Instant Income Method: An INSTANT Dud? [Reviewed]

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With the latest and greatest money-making opportunity called Instant Income Method from Mack Mills, the guy kinda makes it seem so incredibly simple and easy to rake in bundles of cash.

But does his system actually deliver or is it just another bogus program to keep at arm’s length?

Grab this article if you wanna know the truth!

Is The Instant Income Method an Instant Dud Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Instant Income Method (IIM).


Cost: $97 + $19.95 + $35 per month.

Owner: Mack Mills.

My Score: 5/10.

But before diving into this review for the lowdown on ‘IIM’…

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What’s Instant Income Method All About?

Mack Mills (also the creator of Digital Income Method and Daily Income Method) has designed another online money-maker called ‘IIM’.

The guy sure has a thing for “income method” lol. Wouldn’t you agree?

When you watch the sales video for ‘IIM’, it comes across as “too good to be true” right off the bat because like all scams, Mr. Mills gives you a false impression of the Internet Marketing world.

He clearly puts the idea into your head that a lavish lifestyle can easily be yours by showing you luxury cars, millionaire mansions, and also shoves a pile of cash in your face.
Mack Mills From The Instant Income Method
Hmm… I’m sure the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) would have a field day if they discovered the hype being pitched by Mack.


To make the sort of cash he boasts about will take you MONTHS of “hard work”. There is no quick and easy path to riches, I’m afraid. It does not exist.

But to be fair to the dude, he’s a successful webpreneur who certainly knows his marketing stuff for helping others.

So I’ve gotta give him some credit where it’s due. 🙂


How Can You rake in The Dough With ‘IIM’?

Despite the sales video containing some hype, Mack’s upfront with you about how his system works, which is by helping you fix your poor credit score (IF you have one) and earning an income from helping others do the same.

So there’s definitely value to be gained out of his system.

But how does it work, that’s the question?

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, ‘IIM’ ISN’T a stand-alone opportunity because what he actually provides you with is a sales funnel system for making money from myEcon (ME).

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “sales funnel”, Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels) has put together free training which shows you HOW to build funnels for earning $ by promoting his products as an affiliate.

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Now back to ‘ME’…

‘ME’ is a USA-based MLM biz opp which enables you to earn commissions from helping folks fix their credit scores and obviously building a team of reps for yourself at the same time.

But having said that, it also offers random products and services like ID Defender, Book Travel, Health & Nutrition, Coffees, and Roadside Assistance.
MyEcon Products
A little weird for a company teaching financial strategies, don’t you think?

As for the commissions, I’m not even gonna go there and try to explain it, because like with all MLMs, the compensation plan seems too complex.

So check out the “comp” video I found below land let an actual rep do all the talking lol.

But the only thing that turns my stomach with ‘ME’ is the fact that I’ve seen numerous reps all over social media (Facebook mainly) posting hyped up status updates and bragging about the $100s they’re pulling in.


Now, when it comes to ‘IIM’, the sales marketing funnel is basically a system which Mack has designed for making himself extra cash when you buy into it and sign up to ‘ME’ via his affiliate link.

There’s nothing wrong with that, whatsoever, because once you become an ‘ME’ rep yourself, you’ll also be using Mack’s ‘Done-For-You’ funnel system for making it easier to recruit new distributors and earn off product sales.

However, the only challenge lies in learning HOW to drive targeted traffic to your funnel and also looking for the best solo ad vendors for email traffic that converts into leads and sales.

In my experience as an Internet Marketer, it’s one thing to have a ‘Done-For-You’ system in place.

But as a newbie, learning the “marketing” aspect is a totally different ball game which requires plenty of time and effort.


Let’s Count The Costs…

To become a distributor of myEcon will cost a setup fee of $19.95 plus a monthly cost of $34.95 which gets you a replicated site, training, and a bunch of products with your membership.

In my opinion, the costs for myEcon are fairly reasonable which puts other high-cost MLMs to shame.

As for ‘IIM, it’s $97 to get your hands on a ‘Done-For-You’ system for helping you profit with ‘ME’.

However, since Mack is gonna be making a buck from you anyway, shouldn’t he be giving you his system for “free”?


In addition to those costs, Mack encourages you to choose the “paid traffic” route which is by far the best way for sending targeted visitors to your squeeze page/funnel for being profitable.

But with that said, your costs for solo ads, for example, can very easily rack up to $100s, which is a costly way to get started online – especially if you don’t choose the right vendor for high-quality traffic and good conversion rates.


Final Thoughts: Is Instant Income Method a Scam?…

Yes and NoMy mind is kinda playing tug of war with itself, which means I’m sitting on the fence with ‘IIM’.

Sorry! LOL.

On the plus side, Mack’s ‘Done-For-You’ funnel makes life easier with myEcon, isn’t a bad price (although, it should really be $0), and he’s also saved you time and money because it means you don’t need to learn HOW to build profitable funnels yourself.

Also, ‘ME’ isn’t gonna leave gaping holes in your pockets (like most MLMs) for the Biz Opp, which is a positive I guess.

But on the downside, Mack gives you the false impression that you can “easily and quickly” live a lavish lifestyle with his system.

The truth be told, it will take you MANY months to earn a full-time income from using ‘IIM’ to build your ‘ME’ Biz.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Secondly, driving paid traffic to your funnel (without in-depth training) can be an expensive game when first starting out – especially if you’re a noob on a tight budget too.

Thirdly, folks who join MLMs like ‘ME’ do so for “recruitment” purposes instead of actually giving folks value by promoting the products.

Yeah, we all wanna make money online. I get it.

But when it comes to MLM, folks focus on recruiting as many reps as possible for “money-making” reasons instead of actually building something they’re “passionate” about to truly “help” others.

That’s always been one of my biggest pet hates in the Network Marketing/Multi-Level-Marketing arena.


The Bottom Line: ‘IIM’ is 100% LEGIT but whether it’s worth joining or not, I’ll leave that ball in your court.

But before you dash off, check out a better and more cost-effective option for building a successful business on the web…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘IIM’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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