Global Affiliate Zone: A Worldwide SCAM? [Reviewed]

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Is it a truly legitimate platform or just another dud that’s gonna scam the pants off you – that’s the all-important question here?

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Is Global Affiliate Zone A Worldwide Scam
Quick Overview:

Name: Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ).


Cost: $99/month + $5,000!

Owners: Julian Sherman & Mathieu Jang.

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s Global Affiliate Zone All About?

‘GAZ’ is a community providing you with Internet Marketing training courses, coaching, events, workshops, webinars, mentorship, support, and ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnels.

In a nutshell, you get the whole shebang for building a profitable Affiliate Marketing business with ‘GAZ’ – all for just $99 per month (apparently).

But as I’ve already highlighted in the “Quick Overview” section, the actual costs for the platform run into many $1,000s!


So do Julian and Mathieu both have some sort of dog-ugly hidden agenda in-play, that they’re obviously not telling you about?

Hmm… I wonder…

I guess we’ll see soon enough!


Let’s Check Out The Nuts & Bolts of ‘GAZ’

At first glance, ‘GAZ’ comes across as your typical Digital Marketing training platform.

You know, the sort which shows you how to choose a niche and build a website, write content and do SEO, build a sales funnel and drive paid traffic, etc.

Basically, EVERYTHING you need to know for creating your own profitable Biz from scratch.

But once you see the top of the ‘GAZ’ website (, the “comp plan” tab kinda gives the game away that it’s an MLM platform designed for you to peddle it for commissions.

Global Affiliate Zone MLM Compensation Plan Tab on Website

So what’s really going on here?

I’ll tell ya…

Once you gain access to the members’ area, what you actually get is a bunch of hyped-up modules on booking a coaching call, completing the coaching process and profile set up, mindset, and launching your business.

Global Affiliate Zone Training Modules

An example of the training modules.

Some training modules may sound good. But trust me, there’s hardly anything in the way of REAL step-by-step training.

Oh, wait, yes there is! There’s a “FB Ads Mastery Course” showing you how to successfully create Facebook Ad campaigns.

Well, at least you get ONE actual quality training module LOL.

But like ALL expensive MLMs/”money-making schemes”: Empower Network, MOBE, Aspire, Super Affiliate Network, and AWOL Academy, to list a few – the intention of ‘GAZ’ is to “pressure” you into splashing out more $!

In order to get your ‘GAZ’ system fully set up and ready to start making money, unfortunately, you’ll need to fork out $5,000 (YES, $5K!) for some coolant water system via a site called “Enagic”.
Enagic Water Website
I dunno about you, but I think it’s pretty disgusting that you have to spend a FORTUNE (that you most probably don’t have) just for the privilege of earning a $340 commission on each sale of a Kangen water machine.

(In addition, you’ll earn 30% recurring commissions from every referred ‘GAZ’ $99/monthly member).

But then again, that’s just typical of the MLM industry, in general.

Instead of creating a successful Biz around something you’re “passionate” about, you’re forced to peddle products (RANDOM products in ‘GAZ’s’ case) for the sole purpose of “turning a buck”.



4 Reasons Why I DON’T Recommend ‘GAZ’…

Once you understand the numerous reasons why I wouldn’t touch ‘GAZ’ with a very long stick, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not exactly THE hottest money-maker of all time.

Or in fact, a suitable approach to building a Biz.


#1: $99/Month is Way Overpriced!

Don’t get me wrong, you do get the resources and support you need for getting started with ‘GAZ’.

But unfortunately, the training (IF you can call it that) leaves a lot to be desired because it’s just hyped-up basic stuff that doesn’t actually teach you much about marketing.

At least with Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership (just $49/month or $359/year) – you get thorough step-by-step training, free WordPress websites (yours to keep), tools, and TONS of 24/7 support for success.

WA actually teaches you HOW to build a profitable Biz around your “passion” (on the cheap) – unlike ‘GAZ’, which is nothing more than a “costly scheme”, in my book.


#2: $5K For Some Water Cooler Thing? Seriously?!

If 100 bucks for the monthly membership wasn’t enough, you’re gonna need to fork out an extra $5,000 on some water system, that you probably can’t afford and don’t even want or need anyway.

That’s the biggest problem with MLM companies like ‘GAZ’.

If it’s not a “requirement” to buy into the products yourself just for the go-ahead to earn an income, you’re “manipulated” into spending cash on the products.

Whether you want the products or not, you’re still gonna be out-of-pocket from the offset – especially with the monthly membership fees of the program itself.

And that pretty much applies to all MLMs, not just ‘GAZ’.


#3: The Wool’s Pulled Over Your Eyes, Big Time!

Right from the very start (before handing over your credit card info), ‘GAZ’ leads you to believe you’re gonna get all the training, tools, and support you need for creating an Affiliate Marketing empire.

But that’s NOT the whole truth because what the guys behind it fail to tell you is that there’s a hidden product with a pretty hefty price tag.

Like I already said, you do get some resources and a minimal amount of value from the training. But ‘GAZ’ is dishonest from the beginning.

Unfortunately, ‘GAZ’ is nothing like Free Internet Marketing Project, Affiliate Bootcamp, Affilorama, and Chris Farrell Membership, to name a few.

These are REAL Digital Marketing platforms that are upfront with you from the get-go and will actually teach you a few things about online success.


#4: Pushy Salespeople (OOPS, I Meant Coaches!)

Just like any “high-ticket scheme”, you’ll have a coach assigned to you in order to help keep you moving along the right track with ‘GAZ’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these Internet Marketing coaches are helpful because they design a plan and answer any questions you have in case you’re stuck, etc.

However, there’s a BUT…

The coaches are also there to sweet talk you into going “all in” with the MLM by spending $5K on water filter stuff!

So they’re basically closing the sale for the person who recruited you so they can make a nice big commission from your sale. KA-CHING!

And then every person who you recruit into ‘GAZ’ also gets their own coach to close the sales for you – putting big paychecks into your account.

This is how the whole scheme works – everyone pays to join ‘GAZ’ and then spends an absolute fortune on a water product – just so they can promote the same stuff to others for a pretty penny.


Final Thoughts: Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWhile Global Affiliate Zone is legitimate in respect to giving you some resources and a product for your hard-earned cash – Unfortunately, I don’t recommend ‘GAZ’ one bit.

Firstly, it dangles a carrot in front of your face by leading you to believe you’re gonna gain access to training and resources for actually building a profitable business for yourself.

When in fact, it’s just another “recruitment scheme” intended to rip people off so everyone can pocket big-ass commissions.

Secondly, $5,000 for some water thing (whatever the f*ck it is LOL) is extortionate.

Why should you give an arm and a leg away for some product that you probably don’t even want in the first place just so you get the opportunity to earn from ‘GAZ’?

I think “INSANE” is an understatement here.

Don’t you agree?

Thirdly, the training is exactly worth shouting home about either, because the majority is simply low-quality hype.

“Disappointing” is the word I’m looking for.

So on that note, I’m classing ‘GAZ’ as Borderline SCAM.

But before you dash, check out a 100% LEGIT and much more cost-effective solution for making REAL money on the interweb…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘GAZ’ – We’d LOVE to hear em’ below…

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