Free Ad Cash System [Review]: Is $1,000s For “Free” BS?

Howdy, welcome to my unbiased review of the Free Ad Cash System!

The individual behind this online money-maker boldly claims you’ll make $1,000s on a daily basis without it costing you a single cent.

I dunno about you, by my spidey warning sense tingles a tad.

Dive right into this honest blog post to discover if it really is a dangerous system to stay the hell away from…

Free Ad Cash System Review - Is 1000s For Free BS
Quick Overview

Name: Free Ad Cash System (FACS).


Cost: Free, apparently. Real cost is $250+.

Owner: Simon Green (used as a stage name).

My Score: A HUGE 0/10.

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What’s The Free Ad Cash System About?

According to the sales page, ‘FACS’ is a way for you to rake in $3,000+ per day on the internet for “free” by simply buying and selling ads (aka “Ad Flipping”).

But how can it be free if it requires you to spend in order to get up and running online?

And then the dude (just some voiceover) in the sales video reckons that over the last two and a half months, 132 peeps have become stinking rich from tapping into the system.

Even the guy himself claims the system has made him a WHOPPING $22 million.

And he wants YOU to be one of the lucky few making $1 million during the next three months.

But hang on, something doesn’t quite add up here…

How does $3,000 per day equate to $1,000,000 per month? LOL.

I’m sorry, but if you believe that drivel, then you may as well believe in “happily ever after” fairy-tale stories.

Put simply, the sole purpose of the sales video is to sell you some “pipe dream” so the creator of ‘FACS’ can profit off of YOU instead.

That’s the bottom line.

This type of so-called magic opportunity is no different from other garbage I’ve reviewed in the past like:

But before I explain what actually happens when you take the plunge with ‘FACS’…


Let’s Have a Giggle at The Extra Red Flags!

I’ve reviewed literally 100s of scammy money-makers on THIS website (, and the ‘FACS’ sales page really is no different.

If you’ve come across this type of garbage on numerous occasions, then you’ll easily pick up on the bullsh*t inside the sales video.

But if not, I’m gonna help you get clued-up on the shadiness that’s going on, so you can prevent yourself from getting burned in the future.

Sound cool?

Without further ado…

First of all, the video testimonials from folks making megabucks with ‘FACS’ are as fake as Barbie and Ken.

Meet a guy who has also done fake testimonials for 30 Minute Money Methods, Financial Freedom Forever, Discover The Plan, and Mingle Cash, to name more garbage.
Fake Video Testimonials
The guys n’ gals doing these testimonials are *GASP* hired from Fiverr – a marketplace where folks can buy or sell business services.

But unfortunately, numerous scam artists are also buying Gigs from Fiverr sellers.


Say hello to the same bearded dude again – selling his promotional video services.
Fiverr Spokesperson Video Testimonial From a Bearded Guy
If ‘FACS’ really is a genuine opportunity making your dreams come true as easy as apple pie in the blink of an eye, then why are there no “legit” testimonials?



Secondly, who the hell is “Simon Green” anyway?

He claims to be the voice in the sales video and also the creator of ‘FACS’, but there’s ZERO proof of his identity.

I’m willing to bet a year’s worth of my income that he’s just a fictitious character for the real creator to hide behind so he or she can continuously scam the pants off vulnerable noobs without getting called out.

Additionally, the guy from the video is very likely to be a “voiceover” hired from Fiverr as well.


Thirdly, ‘FACS’ is far from “free”.

The sales pitch boldly states you’ll make over $3K on a daily basis for $0. But the actual cost is $250 – as you’ll find out later in the video.
Free Ad Cash System Real Cost is 250 Dollars
At the end of the day, the “$0-cost” approach is just a lame tactic to get you hooked and excited like some love-sick teenager.

Finally, there’s the implementation of fake-ass scarcity – saying there’s “limited spots” and the video won’t be available to view the next time round if you decide to close the page.
Fake Time Sensitive Scarcity
This is absolute bullsh*t because it doesn’t matter how many times you visit the tacky sales page, the video is always gonna be available to watch.

Each and every red flag I’ve highlighted is a manipulative tactic for the sleazeball behind ‘FACS’ to take FULL  advantage of YOU.


What’s “Really” Happening Behind The Scenes?

The guy in the ‘FACS’ video talks about flipping ads. But that’s just pure garbage for two VERY good reasons.

#1: “Ad flipping” is a non-existent money-making method to begin with.

It’s a total lie told by scam artists – leading you to believe that you can easily make a sh*t ton of quick and easy cash using some kinda unique method.

Simply put, they tell you exactly what you wanna hear for THEIR own benefit, as I’ve already discussed in this review.

#2: What happens when you hand over 250 of your hard-earned dollars is that you make a minimum investment into something called “binary options” and gain access to a trading account.

It’s an automated trading system that’s meant to give you a good return on your investment.

But it’s not always the case because you’ll end up chucking money down the drain, especially not knowing what you’re doing and with the trading account belonging to an “unregulated” broker which makes things risky.

Once you lose your $250 investment, you’ll be persuaded to invest more in hopes of striking gold.

Only, for the broker to profit and also the person behind ‘FACS’ to keep pocketing nice fat “commissions” from your payments.

Investing in itself is a risky business and should only be practiced by the pros who seriously know their stuff and have the cash to burn.

For a newbie like you, it’s a huge NO-NO, in my book.




  • It’s an awesome example of the type of trash to avoid falling for


  • It’s advertised as a non-existent “get-rich-quick” system
  • The sales page is missing all the legal TOS & Privacy stuff
  • There’s no support available or refund policy in place
  • Red flags: Fake testimonials, owner & scarcity. Also, lies about “ad flipping”
  • It’s highly likely you’ll lose $250 should you choose to invest
  • Trading isn’t recommended for inexperienced newbies


In Closing: Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, 100% YES.

Everything about the ‘FACS’ just reeks of a dirty hoax.

From the unrealistic income claims to the creator lying through his or her teeth about the system being free and the concept of flipping ads.

At the end of the day, the idea of “get-rich-quick” is a total fabrication. Anyone who argues against this clearly has one objective in mind:

To get their grubby mitts on YOUR CASH.

It’s as simple as that, I’m afraid.

If you’re sick and tired of scam artists force-feeding you their BS.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘FACS’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…



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