Free Perfect Webinar Script and Training (Reviewed)


Name: The Perfect Webinar.

Cost: Free + $4.95 for shipping worldwide.

Product Creator: Russell Brunson.

My Score: 9/10.

Verdict: If you want to create AMAZING webinars that produce INCREDIBLE results for a full-time income, then Russell’s freebie product is definitely what you need!

Read my review to learn more and also get your $0 cost copy…


What is ‘The Perfect Webinar’?

(TPW) is a step-by-step blueprint for showing you exactly how to sell absolutely anything you want on the internet and become highly profitable from using webinars.

Russell not only sends you a physical copy of his script and a training disc, but you also get INSTANT access to a membership area with a downloadable script and a couple of in-depth training videos.


Who is ‘TPW’ Geared Towards?

Russell has designed his system to accommodate anyone in any industry who wants success from selling either their own products/services or stuff belonging to others.

So whether you’re a traditional offline Biz owner, an online one who’s selling stuff via an eCommerce storefront, an Affiliate or even a Network Marketer – ‘TPW’ gives you the essentials for leveraging webinars to produce REAL profits.


What’s Russell Gonna Teach You?

As soon as you’ve paid your 5 bucks for shipping, Mr. Brunson instantly gives you access to his script and training online while you’re waiting for the physical products to arrive on your doorstep.


Once you login to your members’ area, you’re greeted by a quick 30-second welcome from Russell.

Then it’s on to 2 cool lengthy step-by-step videos:


TPW (Video #1 – 1 Hour & 11 Minutes)

Russell walks you through the steps of using his script and putting it into action.

Even if you totally suck at making income generating webinars, you will be shown how to become a master of producing webinars that convert viewers into customers.

TPW Funnel (Video #2 – 1 Hour & 50 Minutes)

In this video, Brunson shows you behind the scenes of the ‘TPW’ funnel itself so you can get a good grasp of the exact steps you need for building anΒ amazing sales funnel for your own webinar.Β 

The tutorial covers your intro, content, the stack, and closes. Plus much more.

So, whatcha waiting for?… Your competitors’ to beat ya? Christmas? πŸ˜›

==> Grab Your Free Copy of ‘The Perfect Webinar’ Now!


Do You Get Any Support?

YEP, you bet!

Support always plays a key role in the success of building any business on the web, whether it’s blogging, building sales funnels or implementing other free/paid marketing strategies.

So the great thing about ‘TPW’ is that there’s a website address inside your membership area for the “ClickFunnels Help Center” – where you can look up info on various topics as well as use the live chat feature for contacting a support team member.

In fact, you get the same level of support with any of Russell Brunson’s training products.


How Much Does it Cost?

OK, because the ‘TPW’ program is Free, you’re thinking there’s a catch, right?

There is a tiny catch of $4.95 for shipping, and that’s all you invest because Russell is a supertastic guy, in my opinion.

But $5 isn’t exactly a big deal, because after all, you are getting a script, 2 lengthy video training courses, and a “Done-For-You” funnel that simply needs editing with your own webinar info.

Once you order your copy of ‘TPW’, you will also be taken through a sales funnel of some additional products at various prices. But they are optional, so you’re under no obligation to spend more cash (unless you really want to) lol.

I’m throwing that out there because I wanna be honest with you.




  • The system doesn’t cost a cent
  • Script + step-by-step video training provided
  • You also get a share funnel from Russell
  • A physical script and CD-ROM shipped to your home
  • Extremely cheap worldwide shipping fee
  • It’s for any type of biz owner in any niche
  • Help & Support is provided
  • You can build a highly profitable biz


  • You must have some level of internet marketing experience before ordering your copy


My 2 Cents Worth…

If you want to get into the webinar game or you really suck at creating webinars that convert into profit, then I highly recommend Brunson’s ‘PW’ system because it’s a fantastic platform for equipping you with the training and resources you need for success.

In my opinion, for less than $5, ‘TPW’ is an absolute bargain and a half! And It’s not exactly gonna leave a hole in your pockets, I assure you that.

When you apply what Russell shows you and also use the ready-done funnel he gives you for plugging into your ClickFunnels software account, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able earn a full-time income on the web.

Brunson has literally done all the hard guess work for you.

You simply need to implement his strategies for success.

Before you leave, check out more of Russell’s awesome products:

Your Friend, Neil πŸ˜€

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘TPW’, we’d really LOVE to hear your comments below…


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