How To Find a Niche For Success in Affiliate Marketing!

Howdy, young grasshopper!

If you wanna know how to find a niche for creating a successful Affiliate Marketing business, then you’re at the right place!
The Niche Marketplace is Overcrowded
As a newcomer to affiliate marketing and building an online Biz from scratch – the word “NICHE” is a scary thought.

Wouldn’t you agree?

But embrace the idea because choosing a niche is VERY exciting. It’s not frightening, one bit.

Trust me, I’ve gone through the process many times. You’ll have bags of FUN!

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing a direction and building a free website for your new home-based biz…


What is a “Niche” When It’s at Home?

To some folks, a niche sounds really complex. But in essence, it’s a really simple concept to apprehend.

Simply put, it’s a small segment of the market.
How to Find a Niche For Affiliate Marketing Success
Every niche market consists of a group of people (an audience of MILLIONS of potential buyers) who need your help in a certain area.

They may need solutions to problems or guidance on products/services to assist with their buying decisions.

This is where you step in with in-depth “How To” articles, hints n’ tips, advice, and also honest reviews.

You’ll be building your brand and authority in the online space, and gaining people’s trust which in turn can lead to a full-time income.


Why Choosing a Niche is Important

A niche can either make or break your business and success as an affiliate marketer.

If you pick a niche at random (something that you have no interest in) for the purpose of “money-making”, the chances are you won’t be profitable.

You’ll basically have little to zero value to offer and throw in the towel a short distance down the road because your heart’s not in it.

So it’s vital to choose a topic that you enjoy or you’re highly passionate about because you’ll go on to create an uber-successful business on the net.
Choose a Niche of Interest
Whether your hobby or passion is an outdoor pursuit like hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, scuba diving, snowboarding, jogging or walking your pet dog Daisy, etc.

Or whether you’re an indoor type of person who prefers reading books, decorating, painting masterpieces, family games, Xbox/PS4 time, or knitting, etc.

Maybe you’re into the gym, fashion, beauty, cars, dating, football/basketball/baseball teams or internet marketing.

Almost any subject that pops into your head is a niche. The list seems endless!

Choose an area that you’d love to help people in and make money from.


How is an Income Actually Generated?

Great question and glad you asked!

Making money within your chosen market is a straightforward process that only consists of 4 simple steps.
The Process of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
Let’s say, for example, somebody is interested in finding out more about a particular coffee and Espresso maker before buying the product.

#1: They type the name of that product into Google followed by the term “review”.

#2: Hey presto, they come across your website product review on Google page 1.

#3: He/she visits your review and makes a purchase via your affiliate link.

#4: Boom, you make a nice affiliate commission from the sale of that coffee machine.

Now, imagine making hundreds or even thousands of sales per month – not just from that one review but from multiple coffee machine reviews on your blog and 1st page Google rankings!

What an amazing thought, hey?

That’s how you could potentially earn a full-time income from affiliate commissions.

==> Learn About The 4-Step Money-Making Process in More Detail Here!


 How to Choose “The Right” Niche

A Lightbulb
Picking a niche is one thing, but to become a successful affiliate, you must narrow it down to a more specific market – targeting a small group of people.

It’s one of the secrets to success online. But SHH, that’s between you and me! 😉

The problem is that many newbie affiliate marketers cover far too much ground by trying to reach anyone and everyone within a generic niche, which can lead to failure.

So to choose a market that has the potential to be profitable, here is what you must do:

Say for example, you’ve chosen “TOYS” as your niche.

You must narrow it down to target a specific group of potential buyers.

  • Inexpensive kids toys
  • Wooden kids toys
  • Kids ride toys
  • Soft play toys for toddlers
  • Electronic toys for kids
  • Lego toy sets for boys
  • Disney toys for girls

And the list goes on…

Every single niche can be broken down into TONS of ideas.

Dig down deep to find the one area that you’d like to focus on. Google can be a great resource for helping you to get started.

But also ensure that you don’t dig too deep, otherwise you could hit a brick wall – meaning you’ll have very few topic ideas to blog about and products to review.

Keep things tight but not too tight lol.


3 Awesome Tools For an Extra Helping Hand

One Person Pulling Another up a Rock For Support
If you’re still struggling to come up with a niche idea to roll with that will give you plenty of subjects and products to write about.

There are a few tools that I like to use because they give you heaps of inspiration.

1: Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest and best online retailer where you’ll find tons of categories and millions of products across various niches.
Using Amazon For Affiliate Niche Research
It’s my top go-to marketplace if ever I’m looking for products to promote, especially when products are broken down into price, brand, and top seller categories, etc.

In my opinion, Amazon makes research really easy and gives you a good idea of what markets are performing well.

2: Jaaxy

The Jaaxy keyword tool will help you to discover gazillions of keyword term ideas that you can easily build a website from.

Check out an example of a  search I performed for “Digital Cameras” using the platform.
Use Jaaxy to Find a Niche
It’s just a small-taster of camera niche ideas. But can you see the potential for your own hobby/passion?

When it comes to researching topics and products, Jaaxy is my favorite tool that I highly recommend. Get 30 free searches here.

#3: Google Alerts

Setting up Google Alerts is highly effective for exposing many niche ideas and “golden opportunities” based on the keywords you choose to watch.
Use Google Alerts For Niche Research
The great thing is that when new content gets indexed in Google’s search engine, alerts are automatically sent to your email inbox.

In addition, the tool will help you to learn more about your niche, making you more of an expert.


How To Build Your Free Niche Website

WordPressSo now you finally have a direction for your new online business startup, your next step is to build a niche website (aka BLOG) for free!

The reason is that you can’t become a successful affiliate marketer without having a platform in place for sharing your passion and helping others.

But I know what you’re thinking:

Gosh, how can I build a website when I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, Neil?!

You’ll be pleased to know that you can easily build a free WordPress site in under 30 seconds (with ZERO technical knowledge!)…

==> Click Here to Build Your Free Blog Now!


Wrapping it up…

By now, you should have chosen your niche, whittled it down to a specific targeted audience and have a website in place that’s ready to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground.

So congratulations is in order!

Your next task is to LEARN HOW to build out your website with high-quality content and become a successful affiliate. Go here for more info.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on niche selection, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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