How To Check Website Keyword Rankings in Google. It’s Cinch.

So you already have a blog with some content published and indexed, but wanna know how to check website keyword rankings in Google, right?

You’ve found the right place to do just that!
How To Check Website Keyword Rankings in Google
In this article, I’m gonna be guiding you through a simple process of tracking your blog post rankings in Google, and also Bing + Yahoo, not just for today, but for the next months and years to come.

As a blogger and affiliate marketer, it will help to give you the upper hand over the competitors’ within your niche market and even keep a close eye on their rankings too if you wish. 😉

Sound good to you?

Brill, let’s get cracking!


Firstly, How do Rankings Actually Work?

Do Not be a Know it All Like Google
To be honest, nobody really knows the technicalities of how Google ranks content in its search engine because it keeps its cards close to its chest.

At least it prevents the SEO “Black Hatters” aka “cheaters” from manipulating the search results, so it creates a level playing field for every blogger.

There are literally thousands of different things that the grandfather of all search engines looks for in a blog that are referred to as “Google Ranking Factors”.

But when you properly optimize your blog for SEO, search for long tail keywords with low competition, and consistently publish high-quality content around those keywords – it will lead to rankings and organic traffic to your site.

However, there are a few more highly effective strategies that also contribute to getting your content ranked on page one of the search engines, which you can find step-by-step training on when you go here.


Why Are Organic Rankings so Important?

Google Analytics Traffic Stats
In layman’s terms, 1st-page rankings lead to traffic, which in turn leads to sales and affiliate commissions. That is IF you’re recommending awesome products/services that are helpful to your audience.

Can you say “KA-CHING”?

So basically, without high rankings and website visitors, your online business and success are doomed from an SEO standpoint.

It’s really no different from owning a shop in your local town or city.

If you don’t have a consistent flow of potential customers walking through the front door, you make zero sales and may as well throw a “Sorry We’re Closed For Business” sign up.

I’ve seen it happen to a couple of shop owners I knew who made little to no profit because customer numbers were insufficient.

It’s a damn shame because one owner sold mouth-watering made-to-order Delhi sandwiches and the other sold unique home decor items. *SIGH* 🙁

As a blogger, the more content you publish around keywords, the more rankings you’re gonna get – which increases the volume of targeted traffic and creates a long-term sustainable business on the interweb as a result.

It’s kinda like a rolling snowball effect.

When you work hard consistently on your website, it’s gonna gain momentum in Google and cause an avalanche of free traffic.


My Recommendation For Checking Your Rankings

There are numerous ways to check where your content is ranked in Google.

Firstly, there’s the “manual” way of doing it where you would type your chosen keyword term into Google’s search bar and then hit the Enter key.

But the problem with this method is that scrolling through page-after-page of results to locate your blog post is so inefficiently time-consuming.

The second problem is that you’ll hit a Captcha roadblock after you’ve quickly scrolled through so many pages to check whether you’re human or just another bot.

Not only does it slow you down, but may also land your IP address in Google’s bad books if you’re super unlucky.

The only solution is to use a special automated tool for monitoring your rankings quickly and easily.

Jaaxy Keyword Research ToolTo check my own blog rankings, I use an amazing “SiteRank” feature that’s built into the Jaaxy research platform.

It doesn’t just track your rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo within only seconds, but shows whether your rankings are climbing or slipping.

Jaaxy SiteRank truly is a godsend, and there is no better search engine tracking tool, in my opinion.


But SiteRank Doesn’t Stop There. Oh, No!

Tracking your keyword terms and blog posts one-by-one isn’t enough because you’ll want to group your scan results together, so you have a clear picture of your site’s performance on a whole.

Plus it makes it a heck of a lot easier to manage all your results in one place, so you know the exact blog posts that need your attention for improvements.

The other cool thing about the SiteRank feature is that it allows you to automatically track each keyword on a daily, twice weekly, weekly, twice monthly or even monthly.

(To access the automated feature, you must choose either the Jaaxy PRO or ENTERPRISE plan).

Simply hit the “Track This Keyword” button, choose the frequency, and then it goes to work without you needing to lift a finger.

As your website builds up with content and you gain more authority in the search engines over a certain period of time, you’ll see just how far your website has come in terms of rankings and overall success.


Wrapping it up…

When it comes down to it, monitoring your rankings in the top 3 search engines doesn’t have to be a manual and painstaking task at all.

There are tools (like this one here) that make the process such a breeze, and in fact, can free up your time which is a bonus because it means you can concentrate on putting that extra elbow grease into your blogging.

But when you do use Jaaxy’s SiteRank feature to track your blog post rankings, it’s essential to understand how to use the data in the correct manner because it will lead to the successful expansion of your online biz, thus multiplying your income.

Doing the wrong SEO activities in order to boost your rankings/traffic could negatively impact your site, and Google could even derank it. This comes from experience.

So no naughty “Black Hat” stuff or you get a slap on the wrist! Comprendre? LOL.

However, if you’re just starting out online as a blogger and you choose Jaaxy for monitoring your rank positions, don’t worry if they’re a million miles away from Google page 1 because it will take time (within 3 months) to see big improvements.

Remember that blogging and SEO isn’t a quick process and you are in it for the long haul, so you will need plenty of patience when it comes to your rankings and traffic growth.

But above all – have FUN!

==> Get Access to Jaaxy – It’s SO Much More Than a Rank Checker! 😉


Here’s to Your Success….


Do you have any questions or thoughts on tracking rankings or on Jaaxy’s SiteRank function and how to make the most of it for your SEO? We’d LOVE to hear from you below…

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