Insiders Cash Club: It’s Safer on The OUTSIDE! [Review]

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Simply put, the Insiders Cash Club is just another dirty product making outlandish claims. *YAWN*

Sadly, the only thing that’s waiting for you on the inside is utter disappointment.

If you wanna know why it’s much safer to stay on the OUTSIDE of this so-called “cash club” and keep it at arm’s length, then jump into this honest review!

It is Safer on The Outside With Insiders Cash Club Review
Quick Overview

Name: Insiders Cash Club (ICC).


Cost: $37 (apparently).

Owner: Jeffrey Hart or Jeremy Scott (both used as stage names).

 My Score: 2/10.

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What’s The Insiders Cash Club All About?

On the sales page, ‘ICC’ boldly claims it’s some “re-released foolproof system” that could make you $500 – $5,000 per week!

The hypie sales video then blurts out stuff on ‘ICC’ being some ‘Done For You’ system…

All you have to do is “Copy n’ Paste” the system for boatloads of cash rolling into your account as easy as apple pie…

Blah, blah, blah!

And when you enter your name and email to gain access, guess what happens?

YUP, you land on another page/video full to the brim of more hype and Bullsh*t “get-rich-quick” promises.

Additionally, they will have your email address. So there’s no telling how much fraudulent stuff they’re gonna spam you to death with or even whether they’ll sell your info to a 3rd party.

Regardless of a “disclaimer” on the ‘ICC’ pages, I would take it with a pinch of salt because anyone peddling “quick riches” stuff shouldn’t be trusted one bit.

The sales pitch is basically the same old “too good to be true” crap you hear time-and-time again – just so some dirtbag can pocket at YOUR expense.

‘ICC’ is also a rehash of EZ Money Team – since the pair has identical sales pages/videos and spew out the same BS.

So I’d just like to give you a friendly heads up because the scam may well be floating around the web under various other names trying to and catch you out.


Let’s Talk Red Flags, Shall We?

In addition to ‘ICC’ being a non-existent system and trying to sell you “the dream”, both the sales pages and videos certainly come with a bunch of scam warnings, that you seriously need to take note of before joining.

This is the BS being deployed throughout the sales pages…

#1: The use of “scarcity” at its worst!

Apparently, the site’s gonna be taken down in 24 hours.
Insiders Cash Club Fake Scarcity
But I know that’s a load of BS from the get-go because I guarantee if you visit the site tomorrow, in a couple of days time or even next week – you’ll see the same message along with a fake countdown timer.

It’s basically a tactic to send you into “panic buying mode” so you don’t miss out on the so-called golden opportunity of a lifetime.

#2: Then comes the whole “as seen on news channel X” tactic.
Insiders Cash Club Fake News Channel Endorsement
Again, it’s nothing but a shady trick for gaining your trust.

With the abc, Fox News and CNBC logos displayed, why would you not invest your cash?

You can also bet your bottom dollar that ‘ICC’ never has been featured on any of the top news channels because it’s just some fairy tale system.

#3: The con artist behind ‘ICC’ claims you’re gonna get coaching, webinars, support, and ebooks (worth over $11K) for just a small “one-time” fee of $37 LOL!
Insiders Cash Club Fake Cost
I’ve never heard such nonsense in all my life!

First of all, you can get the same resources (+ more) for just $359/year here. So $11K is a pretty outlandish claim.

Besides, who in their right mind would splash out $1,000s to get started in the first place, huh?

Add to the fact, that a one-off payment of just $37 isn’t a substantial amount for total success online because it will require at least a few hundred dollars (as I just pointed out).

Plus, for any product creator to short sell themselves by such a huge margin is an absolute joke!

Why would they sell a “life-changing” system for only $37 – reduced from $11,000?!


The ONLY reason why you think you’re getting a bargain and a half is so the creator of this sham can easily increase his chances of getting his hands on your money.

And even when you do invest $37, it’s just another trick to get you through the door so the guy can entice you with more products (Upsells) in order to maximize his profits from YOU.

This is called a “sales funnel” approach (as discussed in the ‘DotCom Secrets’ book). But unfortunately, scammers are using the technique to their advantage too.

#4: There are a couple of member testimonials. One from a lady named “Beth Ayala” and another from “Bill Hasiotis”.

Say Hello to Bill who claims ‘ICC’ is so easy-peasy and has raked him in $4K in just a few short months.
Insiders Cash Club Fake Member Testimonials
But right off the bat, it’s BS because there’s no proof to back up his story.

And since his pic is taken from another site (I found on Google) anyway makes the whole testimonial void.
Insiders Cash Club Fake Testimonial
#5: And as for “Jeffrey Hart/Jeremey Scott” or whoever he chooses to be, there’s also no proof of this guy existing.

He claims to be the creator and video narrator but scammers have a tendency to hide behind “pen names” and hire folks from Fiverr for their “spokesperson” services.

Failing to expose his or her TRUE identity is nothing more than a cowardly act because they know ‘ICC’ is a pile of deceptive trash, at the end of the day.


So, What Do You Get For $37?

Well, actually, not a lot.

Once you gain access to the membership area, you’ll get some basic video training on the concept of “eCommerce” and earning a passive income, a bunch of webinars, and an ebook to download.

So at least there’s SOME truth in ‘ICC’ when it comes to the resources part.

But there’s no way on earth you would pay $11,000 because the training you receive can easily be found for “free” on the web and it’s also inadequate for creating a successful empire.

Unfortunately, extra costs will be required for getting your eCommerce Biz up and running, and even off the ground.

But one thing’s for certain…

You sure as hell don’t receive the “super magical wealth-building” system that’s promised to you in the BS sales videos, I’ll tell you that!


Final Take: Is Insiders Cash Club a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownSince the ‘ICC’ offers a little value and also a 60-day money back guarantee slapped on top, means I can’t really label it as a flat scam. Although nothing would please me more.

But because of the overhyped income claims, the red flags that go with them, and especially the promise of some “quick wealth” system from La La Land – ‘ICC’ gets the title of Borderline Scam and is not recommended.

Making money on the internet and changing your life around is 100% doable.

But not in the way that ‘IIC’ claims because the notion of “get-rich-quick” is a just a myth. It’s as simple as that.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘ICC’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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