FTC Clamps Down on Matt Lloyd’s MOBE. FINALLY!

Welcome to my honest review of My Online Business Empire (MOBE)!

It just so happens that the wide-spread speculation is true…

The Federal Trade Commission has come down on Matt Lloyd’s program like a ton of bricks, thus stopping him and his top affiliates from “cashing in.”

Matt Lloyds MOBE Review
Folks were warned about MOBE’s shenanigans for YEARS but refused to pay close attention to bloggers and the numerous complaints.

But then again, when Matt’s affiliates had $10,000s$100,000s rolling in, qualified for shiny Diamond rings and cruised around in brand New Mercedes cars (gifts from Matt)…

Why would they and their super-egos listen?

Did Matt and his seasoned affiliates ever put your best interests first or “their” own BANK ACCOUNTS?


After David Wood closed ‘Empower Network‘, and the FTC shut down ‘Digital Altitude‘…

It was only a matter of time until MOBE was under its spotlight too.

Did you know that Matt Lloyd and his crew talked thousands of folks into making a total investment of $125,000,000 in the scheme?!

Get the report: FTC Action Halts MOBE, a Massive Internet Business Coaching Scheme.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not another one of these “MOBE haters”.

Because Mr. Lloyd delivered a ton of value for success.

But considering the rip-off prices, Matt’s money-making claims, and the fact that I got duped by Empower and Altitude in the past…

I wasn’t gonna allow myself to fall into another scheme.


What Was MOBE, How Did it Work?…

MOBE (aka My Own Business Education had a vast array of coaching products that enabled you to build a highly lucrative business on the web.
MOBE Training Products
The first coaching product was the ‘21-Steps‘ which cost $49.

It was to help you get started online, and with it, also came a coach.

But I guess he or she was more like a “salesperson” convincing you to splash out more cash on other products to come.

Once you came to the end of those steps, unfortunately, the prices skyrocketed for the advanced stuff.

The second product was “Silver Masterclass” for $2,497 + $27/month which provided 8 modules worth of mindset training.

Third product: “Gold Masterclass” cost $4,997 + $64/month which taught you how to build a 6 figure business.

#4: “Titanium Mastermind” which had a cost of $9,997 + $121/month for a 3-day networking event for helping you reach the 7-figure mark through “next-level marketing”.

#5: “Platinum Mastermind” cost $16,667 + $198/month and was a 5-day networking event focused on wealth building in the long-term.

#6: “Diamond Mastermind” cost a STAGGERING $29,997 + $295/month!!

This was a 10-day retreat which also gave you a “$1 million done-for-you” sales funnel.
My Online Business Empire Coaching Costs
In fact, with ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson’s training products

You could learn how to create your own “million-dollar” sales funnel at a fraction of what MOBE charged!


Why MOBE Caught The FTC’s Attention…

When you come across a program with sky-high prices, you just know something doesn’t quite add up.

So in MOBE’s case, it actually turned out to be a “money-making scheme” despite the invaluable training.

Basically, you bought into Matt’s “high-ticket” platform.

Which taught you how to promote it for affiliate commissions ranging from $24.50 to $10,000 per sale!
Affiliate Commissions Chart
But to earn that sort of dosh, you also had to spend $1,000s on the products yourself because that’s how the scheme worked.

Simply put, Mr. Lloyd sold “overpriced” products so he and his affiliates could pocket an absolute fortune!

Where do you think he got the funds from for giving away expensive luxury cars and Diamond rings to his top-performing affiliates?

Do you now understand why his program raised so many eyebrows?


The Future’s Looking Bleak For “Schemes”…

A Big Thumbs DownWith the closure of Empower Network and Digital Altitude, and also things not looking so good for MOBE…

From where I’m standing, there’s no future for high-ticket stuff and “opportunists”.

Firstly, it’s not sustainable because how many folks can afford $10,000s in up-front costs (+ monthly fees of $100s) for overpriced training and events?

Secondly, the FTC’s actions should serve as a clear warning to anyone considering peddling schemes in order to pocket a pretty penny.

The way I see it, the FTC is on the warpath to rid the internet of money-sucking pests.

It’s only a matter of time until they also come down hard on AWOL Academy and The Super Affiliate Network next.

The clock is ticking…

If these Super Affiliates genuinely cared about your success, then why didn’t they promote stuff at reasonable prices?

There are TONS of legitimate programs they could have easily recommend that will put you on the right track to success online:

These are some top programs enabling you to build a highly profitable business in the Affiliate Marketing arena.

But because they DON’T pay enough in “commissions”, MOBE affiliates were/are reluctant to recommend them to newbies.


Final Thoughts on MOBE (My Online Business Empire)…

MOBE has been operating under the radar for years without being investigated by the authorities.

But the FTC finally caught up with Matt’s scheme, shut down the entire operation, and froze his assets.

Leaving his affiliates penniless as a result.

So I genuinely hope these guys n’ gals (mainly the newbies who put everything on the line for MOBE) get reimbursed somehow.

The Bottom Line:

If the FTC claims a platform has been operating fraudulently and takes action, then it’s most definitely A SCAM.

Thanks for stopping by…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on the downfall of Lloyd’s operation, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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