Instant Email Empire: An Instant Con Trick? [Reviewed]

So, the Instant Email Empire has dropped into your inbox.

And you’re on my review wanting to know if it’s just another garbage scam to avoid like the black plague, right?

I don’t blame you for being skeptical because you SHOULD.

Especially, when it comes to numerous Clickbank products in the “make money” arena these days.

But you’re certainly in the right place to get the truthful answer you’re looking for!

So grab my unbiased review for the lowdown…

Instant Email Empire Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Instant Email Empire (IEE).


Cost: “FREE”, apparently.

Owner: Bobby.

My Score: Revealed at the end.

But before getting stuck into this review.

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What’s Instant Email Empire All About?

According to both the Instant Email Empire sales page and video…

Some internet millionaire named “Bobby” is gonna pay you $100 to try out his free ‘Done For You’ automated system.
Instant Email Empire Fake Owner
The dude claims his system is raking him in $125 per day from sending simple emails.

And he’s allowing you to duplicate his success at no cost to your billfold or purse.

But what’s in it for him?

How on earth is he gonna profit from giving his away his money-making system like some saint?


It just so happens that Bobby, is in fact, as fake as a two dollar bill.

Because, you can locate him on Fiverr selling his “acting” services for pennies on the dollar.

Male Fiverr Spokesperson Seller


Say Hello to the REAL Bobby (above) or whoever the heck he is.

So this is proof that the ACTUAL person responsible for ‘IEE’ hides behind a “pen name” and some random spokesperson.

Hmm, I wonder why…

Right off the bat, the sales video raises a couple of Red Flags to be cautious of.


How Bobby’s Instant Email Empire System Works, Allegedly…

The idea is that you enter your name and email address to get your “free” account set up which is step 1.

Then step 2 is actually getting started – where Bobby claims to fill your account with 5,000 hungry subscribers.

So you can start cashing in the big bucks immediately.

So you’re led to believe you’ll be getting everything done for you and it’s not gonna cost you a single penny to be able to live the life of Riley.


The system definitely seems “too good to be true”, don’t you reckon?

Sadly, the truth be told, Bobby’s just a bullsh*tter because his system ISN’T free at all.

In order to gain access through step 2, you must fork out a one-time $34, apparently.

The proof’s in the pudding.
Lies About The Cost
Additionally, his system DOESN’T work the way he claims either. More Red Flags hoisted.

And here’s why…


How Instant Email Empire “Actually” Works For $

Once you gain access to the membership area, there are numerous steps and additional costs involved for getting your system up and running.

Step #1: Set up an email autoresponder with a third party service called Builderall for $29/month.

Where ‘IEE’  will give you a bunch of email subscribers on a weekly basis.

Step #2: Spend an extra $177 for 3,000 subscribers from an unknown source via an upsell.

Step #3: Copy n’ Paste a bunch of SPAMMY emails to your subscribers via your autoresponder.

A pre-written email example.
Instant Email Empire Spammy Emails
Basically, you’ll be blasting out these types of emails for promoting ‘IEE’ to your subscribers so you can rake in the affiliate commissions.

Also, none of the emails you bulk send comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Because, ‘IEE’ fails to teach you how to email your list “legally”.

So be warned, illegally spamming leads from an unknown source can and will lead to consequences.


And Then Come The Money Steps…

Step #4: Multiply your earnings.

But in order to do that, you’re convinced to spend $100s on additional products from another money-making program.

Step #5: This final step covers how much you can rake in from your subscribers.

And also talks about logging into your ClickForce Traffic account for monitoring your commissions.

But the problem is, you don’t have the foggiest idea on how you’re actually gonna get paid, which is VERY worrying.

Simply put, you pay $34 only to spend $100s more on services, poor-quality leads, and other products…

In order to make affiliate commissions from “spamming” ‘IEE’ to those leads.

In my opinion, you’re taking a big risk because ‘IEE’ could land you in hot water.

You could very easily be fined $1,000s for breaking the law.

Is it really worth it?


Really Wanna Crush it as an Email Marketer?

As for the concept of email marketing, you’re never gonna get rich from just blasting out “promotional” emails anyway.

Like any internet marketing strategy, email marketing takes a lot of time and effort for it to pay off in the long term.

You must deliver VALUE and build rapport with your subscribers before they’re willing to buy your product recommendations.

If you need some pointers on email marketing, then check out the following articles:

Email marketing isn’t as easy as some so-called marketers make it seem.

But if you’re willing to learn and apply the right techniques, you can create a highly successful Biz online.


Conclusion: Is Instant Email Empire a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownUnfortunately, YES, I do believe ‘IEE’ is a flat-out SCAM that gets a big fat score of 0/10.

Regardless of Clickbank offering you a full $34 refund, by that time, you could have lost $100s, $1,000s or even $10,000s for breaking the law using ‘IEE’.

Firstly, if you buy and email subscribers from an untrustworthy source, they are likely to report you for “SPAM”.

Secondly, if you blast out bulk emails that don’t comply with the law and you get caught, then you’re screwed.

In my opinion, ‘IEE’ is a recipe for disaster.

The ONLY person who makes REAL money is the creator who deceives vulnerable newbies…

Telling them the system is free when it’s not, hiding behind a pen name/Fiverr actor, and generally spewing out hype.

Put simply, this Clickbank product will NOT work for you.

Therefore, it’s not recommended.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or questions on ‘IEE’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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