“I Don’t Have Time to Start an Online Business” – Um, Yes, You Do!

Today, our world is full of excuse makers when it comes to anything in life – success in particular.

As an ex-Network Marketer (UGH), I heard every excuse under the sun as to why my friends “didn’t have the time” to commit to building a business.

And unfortunately, lack of time is also one of the biggest reasons why folks say they can’t start web-based businesses either.
I Dont Have Time to Start an Online Business
But guess what, my friend?

ALL of us have busy life schedules that consist of work, family time, and social activities. It’s called LIVING, and that’s what we were put on this Earth to do.

So it’s completely normal to lead a busy life, and unless you’re sat at home twiddling your thumbs all day long, then you’re obviously busy doing nothing with too much time on your hands. 😛

But I’m sure the latter doesn’t apply to you.

There are MANY excuses as to why people CANNOT start an online business. Here are the most common ones:

  • “My job is too demanding”
  • “I have too much school homework to do”
  • “My kids take up most of my day”
  • “House chores get in the way”
  • “I have too much going on in my life”

Unfortunately, people always have an excuse. Even if some don’t have a real valid reason for not pursuing their dreams, they will fabricate one:

  • “My pet goldfish just died – I need to buy another”
  • “I’m busy cooking Beef Stroganoff tonight”
  • “I’ve got House of Cards/Game of Thrones episodes to watch”

Blah, blah, blah…

So I guess any excuse will do for some folks because it’s an easy way out of something that requires time, effort, and sacrifice.

If you can relate to any of these excuses, then this article is definitely for you.


We Are ALL Busy – So MAKE The Time

A Wall Clock
We ALL have busy lives. It’s a fact. Period.

But the people who do build successful businesses on the internet have a strong desire to “escape the rat race” which is something that we can all relate to because let’s face it, who wants to be in a low-paid run-of-the-mill job with sucky bosses?

So if you feel as though you’re “too busy” to create an online business from scratch, trust me you are not, since you’re in the same boat as every other successful biz owner.

Although I don’t have a family to support, when I first got started online, I still had a full-time job (sometimes a 6-day week one) to contend with, jobs to do around the home, and also a social life to fit in with friends and family.

So it wasn’t the easiest of challenges.

But I learned to change my habits – I woke up earlier in the mornings and skipped TV completely before and after work.

“Making” time and knuckling-down really made a huge difference for me.


We ALL Have The Same 24 Hours in a Day

Glass Egg Timer With Red Sand
However you spend each 24-hour day is entirely up to you. You have full control over how long you decide to sleep and how you use your free time before/after work and at weekends.

So when it comes to building an online empire, you will need to utilize some of that free time, which also means making some sacrifices that are totally necessary for your success.

OK, for example, let’s say you cut down your sleeping time from 8 hours to 6 hours, you make good use of your 1-hour lunch break at work, and spend another 3 hours after work at home building your biz.

That’s 6 hours per day (Mon-Fri) you could invest in your future. Don’t also forget weekends too.

Of course, you may have family commitments and social events, etc, but you can easily map out your days in advance and find time slots for your online side hustle.

When it comes to being successful, Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) says it best…

There’s Plenty of Time. Get Sh*t Done!


Your Life is Busy – It’s Never Gonna Change

Traffic Jam in a Busy City
Unfortunately, 24-hour days are all we’ve got for cramming our busy lives into, so you must choose how you use each 24-hour window wisely.

If you put off starting an online business – saving it for when you “have more time”, it’s highly likely that the day will never come because life is an ongoing process with plenty of things thrown your way.

Just when you think you have a clear schedule… BOOM… something else crops up, and then another…

Then before you know it, months or even years pass, and your biz is still “just an idea” in your head or on paper that you never got around to starting.

So, the time is NOW to get a business started! Don’t delay or you’ll NEVER earn an online income.


My Final Thoughts on The Matter…

The most successful internet Entrepreneurs ditch the excuses and “make” the time to build profitable businesses by simply waking up earlier in the mornings and making every spare minute count.

If you also wanna build a successful business on the net (one that leads to financial freedom), then you must follow in their footsteps and dedicate yourself.

We all have our own schedules in life, so it’s up to you to choose how early you wake in the mornings and how much stuff (like TV, social media, video gaming, partying, etc) – “not the right use of your time crap” you sacrifice for achieving success.

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I wish you success…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

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