Home Wealth Business Sucks Like Rotten Eggs! (Reviewed)

Howdy, welcome to my review of Home Wealth Business!

I’m guessing you wanna know the truth behind this opportunity, huh?

Are you really gonna make $1K per day as easy as consuming mouth-watering cherry pie…

Or will it turn out to be Gooseberry pie – leaving a bitter taste in your mouth?

Unfortunately, the opportunity is the latter: A SCAM!

Dig into this blog review to understand why the site tries to play you for a fool…

Home Wealth Business Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Home Wealth Business (HWB).

Website: homewealthbusiness.com.

Cost: $47.

Owner: Brian Thompson (highly likely used as a stage name).

My Score: 1/10.


Home Wealth Business is nothing but a dubious scam, I’m afraid to say.

Not only does the sales page raise nothing but red flag after red flag, and make ridiculous “pipe dream” claims.

But the affiliate marketing training product behind the scenes is nothing to shout home about because it just won’t work for true success.

Trust me, I’ve reviewed 100s of hyped-up products and scams, and they always fail to deliver the goods.

But before tucking into this juicy review…

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What’s Home Wealth Business About?

Home Wealth Business makes you a bold promise of helping you to make “$759 – $1,387 per day online working less than 3 hours per day from your laptop or mobile“.

Oh please, spare the total nonsense! LOL.

Similar to Home Wealth Remedy, Extreme Home Paycheck, and Home Profit System, to name a few examples… 

‘HWB’ spews out far-fetched-get-rich-fast garbage.

In fact, it’s a replica of Internet Wealth Biz.

So the scammer obviously wants to trick as many noobs as possible into filling his or her deep pockets instead.


See more examples of scammy stuff I’ve reviewed recently in order to get a good idea of the nonsense to avoid falling for:

If it was so quick and easy to become the next “Webpreneur” without breaking a sweat…

Don’t you think everyone and their Grandmother would be stinking rich?

So, as a newbie, take it from me (someone already making money online), that there is no Yellow brick road to wealth on the net.

It takes blood, sweat, and tears to become an internet sensation.

I’m glad we’ve cleared that up…


How Does Home Wealth Business Work, Supposedly?

Basically, the so-called money-making system feeds you total horse manure on how you can make megabucks.

And basically live the life of Riley in the quickest time possible without barely lifting a finger.

YUCK, I think I’ll pass!

It’s one of those systems that dupes you into entering your email, phone number, and splashing out $47 on something that doesn’t work.

When you give out your details and submit the payment, you either get nothing.

Or outdated and shallow training for your money, and the scammers sell your info.

And/or they flood your inbox/mobile with more crap to squeeze you like a lemon for extra cash.

For these tricksters, it’s easy sunny beach money.

But for the novices who fall for their non-existent systems…

It’s nothing but dark gloomy days ahead – pretty much like British weather most of the time lol.

But if you wanna see REAL money-making systems that actually work, check out Commission Hero and 12 Minute Affiliate!


Let’s See How Home Wealth Business Leads You Astray…

I’m gonna show you 3 main ways in which ‘HWB’ attempts to exploit vulnerable beginners online.

Which, should help you to steer clear of other fraudulent opportunities that cross your path…


Red Flag #1: Who The Heck is “Brian”?

Firstly, Brian Thompson claims to be “one of the top affiliate marketers” – except there’s no record of the Muppet online lol.
Brian Thompson From Home Wealth Business
I did several searches for the guy on Google and all I came across are scam reviews on him and his so-called money systems.

Given that he’s meant to be a “top affiliate”, you would at least expect him to have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account.

Wouldn’t you agree?

It leads me to believe that the man is nothing but a hired voice-over from a site like Fiverr, and the real person is hiding behind the scam like a coward.

Never trust any marketer who can’t be located on the web.

And even if they do have social profiles, dig further to ensure they’re the real deal.

Unfortunately, the internet can be a savage place.

It’s so easy for unethical folks to create fake identities and brand themselves as the “Entrepreneurs” that they’re really not.


Red Flag #2: “Hey, This Has Made me a Gazillionaire!”

Next up, you have testimonials from “real people” who have apparently made bucket loads of cash with Brian’s system, the lazy way!

And guess what?…

YUP, You can make $1,000s without breaking into a sweat too!

Hmm… my Bullsh*t sense tingles a tad…

Fake Testimonials

Top: A guy claiming to have made $150K in 90 days with ‘HWB’! Bottom: The same guy selling his video services on Fiverr!

Unfortunately, these are actors/actresses on Fiverr hired by the scam artist(s) to create fake video testimonials.

If ‘HWB’ really is the best thing since sliced bread, then surely folks on Fiverr wouldn’t need to be approached.

However, if people on Fiverr are willing to shoot “false testimonials”…

Then shouldn’t they be held equally liable for newbies getting scammed?

Doesn’t it make them unethical as well?

Shouldn’t these guys n’ gals be forced to reimburse the scam victims?

Fiverr sure has plenty of explaining to do, in my book!


Red Flag #3: “I’ll Make You a Millionaire!”

Income Hype
Um, yeah right, Brian!

And my name’s Harry Potter – I can wave my magic wand to turn any object into the Queen’s Crown Jewels!

The truth is, since ‘HWB’ is a myth.

Because how can Mr. Thompson make anyone a millionaire…

Especially when he’s a fabricated guy, and the real scammer’s probably only making $1,000s? LOL.

To make 1 Million dollars or more on the web isn’t gonna be an easy ride, particularly for newbies.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% possible to become rich leveraging the internet.

But you’re talking years of hard graft – not to mention the training, tools, and support you’ll need for the big job.

The Bottom Line: ‘HWB’ tries to walk you down the garden path using a mixture of hype and flat out lies.

Do yourself a favor by refusing to be sucked in by such trash.

To learn more about spotting the red flags with scams, check out the Work At Home Secrets & Scams PDF (that  comes with Internet Jetset).


Final Take: Is Home Wealth Business a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownThe Home Wealth Business sales page is full to the brim of pigsh*t and deception!

As a newbie, you should know that these “Get Rich Quick” systems are a hoax.

Because it’s impossible to rake in $100s (let alone $1,000s) per day from doing next to nothing.

To truly earn a full-time income online, you’ll need the right training, tools, support, and a dolloping of effort and time.

Without those fundamental elements, you can kiss any chances of success goodbye.


Sick & Tired of Online Scams, Huh?…

That makes two of us!

But the awesome thing is that you absolutely can generate a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

Just remove the idea from your head that’s it’s gonna be a piece of cake because it’s far from it.

The strategy I reccommend is called “blogging” because it’s not just an inexpensive method…

But you can build a highly successful Biz from free organic search engine traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘HWB’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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