around using the Shopify platform to earn a crust selling products.

The ebook is broken down into 3 parts:


Part 1: Introduction to eCommerce

This part covers stuff on choosing the right products, identifying your target market, scoping out the competition, making yourself a niche expert, and more.


Part 2: Setting up Shopify

You’ll discover where to find your products, choosing the right Shopify package, adding products, setting up shipping, customizing your payment solutions and eCommerce website, etc.


Part 3: Making Your Shopify Store a Success

Inside this last part, you’ll find out about features and add-ons for your store, using Shopify’s tools, niche marketing, using social media, spotting trends, and holiday selling.

The guidance is fairly good, in my opinion. However, there is a “BUT” or two.

First of all, I think it’s inadequate for creating a highly profitable eCommerce.

Because there needs to be more depth to the sections.

Second of all, the training can be located for “free” online.

Especially since Shopify itself provides the exact same training but in more detail.

Who is this ‘FCC’ creator trying to kid?! LOL.

In addition to the 78-page PDF guide, you get given a bunch of links to tools from Shopify’s App store…

That come in very handy for helping to turn a profit with your store.


Final Take: Is Fast Cash Club a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWithout beating about the bush, I really don’t recommend the ‘FCC’ and I’m labeling it as a Borderline Scam for a number of reasons.

First of all, the owner deceives you with his or her “get-rich-quick” trash talk.

Not to mention he or she uses shady tactics for forcing you to splash out on the product.

Secondly, the product you get doesn’t resemble the “magical wealth system” as advertised in the cheesy video…

Not to mention the training can be found for $0 online if you know where to look.

The ONLY reason why I’ve refrained from naming ‘FCC’ as a flat-out scam is the fact that Clickbank will issue you with a $37 refund if you decide to fall into the honey trap.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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