How NOT to be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing as an Affiliate.

Hey, do you remember the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs? If you don’t, then let me quickly rejog your memory.

The story is basically about three pigs who build three houses made from three different materials (straw, sticks, and bricks).

And there’s a big bad wolf huffing and puffing to blow down the houses to get to the pigs. But the wolf only succeeds with two of the houses, since the brick one is impossible to destroy.

Now, you may be wondering what on earth does this story have to do with internet marketing, namely affiliate marketing, huh?

It’s actually got everything to do with it.

There’s a lot of value to be taken away from the story, especially if you’re considering starting up an online business or whether you’re already building one.

So how does the story relate to making money online as an affiliate marketer?

Basically, if you work hard at building a concrete structure on the web, then you reap the rewards.

If you slack off and watch ‘Game of Thrones’ for hours on end (or play Madden NFL for 4 hours – as Gary Vaynerchuk would say) or even aim for “instant wealth”, your house is gonna get blown away by the wolf’s huffing and puffing. 😛

But in terms of selling products or services for affiliate commissions, one of the most relevant examples from the story that relates to “affiliates” is when the wolf dresses up in a sheep’s outfit to trick the pig living in the straw home.
How NOT to be a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing as an Affiliate
Unfortunately, numerous so-called online marketers are trying to “trick” folks into spending money, especially when it comes to the “make money online” niche.

The way I see it, there are 3 different types of wolf (or packs):

#1: Some marketers are purposely dressed up as sheep for scamming the piggy pants off you. (See some scam examples here).

I guess “The Wolf of Wall Street” could also count lol.

#2: A number of marketers – namely affiliates of Digital Altitude and MOBE, to name a couple of “high-ticket schemes”, simply see newbies as “easy meal tickets” for bringing home the bacon.

#3: There are marketers who unintentionally mislead their audiences because they don’t have a clue on how to go about marketing the right way.

Now, if you’re just starting out or even if you’re in the 3rd group (which I’m hoping you are), I’m gonna help you become an “ethical” affiliate so you can build a successful web-based business without the “trickery”…


Lead With Helpful Content, Followed by Recommendations…

Problem and Solution Written on a Chalkboard
The main problem with many marketers is that they put “selling” and “affiliate commissions” first.

You should approach the process of building an online biz from an entirely different angle if you wanna win the game.

Instead, as a marketer, you should start off by asking yourself “What’s the best way I can HELP my audience solve their problems?”

When you focus all of your time and energy on “helping” people in the online space, you will undoubtedly build “trust” with your target audience.

Everybody hates “salespeople”, and it’s a well-known fact when it comes to the internet or the real world because we all despise being “pressure sold” to at the end of the day.

Pushy sales people suck! LOL.

So whatever type of content you’re putting out there for your audience, always ensure you lead with help and address people’s problems because they are far more likely to trust your recommendations.

Speaking of which, check out my #1 recommendation for building a profitable affiliate marketing biz.


Visitor Engagement Always Stems From Quality Content…

Comments Tab Inside The WordPress Dashboard Area
When was the last time you came across some trashy sales page and genuinely thought “WOW, I’d really love to comment and share my two cents worth on this super amazing content“?

I’m willing to bet money on the answer being “never”.

So when affiliates choose to put “making money” first, it results in hyped up and biased content that nobody wants to read.

Folks will simply run for the hills, and you won’t pocket a single dime in commissions.

The more trustworthy and valuable content you can publish that encourages engagement from your visitors, means everyone will have a much better experience, including you.

Speaking of engagement, please do drop your feedback below this article to share what you like best about it.


Informative Pitches Come Across as Too Obvious…

A Happy Teddy With Dollar Signs For Eyes
It’s easy for your visitors to spot the difference between helpful content and content that’s “pretending” to be helpful.

Creating an informative sales pitch may seem like an awesome idea, but again, folks can still see that you’re putting your own pockets before their needs.

Build the relationship with your audience through valuable content that also expresses your own personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences with certain topics/products/services.

Being a real person building a brand as opposed to a just being a “sales machine” will pay dividends in the long term.


How to Sell Effectively as an Affiliate Online…

A Man With Muddy Hands
At the end of the day, if you wanna build a successful business on the web, it all boils down to hard work and obviously “trust” which can be difficult to earn but also very easy to lose as well.

When you’re a newbie, the idea of making money online is extremely exciting, but unfortunately, the excitement can also lead to putting the “selling” part first which in turn will drive potential customers away from your site.

So the visitor trust is gone almost immediately.

But what can you do to sell effectively as an affiliate and earn a full-time income online without becoming the big bad wolf that everyone is so afraid of, huh?

Here are a few tips:

#1: Be a genuine marketer and don’t try to fool people with hyped up content.

When you do written or video-based product reviews, always be upfront about what you’re promoting.

Show your audience the benefits, explain the PROS and CONS, and share your truthful opinions.

The key is to add real “value”.

#2: Get to really know your audience.

The more you discover about the needs and wants of your audience, the easier it is to help provide solutions to their problems.

The best ways to know your audience is to research Q&A sites just like ‘Quora‘ and ‘Yahoo Answers‘, etc.

Find questions on relevant forums, and also use a good keyword tool for uncovering what people are actually searching Google for.

#3: Don’t become a spammer.

When you’re new to the world of internet/affiliate marketing, the thought of sharing raw affiliate links all over the place may seem very appealing.

But trust me, when you decide to post links on your social media statuses and also in groups, people can see exactly what game you’re playing, and it will harm your reputation as a marketer.

Mark my words, you will be seen as “spammer”.

The absolute best way to make money from promoting products/services in this day and age is to get yourself a blog and add valuable content to it that will attract people, gain their trust, and build your brand.

If you don’t know how to get started, the Wealthy Affiliate community will put you on the right path.

Here’s to your success…

Neil 😀

If you have any questions or anything you would like to add on avoiding being a wolf dressed up as a sheep when it comes to affiliate marketing, then we’d love to hear your thoughts below…

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