FB Dollars [Review]: Why $500/Month is Total BS!

Howdy, thanks for stopping by my truthful and unbiased review of FB Dollars!

The person behind this wants you to believe that you can easily rake in a nice $500 monthly income from your Facebook account.

But I’m calling them out on their bullsh*t because this so-called money-maker raises some serious concerns, which I’m about to bring to light.

So continue reading if you wanna know why you should keep the opportunity at arm’s length…

FB Dollars Review - Why 500 Dollars Per Month is Total BS
Quick Overview

Name: FB Dollars (FD).

Website: fbdollars.com.

Cost: Free.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10.

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What’s FB Dollars All About, Huh?

To be perfectly honest, the website gives you very few details on the ins and outs of ‘FD’.

Apparently, it’s some social media company specialising in Facebook advertising and they’re gonna give you access to a Google Chrome extension so they can rent out the business side of your FB account.

They boldly claim you can make up to $500 on a monthly basis and you’ll receive your very first payment within 24 hours of submitting your application without lifting a finger.


But right off the bat, something seems VERY fishy about this whole set up.

A marketing agency asking to rent out random Facebook accounts for running client ads is pretty unheard-of.

In fact, it’s totally bizarre because if ‘FD’ really does “specialise” in FB ads, then why the heck does the company need to tap into other accounts?

I actually have a friend who owns her own marketing agency and I can bet my bottom dollar that her and her team would never adopt such a shady approach to internet marketing.


How Does FB Dollars Actually Work?

The registration page claims you must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for 100s of dollars per month through your FB account:

  1. At least 100 friends on your profile
  2. An account that’s at least 12 months old
  3. A genuine account belonging to you
  4. An ad account that’s untouched
  5. You must be over 21 years of age
  6. A PayPal account for receiving payments

If you qualify, you then enter your full name, FB email address, username, password, phone number, and PayPal email address into the registration fields.
FB Dollars Registration Form
Followed by the second step which is setting up their Google extension so they can access the business side of your FB account.

The guys behind ‘FD’ will do the rest – paying you cash while you carry on with your normal day-to-day social media activities, allegedly.

While it sounds awesome, how do you know these guys aren’t gonna change your FB login info, steal (and even sell) your credentials and SPAM your family and friends to death with scammy crap via your account?


This is something you should seriously take into careful consideration before submitting your details and installing the extension.


WARNING: Red Flag Alert!

Unfortunately, there are further foghorn warning signals on the ‘FD’ website, that you should be extremely cautious of.

First of all, the website contains ZERO information about the owner, team or company. So any Mickey Mouse circus act could be running the show.

Anyone behind any money-making opportunity who remains anonymous clearly has something to hide, in my opinion.

Don’t you agree?

Secondly, there’s ZERO proof of the agency’s existence.

Surely if the agency was legit, the guys behind it would have a social media presence, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, etc.

After all, they are a “social media” agency LOL.

Furthermore, would they not show actual income proof of the folks renting out their FB accounts and using the extension?


The third thing that caught my attention is that there’s no contact tab or even email address for support, which means you’re gonna be going into this ‘FD’ thing totally blindfolded.

Finally, ‘FD’ is a replica of FB Cash (fbcash.net) which clearly indicates the same guys are behind the pair.
FBCash Website
More often than not, fraudsters repackage the same product/opportunity under various names in order to con as many unsuspecting folks as possible.

If ‘FD’ is the real deal, then why the need “duplication”?

Surely they would stick with just the one brand.


I dunno about you, but ‘FD’ seems seriously suspicious to me and I highly recommend that you tread carefully with this one.


There Are Two Ways it Can Go…

#1: For argument’s sake, let’s say ‘FD’ delivers what it states on the tin.

You submit your info and use the Google extension for them to gain access to your FB account, and they deposit up to $500 in your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

Happy days.

But the real question is WHY they would wanna use your account for running client ads in the first place?

Maybe they wanna run scammy ads against Facebook’s TOS without any risk whatsoever on their part.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that FB WILL BAN your entire account for renting it out because it’s actually against its TOS.

And when that happens, you’re unlikely to receive any PayPal payments from ‘FD’.

#2: Let’s say ‘FD’ is a flat-out scam (which I believe to be true).

What if the “$500 monthly” promise is a load of old baloney for them to get their grubby hands on your FB account.

There’s no telling what they might do.

They could very easily change your login details, sell your personal details to third parties and other scammers, and message your contacts with crap (as I’ve already discussed).

See a comment I found on a Reddit post about joining these programs for renting FB business accounts.
FB Dollars Complaint on Reddit
Read the FULL complaint post and all comments on Reddit here.

Whichever way you look at it, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel with the opportunity.

It’s either your whole FB ad account gets the chop or you risk losing control of your FB profile.


In Closing: Is FB Dollars a Scam?

A Big Thumbs Down

If I’m being brutally honest, it sure as hell seems that way.

In my opinion, there’s little to nothing to be gained from handing over your details to some randomer behind an untrustworthy money-making opportunity.

It’s a possibility that he or she will hijack your Facebook profile, cause havoc among your friends, break every FB rule under the sun, and sell your details to third parties as well as other unethical individuals.

And as I’ve already pointed out, FB will close you down for renting out your account anyways. There’s no question about it.

So you’ve gotta ask yourself if it’s really worth it?

At the end of the day, even if you did turn a buck with ‘FD’, your success would be very short-lived, I’m afraid.

Making money online ISN’T as easy as the person behind ‘FD’ wants you to believe because there’s a lot more to it than simply kicking your feet up with a coffee.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or questions to share on ‘FD’ – We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below…



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