Getting Started For Free With Affiliate Marketing [YES, 0 Bucks!]

Start an Online Business For Free

If you’re looking for a way to get started with affiliate marketing for free…

Then this article is gonna be right up your street!

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of “Get Rich Quick” crap circulating the web, and even products that don’t paint the full picture when it comes to creating a successful Biz from scratch.

Which leads to newbies like YOU wasting your time and hard-earned spondoolies, right?

So whether you’re sick and tired of flushing cash down the toilet or you only have a small budget to play with…

Then I’m inviting you to read this whole page.

Because it IS actually possible to start a brand new affiliate Biz with no money down.

And I will help you to do just that, young grasshopper!

BUT in order to grow your Biz into a full-time income, there will be some investments required for certain essential resources down the road.

Don’t worry though, it won’t set you back $1,000s…

You’ll be surprised at the cost-effectiveness of the the method I’m about to share with you for building a lucrative affiliate Biz from the ground up…

Enough yapping, let’s crack on…


“I Want to Send You Down The Right Path to Success”

Sadly, I’ve been sucked in by numerous scams and shoddy products/systems over the years…

Every single one made the same far-fetched promises of how I could “make a ton of money quickly from zero effort“…

Blah, blah, blah…

So yeah, you could say I was a little naive back in my own internet and affiliate marketing newbie days.

If you’ve also fallen for “too good to be true” money making opportunities (which I’m sure you have)…

Then you can totally relate to my experiences, right?

But fast forward to today and I’ve finally mastered the skills for creating a successful online business.

So here, on this page, I would love to help you start off on the right foot and share everything you need for BIG success in the affiliate marketing arena

But before you get up and running…


The Top 5 Affiliate Biz Startup Mistakes Made by Noobs

Young Boy With His Head in His HandsLet’s face it, we all make mistakes in life, right?

And it’s no different when it comes to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.

Because there’s no such thing as that word called “perfection”.

But it’s those blunders that enable us to learn harsh lessons and eventually grow as affiliates (as long as we don’t throw in the towel on the journey).

So what I’m about to reveal is gonna give you some invaluable insights moving forward with your new business.


#1: Lack of Budget…

Yeah, you absolutely can start an affiliate marketing Biz for nothing, zip, nada. Don’t get me wrong.

But that’s only the bare-bone basics.

Because at some point you’ll need to get your hands on certain digital resources to take your Biz to the next level and succeed.

Some seasoned marketers claim you need to start out with $1,000s, and others say many $100s before you’ll make your first dollar online.

In all honesty, it depends on the internet marketing path you choose.

But implementing the same strategy (which I’ll uncover soon) I use will only cost you a few hundred bucks per year.

Well, when I say “cost”, what I really mean to say is: It’s an “investment” in your online Biz and the rest of your future.

Plus, within your first six months to a year of being in business, your investments will very easily be covered by your profits anyway 😉


#2: Taking Little to No Action…

The unethical product creators tell you that $10,000s can easily and quickly be attained from some “push-button” software and/or working an hour here n’ there.

But the actual truth about building a successful online Biz is that it’s a tough cookie.

I’m not gonna lie to you.

While understanding the concept of affiliate marketing and starting your Biz are the easy parts…

You must be willing to learn the ropes (step-by-step) and TAKE ACTION for a number of months before the cash starts flowing in.

Stacked on top of that, comes adopting a Super Affiliate iron mindset and self-belief, etc.

Because personal development is also detrimental to your success…

You must learn to programme your mind to overcome obstacles and keep yourself moving along the right track.

Which also means planning and making some sacrifices on your journey.

But I won’t go into all that right now.

Sadly, those with “Get-Rich-Quick” mentalities who are looking for the easy road to riches end up quitting… 

They make up every excuse under the sun before they’ve even left the starting blocks.


#3: Shiny Object Syndrome…

With so many enticing money-making programs on the market, all claiming to be “the best thing since sliced bread”…

You end up spending a big bunch of cash on multiple products and getting in over your head.

You may think you’re gonna learn a heck of a lot about affiliate marketing, but that’s the problem right there…

“Information overload” is seriously uncool.

Because it actually prevents you from taking any kind of action.

The same also applies to all those ‘Done-For-You’ systems…

You just hop from one system to another in search of that golden goose egg…

But all you do is put yourself deeper out-of-pocket – buying upsells, traffic packages, and whatever else those system creators recommend.

The truth be told, you only need to get your hands on just ONE decent training product that’s gonna show you the ropes, and stick with it.


#4: Buying Absolute Junk…

I guess this ties in with mistake #3.

Have you ever bought WarriorPlus, Clickbank, ClickBetter, and/or even JVZoo products?

Well, there lies another problem.

Because the majority of products sold through those marketplaces turn out to be cheap crap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are SOME products on said marketplaces that CAN deliver you results online…

But what generally happens is that many creators’ design hyped-up sales pages for making easy sales THEMSELVES.

And once you buy their stuff, you get access to non-newbie-friendly sub-par training and/or shoddy software that fails to deliver…

Just to confuse the heck out of you – pushing you into buying their ‘Done For You’ upsells.

In my experience: Sometimes, it’s best to look outside of said marketplaces for the awesome programs can actually help you to build a successful Biz from scratch.


#5: Spamming The World Wide Web…

Some newbies tend to approach affiliate marketing from the wrong angle…

They spam social media (or whatever medium) with copy n’ paste ads tied in with affiliate links, for example.

And from what I’ve personally witnessed…

Especially, when it comes to posting crap on their Facebook statuses and inside FB groups.

It’s not only a good way of getting booted out by group admins and penalised by the mighty FB itself…

But it’s also gonna leave your reputation in tatters.

Unfortunately, “spamming” is a result of shady product creators’ (and their affiliate programs) providing newbies with tacky resources and encouraging bad habits.

Or due to noobs not having any guidance from the offset.

Either way, spam is a NO-NO and leads to zero success.

In today’s digital climate, folks want real VALUE from you if you are to build something hugely successful as an affiliate.

This leads me to discuss the main building blocks for creating a wildly profitable Biz from ground zero…


3 Crucial Components of a Successful Affiliate Biz

Find The Right Blogging Tools Like a BuilderThe process for getting up and running is very easy to comprehend and will change your entire perspective on affiliate marketing.

However, having the right puzzle pieces from the get-go is one thing…

But it’s the actual “taking action” part that brings the puzzle together – enabling you to build a successful online Biz.

Now that’s cleared up, these are the 3 components you’ll need…


#1: It All Starts With a Website

Building your own website is an absolute must.

Because you need a platform (blog/home/hub) for helping to provide solutions to people’s problems within your niche.

This can be anything from publishing ‘How To’, ‘product reviews’ and ‘Best Of’ topical posts on your blog.

This in turn makes you an instant authority – gaining your audience’s trust and forming relationships with them…

Which can lead to you earning a full-time affiliate income.

A website is seriously gonna separate you from the affiliates who don’t own one, I tell ya! 😉


#2: The Correct Step-by-Step Training

In order to build out your site with content and turn it into a skyscraper, it’s vital that you receive the right training.

Without step-by-step guidance, how will you ever know what you’re doing or even if you’re heading in the right direction or not?

Yeah sure, YouTube is filled with plenty of free affiliate marketing guidance…

But the problem is that it’s just so overwhelming with so many channels and videos to comb through – You’ll still need to figure out how to piece everything together yourself.

The other issue is that some channels teach dated stuff and even bad strategies in some cases.

So you’ll need to get hold of a platform that outlines the right strategies step-by-step.


#3: Help & Support, Baby!

You must have 24/7/365 access to a community of internet marketers who are there to support you whenever the going gets tough and you need a hand moving forward.

Without the right around-the-clock help, you’ll be stuck in a rut.

Trust me, these 3 elements fit together like a jigsaw puzzle because they are absolutely necessary.

Even with just one missing, your internet Biz will fall apart.

So if you’d like to grab hold of all 3 key components rolled into one amazing platform for setting the wheels in motion…

==> Click Here to Start Your Affiliate Biz For Free!


Plus, you’ll even get my personal help along the way!

I can’t say fairer than that.

Wishing you success…

Your Friend, Neil.

If you have any questions or thoughts on starting an Affiliate Marketing Biz, then I’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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