Kindle Sniper Review: [Hot Off The Press, Read All About it!]

Welcome to my review of Kindle Sniper, buddy!

So, you wanna know whether it’s the real deal that works for megabucks?

Or just another flop that’s never gonna work in a GAZILLION years, right?

You’re certainly in the right place for finding out the REAL truth behind the program!

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Kindle Sniper Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Kindle Sniper (KS).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Martin Price?

My Score: 3/10.


I’m sorry to say it, but Kindle Sniper is absolute “get-rich-quick” garbage on the surface.

Not only does the creator deceive you with far-fetched income claims, but also deploys other red flags (discussed in this review).

The good news is that you get a lengthy ebook on making money from designing your own Amazon Kindle ebook.

But the bad news is that it’s not gonna be a quick or easy way to generate big cash because it comes with a steep learning curve.

Which means it’s gonna take you heaps of effort and time before potentially seeing any results.

But before taking another step further.

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What’s Kindle Sniper All About?

In a nutshell, Kindle Sniper is advertised as a ‘Done-For-You’ system for helping you make a fortune ($1K per day, to be more precise).

By tapping into some “new untapped industry” and selling eBooks to Amazon Kindle users.

According to the sales video, you’ll also learn how to produce eBooks without putting an ounce of effort into writing a single word.
Easy Income Hype
GOSH, raking in a TON of cash from tapping into some new unheard-of concept…

AND without breaking into a sweat sounds like a real dream come true!

But don’t count your chickens just yet.

Because for starters, folks have been producing and selling their eBooks on Amazon for A LONG time.

So there’s certainly nothing “new” about this money-making method.

Secondly, some peeps have hired writers to create eBooks for them for donkey’s years.

So again, it’s not exactly some “new” discovery.

And thirdly, just because you’re gonna hire writers…

It doesn’t mean you’re gonna easily and quickly turn into a wealthy internet hit sensation either. The eBooks might suck lol.

But in all seriousness, there are certain variables to consider:

Like the price-points and how many readers will have an interest in and buy your publications, etc.

Making boatloads of money online (whatever the business model), is far from a fast and easy path, I tell ya!

Unfortunately, right off the bat, ‘KS’ leads you astray.


What do You Actually Get Inside Kindle Sniper?

When you buy into the ‘KS’ product, the system doesn’t actually exist at all.

Because it’s simply a 71-page eBook with generic information spread across 18 chapters on creating an eBook from scratch.

I also have a feeling that ‘KS’ is created by the same person behind The AZ Code.

Which is another hyped up and deceptive product providing you with a basic eBook. So just be cautious of shady duplicates.

Inside ‘KS’, you’re gonna briefly learn about all sorts of stuff:

From Quality Over Quantity to Niche Research & Selection to Cover Designs to Pricing – to name a few topics.

So, while there is some degree of deception involved…

The PDF you gain access to does provide basic info on a number of eBook creation topics.

But just don’t expect the info to bring you in $1K per day as easy as pie (as advertised within the hyped up sales video).

Because there’s not enough meat on the bone.

In fact, $1K/daily is an EXTREMELY far-fetched claim.

So pay no attention to the garbage spewed out by the person behind ‘KS’.

In my opinion, you’ll have to do more digging for “advanced” training if you really wanna get anywhere with the Amazon Kindle business.

And like I already said, it’s gonna be a tough and timely process to become rich on the internet.

Whether you’re putting the work in yourself or outsourcing the work using hired writers.


Not More Kindle Sniper Deception!…

Yup, I’m afraid so.

Returning to the “too good to be true” sales video again…

There are numerous unethical tricks in play, which, unfortunately, are commonly used by scam artists of the worst kind.

So in addition to the “1K per day” Bullsh*t and not getting your hands on some magical ‘Done-For-You’ system (as promised)…

You should tread with extra caution when it comes to ‘KS’ for the following reasons:


Red Flag #1: Fake Testimonials From Fake Members

First up, the video testimonials are as fake as a two-dollar bill!

Take this lady, for example.
Kindle Sniper Fake Testimonials
The people you hear from who are allegedly generating an easy fortune using the ‘KS’ system…

Are basically a bunch of liars because it just so happens they’re hired on Fiverr for their cheap spokesperson services.

Meet the same lady again.
Female Spokesperson Selling Services on Fiverr
Not one video is genuine since the “get-rich-quick” system is non-existent.


Red Flag #2: The Owner is Apparently “Martin Price”…

But there’s no solid evidence to prove he’s the real deal.

The guy just wants you to take his word for it – which should be taken with a grain of salt.
Martin Price Owner is Fake
The hidden identity thing is a tactic deployed by most fraudsters these days.

Because it simply means they can hide under rocks like cowards.

And there’s also no doubt in the back of my mind that the video narrator is just some random dude hired on Fiverr to read a pre-written script.


Red Flag #3: A Cheap as Chips Product

When you attempt to exit the sales page, a discount of $10 pops up.

Which means you can grab the system for just a one-time payment of $27!

Holy Smokes!

But don’t be fooled by that baloney because if the system really generated $1,000 per day without you ever lifting a single finger…

Don’t you think ‘KS’ would be sold for at least 100 times that price?

In my experience, any product with a price tag that’s as cheap as chips is always gonna turn out to be a piss-poor-quality one.

Or at least one that’s designed to entice you with a bunch of upsells – which is where all the value’s gonna be.

Except with KS, I really wouldn’t trust the upgrades, in all honesty.


Final Thoughts: Is Kindle Sniper a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownUnfortunately, Kindle Sniper isn’t what it claims to be.

It’s nothing but a highly deceptive product listed on Clickbank that gives you an eBook containing generic and vague information.

Which isn’t substantial for earning $1,000 per day, let alone per month.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make good money writing and selling Amazon Kindle eBooks when you follow the right in-depth training and work your butt off.

But don’t be misled by ‘KS’ into thinking it’s gonna be a quick and easy ride for BIG $.

But does that make ‘KS’ a SCAM?

I’m gonna answer that question with a YES and a NO.

On one hand, you get something for your hard-earned cash – even if it is some poor-quality PDF.

But on the other hand, the sales page misleads you with utter nonsense and uses various shady tactics that raise red flags.

My Final Verdict: It’s not recommended.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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