How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Instagram.

The thing with marketing on Instagram and social media in general, is that if you don’t learn how to build your business the right way, you’re gonna find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel with the amateur affiliates who spam statuses, comments, groups, and inboxes.
How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Instagram
Unfortunately, these types of affiliates totally suck at building an online business because they approach the game from completely the wrong angle.

Quite often, it’s because they’ve not received the correct Internet Marketing training or they’re just plain ignorant.

They will try every dirty trick in the book to sell to you on Instagram.

Now, I’m not saying you’re in that same bottom league as the riffraff. 😛

But if you’re struggling, need some pointers, and wanna learn how to effectively earn affiliate commissions when it comes to Instagram strategies, then you’ve picked the right blog article.

Firstly, why is Instagram the most effective social media platform for internet marketing and building your biz, huh? For 2 very simple reasons:

#1: There’s low advertiser competition.

#2: It’s easier to reach your target customer.

Now I’m about to show you the steps on how to make money with affiliate marketing on Instagram by building a new online income stream using an awesome new effective marketing technique on the #1 social networking app…


#1 – Find an Affiliate Product

Use Google to Find an Affiliate Product
Before you even get started on Insta, you must find a product that’s not only easy for your followers to purchase from their mobile devices but also one that’s pretty cool and will generate sales/commissions.

Your first step will be to choose a niche market. What type of products or services would you really LOVE to promote and get a buzz from?

Google is always a great starting point for conducting research into various niches, topics, and products, etc, for ideas and inspiration.

But don’t go switching from industry to industry using a single Insta account because you will be promoting a mixture of products/services to an “untargeted” audience and the chances are, you won’t make a cent.

However, if you do wanna work in several niches at once, then I recommend creating several Insta accounts (one for each market).

Secondly, there are a lot of affiliate programs and marketplaces that won’t accept your affiliate application unless you have a “website” first.

But don’t panic because you can quickly build a free website here for your niche.

Plus having your own website and a domain name gives you a real advantage over the affiliates who are simply posting “raw affiliate links” within their bios.

But if you really wanna “SUPER-TURBO-CHARGE” your affiliate commissions and also have “repeat” Insta customers, you should build a sales funnel.

You will be blown away. Seriously!

Once your website is set up, your third step is to find an affiliate program or network to join and select a product or service.

If you’re in the “Make Money Online” industry, then JVZoo is an awesome marketplace to start out with for tools and training programs to promote.

For all other niches – Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and CJ (Commission Junction) are amazing networks to earn from.

Clickbank is OK too, if you just wanna promote digital products.

In addition, MaxBounty will pay you for simply generating leads for free trials, etc.

This is called CPA “Cost-Per-Action” marketing and can be extremely effective for earning commissions.


#2 – Fully Setup Your Instagram Account

Setting up an Instagram Account on a Smartphone
OK, so nobody likes to visit an account with very little to no information and also a handful of images that suck!

So it’s very important to describe what you’re about within your bio and how you can help others in your niche.

You will want to add a profile pic and some emojis in your bio description too.

And obviously, don’t forget to display your link. Otherwise, no sales. DUH! LOL.

However, in my opinion, you will have much better results from writing a review of your product/service on your blog with affiliate links embedded, and sharing the blog post in your bio.

Now, the really cool thing is that you can write other product reviews and display banner ads on your site, increasing your chances of generating additional affiliate commissions.

And if you want really big success, create a sales funnel and share the funnel on your bio.

This is the smartest way to go about affiliate marketing on Insta because A: You can promote multiple products within your funnel.

B: Capture email addresses for generating repeat sales = HUGE profits.

Ensure to post some great-quality images that your followers can relate to and engage with on Insta.

The more engaging your profile, the more likely you are gonna get new customers from your website or funnel.


#3 – Get in Front of Your Dream Insta Customers

Hitting Bullseye on a Dartboard
To get in front of your perfect “targeted” customer audience on Insta, you will need to implement a highly effective strategy called “shoutouts”.

This is also referred to as “Influencer Marketing“. 😀

The shoutout technique is when an individual on Insta will promote your product/service post and Insta bio to their followers.

There are 2 ways to get shoutouts…


#1 – Finding People on Instagram

Simply use Insta’s search bar for typing in a keyword phrase that is related to the product/service that you wanna promote, and you will uncover some of the best accounts that directly relate to the topic of your keyword research term.

Then you click on a bunch of accounts to see how many posts and followers they have, as well as the amount of engagement on their posts, and whether they’re doing shoutouts already.

A good rule of thumb for the best number of sales is to ensure that the account you choose to work with for referencing your Bio in one of their posts has at least 10,000 followers.

Then you follow them and send a direct message asking if they will be kind enough to do a sponsored shoutout for you.

They may ask for a favor in return or even a payment which is only fair. Do you agree?


#2 – Buying Shoutouts

If you want a much easier way to request shoutouts, there are 3 awesome websites that you can visit.

I recommend visiting each one to find the best fit for you and your digital affiliate marketing biz.

  1. Shoutcart
  2. BuySellShoutouts
  3. ShoutsMarket

This is by far the best method for shoutouts because it’s much more straight forward and generally saves you a lot of time as well as headaches.

You can request shoutouts from folks for as little as $10 per time, and it’s the most effective strategy for making a lot of money on Insta as an affiliate marketer.


The Bottom Line…

Building your own website or sales funnel for the promotion of products/services and paying for shoutouts is by far the smartest and most lucrative way to go about affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome free Insta marketing strategies for bringing you results (if you know how to implement them properly), but it takes time and patience.

Shoutouts win every time!

But before you leave, see how I’m building a successful affiliate marketing business using the power of blogging and free organic traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It’s also $0 to get started…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

(A training video over at Marketers Paradise inspired me to write this article. So a BIG thanks to Chris Luck).

If you have any questions or experiences to share on making money on Instagram as an affiliate marketer, please do drop your comments below…


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