Marketing In Your Car Review: (Free MP3 Player!)

A huge welcome to my review of Marketing In Your Car!

If you’re looking for the lowdown on the MP3 Player and wanna know exactly why you should get your hands on it and how it can impact your Biz…

Then dive right in!

Marketing In Your Car MP3 Player Review
Quick Overview

Name: Marketing In Your Car (MIYC).

Cost: Free + $9.95 for shipping.

Product Creator: Russell Brunson.

My Score: 8/10.

Verdict: With 250+ recordings of Russell’s Entrepreneurial journey (sharing the highs and lows of building his ClickFunnels company)…

‘MIYC’ is a 4GB MP3 player worth plugging into if you wanna learn what he knows about the path to success.

And also the kinda obstacles you’ll be dealing with and how to overcome them for you and your Biz to continually grow.

Continue reading my review to learn more about HOW Brunson’s MP3 will benefit you and the progression of your business on or off the web…


What’s Marketing In Your Car All About?

Now, before the idea of this product drives you into a panic…

Don’t worry, you’re not gonna be required to build sales funnels, create websites, do blogging or anything like that while you’re out and about on the roads.

Because let’s face it, one hand on the wheel and the other on the laptop is just plain silly.

Not to mention a highly dangerous manoeuvre and illegal anyways.

But what Russell Brunson has kindly done for you…

Is preload a free MP3 player with the first 257 episodes of his daily 10-minute marketing podcasts recorded in his own car.
Russell Brunsons MP3 Player


And Vroom Vroom, Away You Go…

Simply plug in your headphones.

And listen to Brunson in your automobile to and from work, taking a trip to the shopping mall, cruising the town or even paying your Aunt Sally a visit.

You can even listen to the MP3 while you’re out walking the dog or taking a steady jog in the park too.

Take Russell’s voice anywhere and everywhere you go. Just don’t let the guy hypnotize you though. 😛

Joking aside…

The other cool thing about ‘MIYC’ is that you can also subscribe to the recordings via your favourite listening platform. 

Like iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play, for example.

You choose.

In addition, you have the option of getting your hands on the transcripts if you want access to the printable PDF and Kindle (or other e-reader) versions.


Who Will Benefit From Marketing In Your Car?

The MP3 is designed for anyone who wants some amazing marketing tips and inspiration.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketing newbie and wanna start an online Biz.

Or you already have an online/offline Biz established – Russell’s player will be right up your street.

It’s especially an ideal tool and resource if you prefer to have some privacy and love drifting off into your own little world when it comes to learning about marketing.

Plus, the player is an awesome excuse for ignoring the folks who you don’t wanna talk to.

Particularly during lunch breaks at your “day job” when it comes to super annoying work colleagues.

Trust me, I know how these peeps can get under your skin – especially when working in the retail sector LOL.


What is Russell Brunson Gonna be Sharing With You?

Mr. Brunson will be discussing many topics with you throughout his 257 podcasts.

But I won’t run through each podcast because I’m no spoiler. 😛

Besides, who has the time to read through a GAZILLION-word tiresome review, right?

During his 10-minute car journey to his company each morning, Russell talks about the amazing successes he’s experienced throughout the years.

As well as the epic crashes (NO not car ones) he’s had with building his ClickFunnels SAAS  (Software As A Service) business.

You’ll learn about what worked and what didn’t work for him, the ups and downs, and everything in-between – as he puts it.

The guy has basically documented his journey to success and shares everything that’s on his mind when it comes to Entrepreneurship, in general.

This is to help you understand the challenges faced by everyday Entrepreneurs – and HOW you can deal with and overcome those obstacles.

And also to inspire you on your own journey to building a successful empire, whether it’s in the online space or the offline real world.


What’s The Real Cost of Marketing In Your Car

Before, you ask…

YEP, Brunson‘s preloaded MP3 player really is 100% free.

The only cost will be less than 10 bucks ($9.95 to be exact) for covering the shipping and handling fee.

If you do also choose the PDF and Kindle formats (which are entirely optional), Russell requires only an additional $17 one-time for the transcripts.

To be fair, both the shipping and transcript fees are totally worth it for the value you get from 250+ podcasts (each one running at 10 minutes)…

All documenting his experiences as a Webpreneur.

However, since Brunson’s in the “sales funnel” business, means you will be enticed by upsells.


But fear not, because you’re under no obligation to spend extra cash on further products…

UNLESS you feel they’ll greatly benefit you and the needs of your business, of course. Then it’s a different story altogether.

So the ball’s in your court really.

But as for me, I just ordered the MP3 on its own because I wasn’t in need of the upsells (at the time of writing).


Final Conclusion: Is Marketing In Your Car Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpIn my experience, you can learn a lot of invaluable golden nuggets from audios.

Especially when you “binge-listen” and absorb as much info as possible.

So what I like about Marketing In Your Car is the fact that you can listen to the podcasts over-and-over again.

Also, you’re able to squeeze the recordings into the nooks and crannies of your day.

And there’s a ton of “golden nugget” knowledge you can use to implement into your Biz.

Who knows, you might even learn something that instantly flips a light switch that supercharges your profits.

Believe me, it can happen.

‘MIYC’ is something I highly recommend as a training and inspirational resource for helping to contribute towards the growth of your Biz.

It would be a waste not to listen to Brunson’s recordings, in my opinion.


But Before You Drive Your Ass Off, See More of Russell’s Stuff:

Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘MIYC’, that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your comments below…


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