Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review: (A FREE PDF You NEED!)

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Welcome to my fresh 2022 review of the Marketing Secrets Blackbook PDF from Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels co-founder).

“UGH, not ANOTHER Guru book”, I hear you say!

But before you sigh, it costs you absolutely nothing – YUP, entirely FREE.

Secondly, it’s only available to download online – you won’t find it stocked on Amazon or in traditional book shops.

And thirdly, Russell Brunson spills the beans on almost 100 marketing secrets that blew up his ClickFunnels software business…

Marketing Secrets Blackbook and Binge Guide Review

…The secrets he reveals literally took his software Biz to over $100 million in sales within the space of 3 years!

So yeah, the eBook’s a pretty big deal if you want to take your own online or offline Biz to new heights.


  • It doesn’t cost you anything
  • 99 BS-free secrets that can have a big impact on your Biz & give you the edge over your competitors
  • The contents can save you time & money
  • Russell Brunson’s a reputable webpreneur at the top of his game
  • Also comes with a free Binge Guide (revealed at the end of this review)


  • It comes in digital format only
  • A fair bit of info to take in – especially for newbies


When it comes to the free Marketing Secrets Blackbook, I personally think it’s a fab PDF that’s chock a block with some amazing insights into growing a business online.

Because it’s jam-packed with goodness on becoming an expert, creating offers, funnels, sales, and also adopting the right mindset when it comes to success.

And as for the $0 cost Binge Guide PDF, Russell Brunson shares over 400 podcasts on his own journey to success as an Entrepreneur.

Combine all this knowledge and wisdom together, and you can create a super profitable Biz IF you’re prepared to implement the guidance.

What’s also great about both PDFs is that they’re designed with both internet marketing newbies and pros in mind.

So there’s something for everyone (including affiliate marketers) when it comes to generating more leads, sales, and profits

==> Get Your Free Marketing Secrets Blackbook Here!

What is The Marketing Secrets Blackbook All About?

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook from Mr. Brunson (also the author of ‘DotCom Secrets‘ and ‘Expert Secrets‘)…

Is a free 291-page PDF designed to reveal 99 marketing secrets to change your Biz and life.

With a helping hand from Julie Stoian (a successful Digital Marketer)…

Russell was able to create his new Blackbook using content from his ‘Marketing In Your Car‘ podcasts.

Inside the PDF, Russell shares his very best stories and marketing tactics that are gonna have the biggest impact on your business…

Whether you’re an online or traditional Biz owner.

After studying the ebook myself – there are certainly plenty of golden nuggets to take away for building a profitable empire, in my opinion.

But the marketing strategies will only work IF you put them into practice and work your socks off.

Because there’s no such thing as a “magic bullet” in the cyberworld, at the end of the day.

Marketing Secrets Blackbook Contents at a Quick Glance…

Free Marketing Secrets Blackbook PDF

If I was to list each and every strategy, it would literally take me forever and a day. 

Plus why spoil the surprise, hey? 😉

So I’m just gonna briefly discuss each chapter to give you some insights before you choose to download the PDF.

Sound good?

Part 1: Foundations

Within the very first chapter…

Russell basically covers numerous topics to help you build a solid foundation from the start – leading to a million-dollar Biz on your hands.

In my own experience as an affiliate marketing Biz owner, it’s crucial to have a solid framework in place from the get-go.

For example; I chose a sub-niche, built a website around it, and got my site SEO-ready to prepare for Google rankings and targeted traffic/buyers.

Because if you don’t lay the correct foundations properly, your Biz will never ever take off.


Remember the 3 little pigs story of how they built 3 houses of straw, sticks and bricks, but the big bad wolf couldn’t blow down the brick house?

Point proven 😛

Part 2: Become an Expert

Russell discusses numerous ways on how you can become an expert in your line of business, whatever your niche market.

He basically teaches you how you can best serve your followers/audience/customers at the highest level…

Becoming a person of VALUE by HELPING folks with solutions to their problems – the more problems you solve, the more profitable you’ll become.

I highly recommend you check out Russell’s Expert Secrets book, which goes hand-in-hand with this part.

Part 3: Your Offers

Brunson helps you to put your product offers together in a way that provides folks with the best VALUE possible – giving them more bang for their buck.

By beefing up your products with extra super cool stuff, is gonna look more attractive to your customers than simply selling just the products.

Plus, it actually enhances the value of your actual core products.

Part 4: Funnels

You’ll learn the importance of building a sales funnel and basically what you need to know on how to go about creating one that’s super profitable in the long-run.

However, Russell doesn’t go too deep with the process…

But gives you just enough info to start you off on the right track with a funnel using the ClickFunnels software.

However, you can use other funnel builders if you feel ClickFunnels is out of your price range or doesn’t suit your needs.

But since Russell offers you so much value in his Marketing Secrets Blackbook, why wouldn’t you wanna roll with his funnel software?

Part 5: Sales

Russell explains various tactics on how to get into the minds of your potential customers and sell the products that you truly believe in.

Selling isn’t so much about ramming products in people’s faces just for the sake of a buck.

But more about sharing stuff that you know is gonna deliver real VALUE – helping folks fix their problems.

I know I’ve already mentioned this a few times now – but you get the theme, right?

Part 6: Mindset

This final chapter of the ebook focuses on adopting the right “mindset” in order to keep that momentum going.

Because it plays a crucial role in your success as an Entrepreneur.

From experience, once you lose that momentum due to negative thinking patterns and life getting in the way, it’s difficult to get back on the horse.

So to help you, Russell shares a bunch of strategies to keep you ticking along – even when the chips are down.

Where Does The Marketing Secrets Binge Guide Fit in?

Free Binge Guide PDF

Great question!

The Binge Guide is a free 94-page PDF which goes hand-in-hand with the Blackbook.

Within the guide, there are 467 behind-the-scenes podcasts to listen to of Russell’s journey from start-up to $100,000,000.

You can easily download and listen to each podcast via iTunes and Stitcher.

In addition, you can visit the Marketing Secrets blog.

Where, Russell’s podcasts are available to watch via YouTube videos.

Speaking of which, check out Russell’s YouTube channel for a stack of value.

I digress,

Also, you’re able to read the full episode transcripts at your own leisure.

In my opinion, there’s a heck of a lot of value inside the Binge Guide which isn’t to be sniffed at.

==> Get Your Free Binge Guide Here!

What’s The “Real” Cost of Marketing Secrets Blackbook & Binge Guide?

I know what you’re thinking…

“There must be a catch”, right?

But the truth be told, there isn’t *GASP* one!

Both the Marketing Secrets Blackbook and Binge Guide PDFs are totally free of charge without any hidden costs or you having jump through hoops.

Yeah shocker, I know!

All you have to do is enter your name and email address, and the pair of ebooks are yours for the taking.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s not very often you can get your hands on such invaluable resources without parting with a penny…

So go for them!

However, if you do decide to implement the sales funnel building part, then you’ll need to get the ClickFunnels software.

Which comes with a 14-day trial and then it’s $97/month for the bog standard plan.

Final Thoughts: Is The Marketing Secrets Blackbook Worth it?…

ABSOLUTELY, without a shadow of a doubt.

Russell has done an awesome job at documenting his journey with ClickFunnels.

And gives you an absolute goldmine of info that you can apply to your own business.

Whether, it’s an online or offline one to make it hugely profitable.

Needless to say, you’ll need to take action on Brunson’s teachings IF you are to succeed with your Biz, at the end of the day.

Overall, I think both the Marketing Secrets Blackbook and Binge Guide make it a breeze to access the “golden nugget” info you need in one place.

And since you can get your hands on both ebooks as well as the podcast episodes for free, zip, zilch, nada, $0

Why wouldn’t you download them, huh?

You’ve got NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain with the PDFs.

But before you shoot off, check out some of Russell’s other amazingly cool stuff:

Here’s to your success…

Your Friend, Neil.

If you’ve got any thoughts or questions to share on the PDFs – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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