How To Create Content For a Blog, The “High-Quality” Way.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, starting a blog and building your own brand online really is the best approach to creating a successful online business.

Getting a blog up and running is super duper easy!

But there are many newbies who struggle with the “content writing” part, which is understandable because I’ve been in their shoes.
How To Create Content For a Blog in 5 Easy Steps
If you’re also struggling like hell as a blogger or just need a nudge in the right direction, then I’m about to share 5 awesome ways on how to create content for a blog, whether you’re using WordPress or any other CMS platform.

How does that sound to you, my young blog Warrior in the making? 😉

So without further ado, let’s get stuck in!…


Step #1: Start by Doing Your Homework…

So, you’ve done the first steps of choosing your niche, hooking up a domain name, getting your blog SEO-ready, and then publishing your website so it’s ready to rock n’ roll, right?

But now you’ve hit a brick wall because you don’t know what the heck to write about, right?


But fear not, the internet contains countless resources for conducting research, research, and even more research!
Do Blog Content Research Like a NASA Insight Lander
For all the information you need on your niche, all you have to do is a simple Google search which will return numerous results containing a dolly mixture of blog posts, forum discussions, ‘Q&A’ site posts, and YouTube videos.

Heck, there’s even the Wikipedia encyclopedia which has an abundance of info at your disposal.

The awesome thing about the web, in general, is that there’s so much high-quality info available for “free”, that you can leverage for creating your own content.

My advice. Use it.

But refrain from practicing the “Copy n’ Paste” method from other resources because it’s classed as “plagiarism” that can and WILL land you in hot water with the original publishers and also Google for copyright infringement.

Plus, it’s an EXTREMELY lazy approach to blogging which won’t get you anywhere.

Hey, ask the Fiverr Seller and numerous ClickFunnels affiliates who “stole” content from under my nose. I’m sure they’ll tell you WHY Google removed their (or should I say MY) content LOL.

Research ideas for your content but put your own spin on things to make your blog content “unique”.

Be the exact opposite of the lazy-ass douchebag affiliates and so-called bloggers out there, and you’ll be successful.


Step #2: Get The Tools of The Trade…

As a blogger, it’s crucial to have the right tools for the job if you’re to become a huge success. Oh, and to get the upper hand on your competitors’ too. 😉
Find The Right Blogging Tools Like a Builder
Blogging platforms may provide you with basic editorial areas and kitchen sinks for crafting and publishing your content, but they fail to provide you with the essentials for “effective” content-creation, like:


Keyword Tools

A keyword tool isn’t just an awesome way of gathering topical ideas to write about, but it actually generates keyword phrases that can get your blog content ranked in Google for tons of “free” traffic.

Answer The Public is an amazing $0 cost visual keyword tool for ideas, that when combined with the Jaaxy research platform, you can build a super profitable empire via SEO!


Writing Tools

A writing tool is designed to help you become a better writer.

It helps you to adopt the habit of writing each day by giving you prompts, courses, brain-dumping exercises, styles and techniques to practice, etc.

==> Check Out 10 Cool Writing Tools For Starting Off on The Right Foot!


Spell Checkers

I don’t think I need to explain how this one works lol.

Although a spell checker could be classed as a writing tool, I guess, it’s imperative that you use a tool like Grammarly for monitoring and correcting spelling and punctuation mistakes.

When your readers land on your content, it really must flow freely without any errors because if you have too many bad spelling and grammatical issues, it’s gonna turn your visitors away.

And you really don’t want your hard work and potential profits to go down the drain, do ya?

So a checker tool is an absolute MUST for a great user experience!

See an example of the powerful spell-checking software I use that’s built into the WordPress blog content writing platform inside the Wealthy Affiliate community.
The Spell Checker Tool Inside Wealthy Affiliate
WA’s tool is a real godsend because it checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Plus, it saves you having to splash out on an external tool like Grammarly. That’s a DOUBLE BONUS, in my book!


#3: Make Your Content Easily Readable…

Let’s face it, who loves to read solid blocks of content online like this below?!
A Block of Blog Post Content With Seven Sentences

Not only is it dog-ugly but it makes the reading process difficult for your readers, which in turn affects the user experience, thus people leave your site = high bounce rate = a negative impact on your income.

So there are certainly many disadvantages at play with this horrid approach.

This is why it’s super important to structure your content in an “easy-to-read” fashion.

What I mean is breaking your content down into small paragraphs consisting of 3 – 4 sentences max, with a sprinkling of one-liner sentences here n’ there.

Trust me, it will make a world of difference because it will have a long-term positive impact on your success as a blogger.

At the end of the day, we are all simple folks.

Put simply, simple = success, especially in the online space. Simples. *PUNS intended*.


Step #4: Structure Your Content Effectively…

Structuring your content in an effective manner goes hand-in-hand with step #3.

In order to make your content EVEN easier to read, you’ll want to break it up into sections using H3 and H4 headers.
Heading Three and Four For WordPress Blog Post Headers
The reason why I recommend H3 and H4 is that H1 and H2 are way too big. And if you go lower than a H4, then the headings become too small, in my opinion.

But with that said, the appearance of header sizes will vary depending on your blogging platform and template theme.

Also, when you divide your content into a number of sections, it gives you much more to write about and discuss with your audience.

Take this article, for example. See how I’ve used 5 headings to break it down into different topics.

And as for the heading descriptions, you’ll want to structure them in a way that tells your readers what you’re about to discuss.

But keep your headings short and to the point. Remember, it’s all about keeping things simple.

The other upside to this method is that it catches your readers attention and stops them from quickly scrolling through your posts, in my opinion.


Step #5: Size Matters. Make it Big! (LOL)…

I’m referring to your blog content, that is. 😛

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “go big or go home”, right?
Three Converse Shoe Sizes For The Size of Blog Content
Well, in the world of blogging, you really must be committed to producing both “high-quality” and “lengthy” posts.

If you’re not, then “blogging” is the wrong path for you, my friend!



Because, people nowadays will expect and accept nothing less than a post that provides REAL “VALUE“.

So gone are the days of 400/500 word articles because they’re crap, basically, that nobody wants to read. They provide little to no value.

Unfortunately, there are some SEO courses still teaching you bad habits, like creating thin content and using backlinking practices to rank that crappy content on page-1 of Google.

I see it happen all the time in the “make money online” niche – again, with a number of ClickFunnels affiliates and especially Launch Jackers who are creating short, unhelpful, and biased content just to make a buck – particularly when it comes to product reviews.

Those folks are perfect examples of how blogging should NOT be done!

I’m not saying you must write some 10,000-word dissertation like a Cambridge or Oxford university student, don’t get me wrong. Although, nobody’s stopping you if you love to write.

But what I am saying is write articles that give your visitors enough value. Aim to make each post you publish at least 1,000 words at the very minimum.

Or just write until you’ve finished discussing all the subjects within that post or until your keyboard starts to smoke lol.

Wanna know one of my special kept secrets to writing lengthy, helpful, and engaging content?

It’s called the ‘Site Content’ feature (aka “The Ultimate Writing Platform”) located inside the WA affiliate marketing community.

When I use WA’s content editor, I can choose or create my own template which allows me to set writing goals for words, paragraphs, and headings.
Wealthy Affiliate Writing Goal Templates
And as I write out the content, it shows my progress, which is a pretty AWESOME idea for staying on track with publishing quality content and building out a profitable blog!
Wealthy Affiliate Content Editor Writing Goals
Wouldn’t you agree?

The final point I’d like to highlight is the hiring of Freelancers via places like Fiverr and Upwork.

When you start up a blog and possibly invest in an SEO course, some SEOs will recommend hiring Freelancers to write your content, right off the bat.

But the thing is, why even bother becoming a blogger in the first place if somebody else is gonna be doing ALL the work for you?

If you’re really that passionate about your niche and helping others through content-creation, then it’s really YOUR responsibility to do the work.

I’m not saying it’s a bad move completely, but in my opinion, you must first EARN the right to hire freelancers.

Once you’re proud of your blogging efforts and you’ve built a sustainable online Biz, then you can start using those profits to hire writers to take your Biz to higher levels.

Second of all, some freelancers are quite crafty because they’ll “steal” whole sentences from other blogs for yours and pretend that the content is 100% unique, when it’s far from the truth.

Trust me, I’ve already caught out some freelancers (especially those on Fiverr) who have stolen parts of my content.

So when it comes to freelancers, not all are trustworthy. You really need to be selective when hiring someone for the task.


Let’s Wrap it up…

In the beginning, writing content for your blog will feel like a daunting and impossible challenge.

But the good news is that you’re not alone because most newbies go through the same experiences. So it’s only natural.

However, the even BETTER news is that the more research and practice you do, blogging gets much easier.

If you follow my guidance in this post, you’ll be on the path to becoming a blogging ninja in no time at all!

But always remember one thing: Blogging is all about providing “HELPFUL” content.

You’re in the game to allow your passion to shine through and build a trustworthy brand which leads to a sustainable online Biz and full-time income.

It’s NOT just something you do for “cashing in” from shoddy content-thin posts and building 100s/1,000s of backlinks taught by some shady SEO courses.

Don’t be like those affiliates/bloggers.

But before you dash off, check out the #1 affiliate marketing platform that’s allowed me to build a profitable WordPress blog from scratch around my passion.

Thanks for stopping by…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on producing blog content, we’d LOVE to hear from you below…

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