‘From Nothing’ Review: (Ian Pribyl Will Knock Ya Socks Off!)

Welcome to my review of Ian Pribyl’s ‘From Nothing’ Kindle book!

My best guess is you’re either a member of the FIMP fam or have heard of Mr. Pribyl’s book on the grapevine, right?

Either way, you couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot to park your ass because you’re about to get the lowdown from someone who’s bought and read Ian’s masterpiece from cover-to-cover.

So hang tight!

Review of Ian Pribyls From Nothing Kidle Book
Quick Overview:

Book: From Nothing (Kindle edition).

Author: Ian Pribyl. Editor: Regina Pribyl, Ian’s wife.

Cost: $9.99 >.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com (link is in review).

My Score: 10/10.

Verdict: If you’re brand new to the “online money making” arena – then Ian’s book is a MUST read because he’s gonna teach you the basic essentials for success on a small budget.

But before diving into this review to learn about the juicy book contents…


Who The Heck’s Ian Pribyl, When He’s at Home?

Ian Pribyl (aka “Pribs”) was just a 16-year old nipper when he jumped into the world of “Internet Marketing”.

Why, you ask?

Because he realised the true potential of the World Wide Web and how it could help him accomplish independence in life, in every sense of the meaning.

15 years later, Ian has become a Super Affiliate, built 6-figure eCommerce stores, and does the marketing for an optometric and optical Biz he co-founded.

And using that experience, Ian created ‘Free Internet Marketing Project’ (FIMP) – a step-by-step video course for noobs.

Which, in turn, led to the birth of its sibling ‘From Nothing’ – a textual (including screenshots) version of FIMP.

If you wanna know more about Ian, see Stopping Scams and No More BS Reviews.


Say Hello to The Book: ‘From Nothing’…

Released in February 2019 and also an Amazon “#1 New Release” at the time – ‘From Nothing’ (FN) is 308 pages of pure bliss.

Ian takes you by the hand and teaches you EXACTLY how to create a profitable web-based business as a blogger from scratch, step-by-step.

And get this… starting with less than $100 in ya pocket!

In a nutshell, you’re gonna learn the fundamentals of niche selection, building a WordPress blog, conducting effective keyword research, and creating high-quality SEO optimised content for Google rankings and traffic.

And then Pribs helps you to monetise that traffic by offering insights into Advertising, CPA Marketing (aka Affiliate Marketing), and eCommerce – Dropshipping vs. your own products.

Unlike many p*ss poor products in the “make money” industry, Ian actually lays out the correct path without cutting corners and planting seeds on splashing out $100s/$1,000s to succeed.

So how come Ian’s packed in so much value inside a Kindle book that’s as cheap as chips – what’s the catch, Neil?

That’s an easy one to answer, bud!…

Ian’s sick to death of all the bullsh*t and sizzle without the steak flying around the industry – Gurus and Mickey Mouse circus acts trying to pocket a pretty penny at YOUR expense.

Mr. Pribyl is one of the very few marketers who genuinely cares about YOUR success. Full stop.


What Does ‘FN’ Have in Store For You?

As much as I’d love to walk you through the 300-page Kindle edition in its entirety, I’m no “spoiler” 😛 LOL.

So what I’m gonna do instead is share my own top 10 takeaways from the book – golden nugget stuff that could have helped me succeed YEARS ago!

So thank your lucky stars for getting the upper hand from Ian at the very early stage of your Internet Marketing journey.

Without further ado…


#1: Reverse Math

For whatever online money making path you choose, if you wanna make ‘X‘ amount of money each month, you must have ‘Y‘ number of customers multiplied by ‘Z‘ $s per customer.

Y x Z = X (monthly income goal).

For example, if you want $10K/month, you’ll need 1,000 visitors to purchase a product that pays you $10 per customer.

Yeah, it may seem like primary school kiddie stuff, but very few marketers teach this approach.

But once you learn how to crunch the numbers, it paints a very transparent picture from the get-go.


#2: Essential Mindset

One thing I love about Ian’s training is that he dives into adopting the right mindset.

And no, I don’t mean your typical Les Brown motivational video stuff!

The section that really struck a cord is “goal setting” because Ian explains that setting “money-based” goals is setting yourself up for disappointment.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed time-and-time again at reaching certain monetary milestones within certain time-frames.

It’s disheartening, to say the least.

You’ll learn that it’s impossible to set income goals within your first year of blogging because there are various factors to take into consideration.

Instead, Ian recommends setting goals for what you can actually control, like number of blog posts to publish and how many words to write, etc.

Basically, concentrate on the tasks and let Google handle the rest in due course.


#3: Picking The Perfect Niche

Marketers always tell you to choose a niche around your hobby, interest or passion.

But what if you don’t have any hobbies or passions to write about?

Then you’re totally screwed, right!


Ian actually teaches you two other methods for picking a niche: Looking back at your previous jobs and your key areas of expertise, and also problems you’ve faced over the years.

This section really digs in deep and helps you to broaden your horizons when it comes to niche selection.

Much more than I can say for A LOT of training programs out there.



#4: Internet Marketing Economics

Making money on the net is one thing, but going about it “the smart” way is something entirely different.

Put simply, Ian teaches you to pick products to promote that are fairly priced and offer a decent commission percentage because you’ll need less traffic and customers for your income goals.

If you pick cheap products with crappy affiliate commission percentages, you’ll need MUCH more traffic and sales to reach your desired income, which will take a GAZILLION years of content writing!

Makes total sense, right?

But aren’t you promoting ‘From Nothing’ for just 10 bucks, Neil?

Damn, you called me out! LOL.

But before branding me a hypocrite, I’m promoting ‘FN’ because I believe with total confidence that it’s an invaluable asset.

In all honesty, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the low Amazon commissions from the book sales.

HELPING YOU is at the top of my agenda, at the end of the day.


#5: Building a Website

Internet marketers have different opinions on whether or not you need a website for making money.

Some say you just need to spread yourself across various social media channels and classified sites, and blast out affiliate links.

“Hello, it’s no longer 1999 – SPAM city anymore!”


And others will say you can simply partake in ‘Get Paid To’ sites, etc. But all you’re gonna earn from those things is “pocket money”.

These observations are from my own experiences, btw.

In this day and age of digital marketing, Ian says: A resounding YES, you need a website.

From my point of view, it’s the only way to stand out from the crowd, effectively reach thousands of targeted folks, and truly crush it in the online space.


#6: Domain Names

When it comes to choosing a domain name, using a “.com” suffix will serve you better.

(But with that said, “.net” and “.org” are ideal substitutes if you can’t find a “.com” suffix for your domain).

Also, make your domain name short, memorable, brandable, include your niche root keyword, and avoid hyphens/numbers.


Because, a “.com” suffix is the most popular for ranking worldwide, and simplifying your domain name makes it easier for your audience to locate.

Not to mention the fact, avoiding hyphens will separate your site from the crap quality ones.


#7: Why WordPress is The One

Trust me, I’ve tried various blogging platforms but WordPress is the absolute best.

Ian says the same thing, and so do many other seasoned marketers earning 5 – 6-figure incomes from their WordPress blogs.

For the simple fact it provides tons of features and also functionality – in terms of thousands of plugins, is more flexible when it comes to customisation, and it’s easier to get help with issues since there are so many folks using it.

Other Content Management Systems (CMS) simply can’t hold a candle to WordPress.


#8: The Yoast SEO Plugin

I’ve had WordPress blogs up and running long before FIMP and ‘FN’ were born.

But Ian’s book taught me a few things regarding SEO.

First of all, I replaced the ‘All In One SEO’ WordPress plugin with ‘Yoast’.

Why, you ask?

Because, ‘AIOS’ is a pile of crap!

It failed to do an important job – which was to automatically fill in the SEO fields for each blog post. I had to do it all manually.

So time-consuming. UGH!

But Yoast, on the other hand, does exactly what it says on the tin, is a heck of a lot more user-friendly, and keeps you on track with your SEO efforts.

Plus, it allows you to create a ‘Google XML Sitemap’ which is highly important for the indexing of your site’s content (among other SEO aspects) – and means you don’t need to install an additional plugin either.

It’s just brill, I tell ya!

Secondly, Ian recommends tweaking a couple of Yoast settings for telling Google NOT to display tags or author archives in its search engine because they can outrank your posts.

If this “geek-tech” talk is over your head, don’t fret because Ian lays out the nuts n’ bolts of all this essential SEO stuff in an easy-to-digest-and-execute way.


#9: Using Free Keyword Tools

I really had no idea that using free keyword tools could help you get rankings in Google.

I thought they were complete garbage and a waste of time. Seriously!

Because, I’ve always been taught that “paid” tools are the only way to reach page-1 of Google with your blog posts.


Come to think of it, maybe the guys behind those training courses just wanted to turn a buck from their keyword tools or making recommendations.

But anyway, Ian shows you EXACTLY how to use the Google Keyword Planner tool in conjunction with MozBar for assessing competition and finding the perfect keywords for rankings.

Ian does also recommend using a premium tool like Long Tail Pro for your research because it will make life A LOT easier.

But it’s not essential because you can get awesome results using free tools, they just require manual labour and more of your time for finding keywords.

Needless to say, freebie tools are gonna save you a handful of buckaroonies too. 😉

Well, until your site takes off and you can afford to fork out for advanced tools.


#10: A Tale of Two Brothers

Ian tells a short story about two brothers.

One brother basically built a sufficient niche website – he didn’t follow FIMP’s niche training and has above average content.

But his keyword research is on point.

The other bro built one heck of an awesome site with amazing content – following FIMP’s training to a tee.

Except, he’s published content without doing keyword research the right way beforehand.

But the question is, who is the unsuccessful one of the two?

It’s actually brother #2 because his keyword research is crap = little to no rankings in Google.

The reason why this story hit home for me is the fact that I AM that second brother – although the story’s not actually about me, HAHA.

To cut a long story short, I’ve published 319 posts (at the time of publishing this review) and have struggled like hell for the past 17 months to gain traction in Google.

Only 50 – 90 visitors land on my blog each day, which is absolutely appalling, to say the least.

Sadly, the Jaaxy keyword tool has been providing INACCURATE keyword data – sabotaging my online Biz by drilling holes in my canoe, as Ian put it.

Regrettably, from this point on, I’m dropping Jaaxy like a sack of potatoes.

Now THIS is my new #1 recommended research tool.

So it just goes to show that insufficient keyword research or even using an ineffective keyword tool like Jaaxy CAN and WILL sink your Biz like the Titanic.

But now following SEO/keyword research “the FIMP & ‘FN’ way”, I have absolute faith that sunny days are ahead.

Watch this space…


Pros VS. Cons of From Nothing


  • It’s dirt cheap for the sheer volume of value it contains
  • Contains the essential actionable steps for a successful online Biz on a budget
  • The guidance is laid out in a simple-to-follow format (+ screenshots)
  • Performs awesomely on all e-reading devices, including MacBook Pro/PC
  • Tons of great reading features available, including customisable ones
  • It’s the ideal “BS free” starting point for any newbie
  • Ian’s a reputable marketer & a likable dude!


  • It’s only available on Kindle (but dunno if Ian plans to roll out a paperback edition)
  • If you’re after a Kindle on the “magic bullet” way of making a buck, then look elsewhere, sucker!


Final Thoughts on Ian Pribyl’s From Nothing…

A Big Thumbs UpConsidering it’s my very first time reading a Kindle ebook (lol), I loved feasting my eyes on Ian Pribyl’s ‘From Nothing’ publication.

Not just for the fact that it’s super easy and fabulous to read, but also because Ian has jam-packed so much value inside it – 15 whole years worth of his online money-making experience since the age of 16.

In my opinion, it’s so much more than just a book.

More like the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing.

Some kinda undiscovered Indiana Jones-style artefact.

Everything a newbie would ever need for creating a profitable Biz via blogging from scratch is inside Ian’s straight-talking-fluff-free book.

This review has barely covered the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to ‘FN’ under the surface!

The Bottom Line:

It’s very rare to have someone like Ian in this industry genuinely fighting your corner without teaching bad habits and squeezing you like a lemon for cash – like most training courses, Gurus, and especially fraudsters do.

So you should be snapping Ian’s arm off for his 10 dollar ‘FN’ book! Figuratively speaking, of course.


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘FN’ and/or the FIMP clan, we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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