Instant Commission Profits – Is $120 in 20 Mins Doable? (Review)

Welcome to my honest review of Instant Commission Profits!

Does it really deliver what it states on the tin?

Or is it gonna be just a time-wasting product that does nothing for you from an online money-making standpoint?

Get stuck into THIS review to find out…

Instant Commission Profits Review
Quick Overview

Name: Instant Commission Profits (ICP).


Cost: $5.95 + $308 for upsells.

Owners: Mosh Bari, Srijan Bhardwaj & Idrees Farooq.

My Score: 3/10.

Verdict: (LEGIT).


Instant Commission Profits revolves around creating YouTube videos and getting them ranked highly in order to drive organic vistors.

So you can potential earn from whatever affiliate products you choose to promote.

However, the downside to the training you get is that it’s just too basic for my liking.

Because the guys don’t go deep enough into implementing the strategies from a beginner standpoint.

This is always the case with WarriorPlus products, sadly.

So to potentially get a taste of success with ‘ICP’, you must fork out for the upsells.

But before taking one more step further…

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What’s Instant Commission Profits All About?

Mosh Bari (one of the Copy Profits Case Study creators) has teamed up with some more pals to create the Instant Commission Profits system.

The 3 marketers claim that ‘ICP’ will help you bank a super easy 120 bucks within just 20 minutes of signing up for their system.

Followed by $120/daily from working just 20 minutes per day!

I don’t know about you, but that word called “HYPE” springs to mind.

As a newbie, you’ve got more chance of seeing an elephant dancing on a tight-rope LOL.

And I’ll explain why soon enough.

In a nutshell, ICP is just a bunch of YouTube training videos on making preparations for generating an income from affiliate marketing.

But believe me, there’s nothing quick and easy about raking in $100 paydays because affiliate marketing takes time and effort.


Who is Instant Commission Profits  Geared Towards?

The system is intended for folks who wanna set up landing pages and create their own videos on YouTube.

In order to drive free organic Google traffic as well as paid traffic to their videos and pages.

However, ‘ICP’ isn’t exactly newbie-friendly, which means you’ll struggle, in my opinion.

Because the basic training lacks depth when it comes to getting started and building a successful Biz on the internet.

Well, what else would you expect from a 6-dollar WarriorPlus product?

But I digress, let’s move on to the main part…


What Training do You Get Access to Inside Instant Commission Profits?

Once you’re inside the programs that looks like this below:
Instant Commission Profits Video Training
There’s a total of 15 video tutorials broken down into 4 different categories:


Module 1: The System

  • Introduction
  • Overview of The System
  • The Tools You Need
  • The Promotion Calendar


Module 2: How IT Works

  • Picking an Affiliate Offer
  • Get a Link With Testimonial
  • Access to Review Copy & Sales Page Review
  • Review Video or Sales Video, What Works Better?
  • Preparation of Your Commission Pages
  • Using Instabuilder to Create a Commission Page


Module 3: Traffic

  • Free or Paid Traffic
  • Creating a Capture Page For a List
  • Optimizing Your Review Video For Top Rankings on Google
  • Getting Free Traffic From YouTube


Module 4: The Results

  • Real Results, Hiding Nothing

The training certainly seems awesome, doesn’t it?

But don’t be fooled by the modules.

Because although there’s a handful of good videos, there are also many short and vague tutorials when it comes to implementing the strategies.

The guys behind ‘ICP’ seriously need to make a bigger effort and actually walk you through step-by-step training from start to finish.

Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to buy the upsells to make any real progress.

Which leads to the next question…


How Much is Instant Commission Profits Gonna Cost?

To become a basic member of the training platform is only $5.95 (apparently reduced from $97).

But to be honest, I wouldn’t even pay almost a 100 bucks because the value just isn’t there for me.

And then come the upsells:


Upsell #1: Done For You Campaigns – $17

These are your Copy & Paste campaigns to help you reel in 3-figure affiliate commissions from multiple income sources.


#2: Case Study Package – $27

There are 2 case studies that will show you how to increase your profits by 600% whilst cutting your workload by half.


#3: Pro Package – $67

Get a custom-made WordPress blogging package that builds you high converting, high engaging, and SEO friendly video sites in seconds.

But why spend 67 bucks, when you can get a FREE WordPress blog here?!


Upsell #4: Reseller Package – $197

You’ll receive 10 top Done For You gigs and also get 100% commissions when selling the ICP memberships to others.


PROS vs CONS of Instant Commission Profits


  • It costs less than $6 to get started
  • There’s a little step-by-step video training
  • There are some good tool recommendations


  • The basic training needs a lot more depth
  • No tools or support provided in your members’ area
  • Upsell investments are required to make progress with your business
  • From a newbie point of view, the program makes unrealistic income claims
  • It’s a WarriorPlus product, which says it all


Final Thoughts: Is Instant Commission Profits Worth it?…

Although Instant Commission Profits does provide an acceptable level of basic training in a few of its videos…

Most of the tutorials fall short because they just aren’t detailed enough for helping you get up and running with an online Biz.

However, one video in particular (Optimizing Review Your Video For Top Rankings on Google) kinda raises a couple of red flags for me.

For starters, keyword research software isn’t even used to show you how to find effective keywords for #1 YouTube rankings.

If you don’t use a keyword tool, you’re basically building a business blindfolded when it comes to SEO.

Secondly, the guys teach you an outdated “keyword stuffing” technique for your YouTube video descriptions.

Google could see it as “gaming”, and it’s a possibility that your videos won’t get ranked.

So, why is it impossible to earn $120 within only 20 minutes of joining ‘ICP’?

Well, since you’ve first gotta watch 72.62 minutes worth of basic training videos + spend heaps of time implementing the strategies…

There’s actually ZERO logic behind their claims! LOL.

And even if you do implement everything the program teaches and buy into the upsells…

It’s still gonna take plenty of time and effort (in ternms of MONTHS) to generate $100+ per day in affiliate commissions.

Personally, I think Mosh Bari, Srijan Bhardwaj, and Idrees Farooq are leading newbies astray with their hyped up system.

So I’m giving ‘ICP’ a BIG thumb’s down.


Here’s a Much Better Way to Earn With Affiliate Marketing…

Don’t get me wrong, YouTube’s a highly powerful method for making a full-time living from affiliate marketing.

But unfortunately, the guys behind ‘ICP’ make it sound like a piece of p*ss when it’s far from it.

Plus, the basic training they provide is inadequate for success to begin with (in my opinion).

So if you want a platform that actually equips you with the essentials…

In terms of SiteRubix websites (blogs), in-depth training & 24/7 support for creating a successful Biz using the power of Google…

==> Join The Wealthy Affiliate Community as a Free Starter Member!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘ICP’ – we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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