IBO Toolbox: I Had ZERO Results – Read My Review!

This is THE ONLY “unbiased” NO BS review of IBO Toolbox from a “non-affiliate” of the platform!

If you want the honest truth about the program, then dive right in…

Discover Why I Had Zero Results With IBO Toolbox
Quick Overview:

Name: IBO Toolbox.

Website: ibotoolbox.com.

Cost: Free. $19.95/month for CLUBIBO. Ad credit packs from $10 to $100 each.

Original Owner: Paul Williams.

My Score: 3/10.

Verdict: Members mainly interact to receive free ad credits, you get inbox spam from some members, the text/banner ads don’t convert, and biased Press Releases are published by a number of MLMers promoting crap.

These are just a handful of the things I hate about the community.

It’s not a SCAM, but it may as well be, in my opinion!

Before jumping into this review…

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What’s IBO Toolbox All About?

Put simply, IBO TOOLBOX (ITB) is an Internet Marketing platform – providing you with a social network of business owners to hang out with, tools, training, support, and other features for building an online empire.

My first impression of ‘ITB’ was actually a great one because straight off the bat, I was welcomed into the community with open arms.

See some welcome comments I received on the member wall. (Faces and names are hidden for privacy reasons).
Welcome Comments From IBO Toolbox Members
All of which, I responded to because it’s common courtesy and a great way to start building new connections. Wouldn’t you agree?

But did I get one single “LIKE” or a simple response of “You’re welcome” from any member?

The short answer: NOPE!

It was the first red flag that suggested the community was full of fakers who didn’t really give a rats ass about that magical word called “engagement”.


Who is ‘ITB’ Suitable For?

The community is a hangout for any online-based business owner, whether they’re an Affiliate Marketer or in the field of MLM (Network Marketing).

But from the biz opp hype promoted, it clearly swings towards MLMers who also use garbage traffic exchanges and programs like Global Money Line, and Cash Downline Builder, etc, for promoting their stuff.

In my opinion, ‘ITB’ is the type of program that attracts folks with little to no marketing experience, who are still stuck in the 90s and refuse to learn real internet marketing skills lol.


What Training + Tools Do You Get?

Inside the members’ area, Kris Karafotas (‘ITB’ trainer) has put together some quick step-by-step walk-through video tutorials on using the features.

There are live training webinars every Wednesday as well.

In addition, there’s a recommended site called “Marketing With Kris”, where she gives you step-by-step training for taking full advantage of the platform and its benefits.

When it comes to the tools and features, you get access to:

  • Social Media Traffic Exchange
  • Banner Exchange Network
  • Banner Creator Platform
  • Video Sharing Platform
  • Online Classified Feature
  • Micro Job Site
  • Question & Answer Site
  • Press Release Tool
  • Link Shortener Service
  • SMS Lookup Tool
  • Mobile APP Version of The Site

However, not all tools are top-notch because there’s a mixture of good and also really bad ones that are ineffective.


Any Help & Support Available?

There are a few options available when it comes to member support.

  • The help desk gives you the opportunity to create a ticket, view a knowledge base, the how-to videos & also community forums
  • You can join chat rooms or create your own
  • Live chat is available to connect with other members
  • The opportunity to follow social profiles & engage
  • There’s also a wall for connecting biz owners together

But the last option is pretty crappy since very few people will engage with you (as I discovered for myself).


How Much Does IBO Toolbox Cost to Join?

To become part of the business community isn’t gonna cost you a single penny.

However, you can upgrade to CLUBIBO. You get a 7-day free trial and then it’s $19.95 per month for additional benefits and the option to promote ‘ITB’ for commissions.

Finally, there’s the option to purchase advertising credits for text ads and banners from $10 – $100 per time (depending on how many credits you want).

‘ITB’ may seem like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but trust me, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies…


4 Good Reasons Why ‘ITB’ SUCKS!

Lisa Simpson Doing The Loser Sign
These 4 negative aspects of ‘ITB’ are from my own experiences, after I experimented with it for 3 weeks!

In all honesty, the time and effort would have been better invested into other tried and proven strategies for building my online business.

But hey-ho!

#1: Advertising Produced $0 Income!

I participated in tasks – mainly welcomed new community members and published Press Releases to accumulate free credits so I could promote a short text ad and a banner to the community.

(Sadly, free advertising credits is the only reason why community members are active).

In total, my ads got 1,446 views and 57 hits (apparently) in a few days.
IBO Toolbox Ad Stats
But did I make a single lead, referral or a dime from my affiliate offers? NOPE, not a sausage!

My ads didn’t convert for 2 very simple reasons:

  1. Members are far too busy promoting their own stuff for “commissions”. 
  2. Members also get “free credits” from clicking your ads. They accumulate credits for advertising their stuff.

Can you understand why this process isn’t gonna be profitable for any member?

It’s just like a typical BS traffic exchange that never works!

#2: Ineffective Press Releases!

Apparently, there are other benefits (besides accumulating worthless credits) when it comes to publishing Press Releases via the PR tool:

  1. They are visible on the community wall.
  2. Your articles can get ranked in Google.

So I tested out the waters with two PRs on different affiliate offers.

And guess what?

The Press Releases generated ZERO engagement and support from ‘ITB’ members and also got ZERO rankings in Google.

No traffic, No referrals, No sales, No commissions, NO NOTHING!

Unless you’re a well-established member who’s been knocking around ‘ITB’ for some time – MLMers simply ignore your content.

Don’t believe me?

See a Press Release from an “average” member VS a “highly decorated veteran” one.
IBO Toolbox Press Releases
Who got the “LIKES” and “REPLIES”?

It’s pretty disgusting behavior because everyone should be supporting one another by “paying it forward”, regardless of how many stars are next to their names.

There are far too many “brown nosers” inside ‘ITB’ for my liking, and it’s inexcusable!

It kinda reminds me of when employees sucked up to the bosses at my previous UK supermarket job lol.

#3: SPAM From Members!

Not all members are guilty of it, but the majority of direct messages I received contained spammy links to MLM opportunities and trashy hyped up offers.

Here’s just one of the many I got inboxed.
Message Spam From IBO Toolbox Members

One of the ways to fail miserably online is definitely through “spamming” people’s inboxes to death, whether it’s via personal email or in-house messaging systems.

Spammers have obviously never been taught how to be profitable online using ethical and effective marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, ‘ITB’ allows too many of its members to abuse its direct messaging feature. SPAM can be a huge turn off for noobs especially.

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#4: Members Publish “Biased” Content!

I guess slapping a ban on community negativity is one way to protect everyone’s best interests at ‘ITB’.

BUT members aren’t allowed to publish “unbiased” Press Releases, which means most MLM biz opp and product reviews aren’t to be trusted.

In fact, I came across a number of PRs that promoted trashy opportunities and low-level products.

In my opinion, the “biased” approach is unethical because it exploits the vulnerable members.

If you do decide to join, then take everything you see in the community with a pinch of salt.

Want even more proof that ‘ITB’ isn’t up to par?…


See Complaints Made Against ‘ITB’…

After conducting further research into the community online, I discovered a big bunch of unhappy folks who also had bad experiences with it.

I’m glad it wasn’t just me lol.

Discover what others have said about ‘ITB’ on the Warrior Forum (the top forum for internet marketers):
Worthless clicks, worthless service“…

IBO Toolbox Complaint Found on Warrior Forum
ZERO traffic & connections“…

IBO Toolbox Member Complaint Inside Warrior Forum
Take member reviews with a grain of salt“…

A Complaint Against IBO Toolbox Inside Warrior Forum
A waste of time & full of MLMers of the worst kind“…

IBO Toolbox Member Complaining Inside Warrior Forum
You can read more negative ‘ITB’ comments here from former members.

Please also be aware of the “biased” reviews of the community on LeadsLeap.

On the first page of Google, I found a bunch of folks using the LeadsLeap “Social Review” feature for blowing smoke up ‘ITB’s’ ass and giving it “5 stars“.
Biased IBO Toolbox Reviews on Leads Leap
Those members make “affiliate commissions” from community newbies who upgrade, which is why their reviews are one-sided and don’t give you the full truthful picture.

The BIG Question: Who are you gonna trust – the marketers who didn’t make a single cent using ‘ITB’ or the affiliates peddling it for a buck?




  • It costs nothing to get started
  • Free credits for completing various tasks
  • Training from Kris Karafotas (IBO trainer)
  • Video tutorials on using the resources
  • Live weekly training webinars
  • Live chat is available


  • The platform is overwhelming when starting out
  • Banners and ads make the community spammy/tacky
  • Your ad promotions are ineffective
  • Some MLMers direct message you with SPAM
  • If you’re a newbie, your Press Releases are ignored
  • Very little to no engagement from members on your profile & the wall
  • Negativity is disallowed – You’re not entitled to honest “unbiased” opinions & reviews
  • Some low-quality micro jobs within the IBOgigs feature
  • Upgrading & buying credits for ineffective advertising makes it a “scheme”, in my book


Closing Thoughts: Is IBO Toolbox Really Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs Down‘ITB’ is LEGIT, but I really dislike the ineffective traffic exchange, hyped up cheesy banners + text ads, and the “spamming” from members.

What really peeves me off especially is that the community is “fake” – the people make very little effort to connect with you, and even when they do, it’s so they can accumulate credits to promote their stuff to you.

It’s a never-ending process of members advertising mostly garbage to one another “under the same roof” and having little success.

A REAL online business is built from “helping” folks, creating trust, and building your authority. Not through ramming poor-quality products/opportunities down people’s throats within a community.

There may be a few good features that do work inside ‘ITB’, but upgrading your membership and buying ad credits is a complete waste of time and money.

Did you know there are nearly 4 BILLION internet users? Incredible, huh?

That’s one heck of an opportunity for you to create a successful affiliate marketing or MLM business.

So why waste time chasing your tail with a group of MLMers advertising to one another inside a community, when there’s a real “targeted” audience of opportunity-seekers out there?

The internet’s your oyster. Utilize it!

The Bottom Line: ‘ITB’ is still operating like it’s the 90s – offering some tacky outdated strategies that don’t work. It’s not recommended.

If you wanna learn real online marketing skills and build a highly profitable business with affiliate marketing…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or negative experiences with ‘ITB’, that you’d like to share – we’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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