First-Time Internet Marketing Profits [FIMP] ROCKS! (Reviewed)

A big welcome to my First-Time Internet Marketing Profits (FIMP) review!

THE ONLY honest and unbiased one that DOESN’T funnel you into Wealthy Affiliate!

If you’re itching to build a successful online Biz, then Ian Pribyl has exactly what you need to scratch that itch and earn a full-time income.

So sink your teeth into this review to discover what he’s got lined up for you…

First Time Internet Marketing ProfitsQuick Overview:

Name: First-Time Internet Marketing Profits (FIMP).


Cost: 100% Free or $297 or 3x $127. (Get Your $0 FIMP Training Here).

Creator: Ian Pribyl (aka “Pribs”).

My Score: 9/10.

Summary: The greatest thing about Ian Pribyl is that he doesn’t walk you down the garden path like a lot of hyped-up product creators and scamsters out there.

He’s an honest guy who’s designed FIMP as a platform that shows you EXACTLY what’s needed for success as a blogger without the fluff.

Trust me, I’ve followed his training to the letter, and what he teaches you REALLY works.

It’s just down to you to do all the donkey work for it to pay off.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the FULL ins and outs of FIMP…


Table of Contents

What’s First-Time Internet Marketing Profits All About?

Simply put, FIMP gives you all the building blocks you need for creating a sustainable money-making business as an Affiliate Marketer or around any other path you choose.

The great thing about Ian’s in-depth step-by-step video course is that it’s specifically for “noobs” looking for a starting point online and somebody to guide them by the hand.

Which, BTW, Pribs does exceptionally well at, in my opinion.

So, KUDOS to that man.


How FIMP’s Training Packs a Powerful Punch…

First of all, being a “free” member of FIMP allows you to access 46 text and screen-based lessons that are super duper easy to follow.

The lessons cover starting a blog from scratch, doing keyword research and SEO, and writing content that gets rankings and traffic.

Basically, everything you need to know for building a profitable blog.


But What About Training as a “Paid” Member?

When you pay upggrade your membership, Ian delivers his training in “video” format to simplify your learning process even more.

You’ll receive video training on the following topics:

Getting started, mindset, niche selection, website building, keyword research, rankable content, website promotion + traffic, and the best part… “making money”.
First Time Internet Marketing Profits Training Sections
But before diving into the training head first, there’s a couple of must-see intro videos from the “pasty-looking-red-headed” Ian.

Soz Pribs, you said it. 😛

Joking aside, the main (23.40 minute) fluff-free intro basically covers what FIMP has in store and what lies ahead if you work your socks off.
FIMP Video Introduction
Then follows the quick (3.22 minute) ‘200-Second FIMP Orientation’ video – where Pribs urges you to fully commit to his training without falling for the “shiny object” BS.

Now let’s get to the meat on the bone, shall we?


Section #1: The Only Way Anyone Gets Rich Online…

Lesson 1.1 How To Use This Course To Build a Five-to-Six-Figure Internet Business (6.39 mins)

This quick video is basically another intro reinforcing Ian’s message.

Where, he also emphasises that hard work, quality work, and time are the 3 components of success.

1.2 The ONLY Four Paths to Wealth Online (27.14 mins)

From Ian’s wealth of experience, he briefly discusses the 4 types of online Biz models and even covers the “reverse math”.

Breaking down the exact formula for earning a desired income with each path.

Rounded off by highlighting the 3 core competencies for higher profit margins.

Pribs really simplifies the processes and states that you only need to focus on 1 wealth path + 1 core competency + 1 traffic method for success.

1.3 How to Keep The “Free Training” River Flowing (3.11 mins)

This isn’t so much of a lesson, but more of a brief message about the term “reciprocity” – basically asking you to show the FIMP and its fam some love in return.


Section #2: Essential Mindset Training For Success…

Lesson 2.1 The ONLY Way to Guarantee Your Success Online (18.58 mins)

From Ian’s own journey and the patterns he’s seen, he says adopting the right mindset is the difference between success and failure online.

This Lesson covers the “Get-Rich-Quick” fairy-tale, setting realistic vs. unrealistic income goals, and the 1 common trait of successful webpreneurs (which is forging an “iron” mindset).

2.2 What to Expect in The Coming Weeks/Months (23.33 mins)

Simply put, this video is centered around the topic of “goal setting”.

Covered inside, are the realistic benchmarks to expect when it comes to time + monetary investment (during your first year) and generating a passive income down the road.
FIMP Essential Mindset Training
2.3 How to Guarantee You Achieve Your Goals (17.28 mins)

OK, so back to goal setting.

First of all, Pribs covers the all-important questions of “when can I make money and how much?” – explaining why they’re impossible to answer.

And Secondly, he says that setting monetary goals makes zero sense, since they’re out of your control.

Instead, he recommends setting “action-based” goals you’re in control of – also giving you a bunch of examples.

RECOMMENDED: Want an Awesome Kindle Version of FIMP? Grab Your Copy Here!


Section #3: Picking & Polishing The Perfect Niche…

Lesson 3.1 Unearthing The PERFECT Niche For You (34.17 mins)

Mr. Pale arms (lol) talks about chasing money vs. providing value – strongly emphasizing that making VALUE your #1 priority will lead to traffic and an income.

Followed by a discussion on the best ways to go about choosing a niche and then jotting down some broad niche ideas ready to roll with for the next videos.

3.2 Broad Niches vs. Narrow Niches; What’s TOO Narrow? (25.14 mins)

Digging a little deeper into niche selection, Pribs explains the difference between the broad/narrow extremes and highlights the pros and cons of both.

The aim of this lesson is to help you refine or eliminate a handful of your niche ideas from the previous lesson.

3.3 Are You Dealing With a “Buying Audience”? (23 mins)

This topic is of the utmost importance because it’s gonna mean the difference between making little or no money at all to raking in a full-time income.

You’ll learn what a buying audience is, why “freeloaders” are bad for business (kinda), and generally how to produce profitable website content.

3.4 How Scared Should You be of Competition? (12.46 mins)

Pribs explains why having competitors’ is actually a GOOD sign, how you can topple them, and even shares the most competitive/profitable niches.

But there is one exception when it comes to your competition, which he also covers.

3.5 (Painless) Internet Marketing Economics (8.47 mins)

In a nutshell, you’re gonna be taught some highly important money-making factors that will set you up for big success.

3.6 Good Niche, Bad Niche – A Breakdown of Multiple Examples (36.59 mins)

Pribs shares plenty of real-world concrete examples of the types of niches to avoid vs. some awesome ideas serving as inspiration for your own niche selection.

3.7 Making Sense of The Tornado Inside Your Head & When to Move on (17.43 mins)

This lesson basically finalises things – helping you to understand everything you’ve learned as far as niche discovery goes, and also when to throw in the towel on a niche that you’re having real difficulties with.


Section #4: Building Your Website…

Lesson 4.1 Winter Is Coming – Preparing for Website Setup & Design (16.22 mins)

In this video, Mr. #funnelhacker discusses why you NEED a website, overcoming the challenges that lie ahead, and generally being unafraid of the website building process.

He basically prepares you for battle (hence the Game Of Thrones reference).

4.2 The Anatomy of a Perfect Domain Name (26.12 mins)

Here, the domain name selection process is broken down into a set of simple rules to follow for easily choosing the domain name you desire.

Additionally, Pribs lists a bunch of cool tools/registrars for assisting with your efforts, and even shows you how to use a couple of the tools.

4.3 The Best Place to Register Your Domain Names (16.48 mins)

First of all, Pribs discusses the 3 options for registering your domain name: Hosting company vs. GoDaddy vs. NameCheap.

Followed by a video walk-through of him registering his chosen domain ( through NameCheap.
Domain Name Purchase Video Training
4.4 Securing Hosting for Your Website (13.32 mins)

Here, there’s a discussion on webhosting followed by a brief walkthrough of purchasing your webhosting via BlueHost (Ian’s best and most cost-effective recommendation).

4.4.1 Off to The Races (REQUIRED Viewing (6.15 mins)

OK, it’s crunch time. You’re either “all in” or you’re out on your ear (kinda) lol…

Ian kindly asks if you can support the FIMP fam in order to keep it operational – whether it’s buying:

  • Webhosting via his BlueHost affiliate link
  • Thrive Themes (WordPress Theme) via his affiliate link
  • ‘IMP’ (his advanced training)
  • Or a donation of $147+ via PayPal

Once you’ve made some sort of contribution to FIMP, then it’s giddy up horsey!

The following sections and video tutorials will be unlocked:

  • 4.5 Linking Your Domain & Hosting Account
  • 4.6 Why WordPress is The ONLY Platform You Should Use
  • 4.7 How to Install WordPress in <5 Minutes
  • 4.8 Stripping All of The Default Crap From WordPress
  • 4.9 Setting Your Business up For Profit in WordPress
  • 4.9.1 Yoast’s Settings Have Moved – How to Find & Change Them
  • 4.10 Choosing Your Theme & Crucial Design Tips
  • 4.10.1 How to Check if Your Theme is Mobile Responsive
  • 4.11 Creating Your Site’ “Core Content” & Menu
  • 4.12 Setting up Google Analytics & GSC For All Kinds of Helpful Data

Section #5: Keyword Research…

  • 5.1 How Keyword Research Will Make or Break Your Entire Business
  • 5.2 The Anatomy of a “Perfect” Keyword
  • 5.3 How we Use Keywords to Ignite Our Content
  • 5.4 Qualified Traffic vs. Unqualified Traffic
  • 5.5 Finding Keywords Using Free Keyword Tools
  • 5.6 Finding Keywords Quicker & More Easily Using Premium Keyword Tools
  • 5.6.1 Long Tail Pro Deep Dive – Hunting Down Low Competition Keywords

Section #6: Content That Gets Ranked…

  • 6.1 “Inch Wide, Mile Deep” – How to Create High-Quality Content
  • 6.2 Preparing Content & Creating an Outline
  • 6.3 How to Format Content For The Web
  • 6.4 Where to Find High-Quality, Free Royalty- Free Images
  • 6.5 Everything You Need to Know About on-Page SEO
  • 6.6 How Often to Post New Content
  • 6.7 An Over-The-Shoulder Tour of High-Quality Content Creation
  • 6.8 When Do The Rankings Come?

Section #7: Website Promotion & Traffic…

  • 7.1 The “Post & Pray” Method – The Simplest Time-Tested Path to Success
  • 7.2 Social Media (For What It’s Worth)
  • 7.3 Video Marketing
  • 7.4 Discussing Automated Traffic & Traffic Networks
  • 7.5 A Brief Discussion About Paid Traffic & Who Should Pursue it
  • 7.6 Other Excellent Resources

Section #8: Now, How Do I Make Money?…

  • 8.1 When & How to Monetize Your Content
  • 8.2 … What Now?

I may not have followed this training platform in its entirety, since I already started an online Biz way before the birth of FIMP.

But also, after feasting my eyes on Ian’s ‘From Nothing’ book (a Kindle version of FIMP) from cover-to-cover – I can say with 100% conviction, that his training really is second to none.

And in addition to those tutorials, Ian chucks in bonus training on Google, email marketing, Facebook ads, and more…


FIMP’s Supplemental Stuff…

And if that’s not enough, there’s even a free stack of supplemental training videos from Pribs covering:

  • Focus on Becoming The Person Who Can Achieve Your Dreams (7.08 mins)
  • A Clinically Proven Way to Become “10% Happier” (11.59 mins)
  • Does This Stuff Really Work (16.48 mins)
  • Funnels & Landing Page Builders vs. FIMP (11.41 mins)
  • How Exercise is Scientifically Proven to Make You a Better Business Owner (10.10 mins)
  • Calculating a Niche’s Value (10.17 mins)
  • How to Correctly Build a Website That Covers Multiple Topics in The Same Niche (12.48 mins)
  • Evaluating “High Ticket” Coaching Programs (5.26 mins)
  • Should I Try to Run More Than One Website? (8.04 mins)
  • Stay Your Lane (7.01 mins)
  • The Best Solution I’ve Found For Struggling With Motivation (18.21 mins)
  • When Should I Start Building an Email List? (5.49 mins)
  • Why FIMP Depends on Members Sharing More Than Any Other Training or Community in This Industry (9.17 mins)

And if you really wanna spice up your results online, you can purchase ‘IMP’ – which delivers 12 months worth of new topics on:

  • White Hat Linkbuilding
  • Video Marketing Made Easy
  • Grey Hat SEO: PBNs Done Right
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Essentials
  • How to Maximize Revenue of a Site w/ Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Basics
  • Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Building Profitable eCom & Dropshipping Stores
  • Craeting a Membership Website
  • Sourcing Your Own Physical Products
  • How NOT to Launch a Kickstarter
  • Getting Local Websites Ranked in Google
  • How to Dependably Hire on UpWork

I’ve not personally gone through this advanced training.

But if the invaluable stuff inside FIMP is anything to go by – then you can bet your sweet bippy that IMP is gonna blow your mind.


Does FIMP Equip You With The Tools of The Trade?

Sadly not, I’m afraid.

But then again, the platform wouldn’t be “free” with the inclusion of tools, now would it? 😛

In all seriousness though, Pribs shows you how to set up and use some of the best free/inexpensive tools/services that are essential for creating a successful site.

What I like about the dude’s recommendations is that he doesn’t make ya head spin with a GAZILLION different resources.


Is Help & Support at Hand From FIMP?

Yeah, you bet there is!

First up, there’s an active private Facebook group consisting of 6,000+ members (at the time of updating this review) – where you can mingle with and pick the brains of the FIMP fam.

Even, Pribs himself, regularly chimes in to introduce new members’ and offer a helping hand.


My Experience With The FIMP Fam is Epic…

Back in March 2019, I reached the point where I was so p*ssed off with the lack of success from my site, that I hit up the FIMPers for their advice.
Support From The FIMP Facebook Group
To cut a long story short, Pribs and his clan helped to identify that Wealthy Affiliate’s “Jaaxy” keyword tool is a pile of pants and recommended that I try keyword research “the FIMP way”.

So I did just that, and I’m so glad I made the transition.

In addition to the FB group, you can reach out to Ian via his email address.

However, when you join the supporters’ group, you’ll receive more advanced support from Pribs and others.

RECOMMENDED: Grab The Kindle Format of FIMP – It’ll Knock Ya Socks Off!


Is The Cost of FIMP Really $0? “C’mon, Spill The Beans, Neil”…

There has been some debate over the price since you have to invest in a service to progress, but…

YES, FIMP is 100% free.

However, with that said, the “video” training version comes at a cost of $297 or 3x payments of $127 if you can’t afford the one-time fee.

But if you have the budget to do so and really wanna push the boat out, ‘IMP’ is available for $997/year.


FIMP vs. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – When Two Tribes Go to War…

This seems to be a sore subject among some FIMPers and WAers because the two communities teach the same principles of blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

But which path should you choose – FIMP or WA?

To be perfectly honest, both are amazeballs for various reasons.


Firstly, Let’s Talk About FIMP

It may not provide everything you need under one umbrella.

But FIMP sure as hell provides in-depth training, great support, and especially with it being $0 – makes it ideal for those needing to keep their costs down.

However, I think Pribs could cover the “Affiliate Marketing” side of things in more detail.

Like, how to find and apply to affiliate programs, and add links within your content, etc.


As For Wealthy Affiliate…

It provides stacks of training, tools/services, and support under the same roof.

The only difference is that WA costs $49/month or $359/year.

However, while I hold nothing against WA, there are more cons to it than FIMP, in my opinion.

First of all, WA doesn’t go into as much depth as FIMP when it comes to niche selection and keyword research training.

Also, WA fails to teach topics like “mindset” and “economics” – which are must-know subjects that are gonna set you up for much bigger success down the road.

But instead of boring you to tears with my WA pet hates, read about them here.

RECOMMENDED: Get Yourself a Copy of ‘From Nothing’ – FIMP’s Gorgeous Twin Sister!




  • It’s not gonna cost you a sausage for text training
  • The training’s meaty, simple & easy to follow
  • There’s free supplemental training
  • Offers an email address + a free active Facebook group for support
  • Newbies can start & grow a Biz for <$200 in their first year – using the tools/services Pribs recommends
  • There’s advanced video & IMP training + support available to purchase
  • You’ll get bonus training & goodies when you upgrade
  • Pribs is a likable, enthusiastic, down-to-earth & an honest kinda guy who has your best interests at heart when it comes to learning digital marketing


  • There’s not enough guidance on the subject of affiliate marketing, for my liking
  • There’s a mountain of training to get through (which, is also a positive – depending on how you see it)
  • No in-house tools or resources to go hand-in-hand with the training/support
  • Some folks may consider IMP as costly yearly expense


Final Thoughts: Is First-Time Internet Marketing Profits Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs Up

I kid you not, FIMP really IS one of those “like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard of before” programs because Pribs really does go to Infinity and Beyond.

With the volume of value inside the platform, it actually puts the majority of “costly” ‘make money’ products to real shame.

So if you’re after an awesome starting point online (without breaking the bank), then FIMP is just the ticket.

So whatcha waiting for?

==> Become a Free Member of FIMP Here!


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on FIMP to share – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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