Instant Payday Tricks [Review]: DON’T Get Tricked!

Howdy, a huge welcome to my review of Instant Payday Tricks – another shady Clickbank product!

The dirtbag behind this so-called money-maker reckons you can bank $100s per hour!

“Ya, right. Pull the other one!”

If you wanna know exactly why this thing isn’t gonna deliver what it promises on the tin, then jump right into this honest and unbiased blog post…

Instant Payday Tricks Review
Quick Overview

Name: Instant Payday Tricks (IPT).


Cost: Only $37 (apparently).

Owner: Ed Roberts (just some random stage name).

My Score: A MEGA 1/10.

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What’s Instant Payday Tricks About, Huh?

When you first arrive on the ‘IPT’ sales page, it boldly claims you can “make up to $800 per hour almost immediately using a brand new money hack”.

You can make a WHOPPING $70,000 per month. That’s over $800,000 in a 12-month period, allegedly.
Instant Payday Tricks Fake 800K Yearly Earnings
HAHA, what a crock of sh*t from the get-go!

If this is true, then why isn’t everyone and their grandmother jumping at this opportunity, like there’s no tomorrow?

More to the point, why isn’t everybody already rolling in the dough and generally living the life of Riley with ‘IPT’, huh?


Secondly, no such “new money hack” exists because if it did, I think we’d all know about it by now, ESPECIALLY internet marketers.

And then the sales video starts off with a bunch of abc news special reports on folks making awesome cash working from home in their bathrobes and slippers, etc.

There’s no question about these reports being genuine because people are actually earning an income from home, and I’m one of them with THIS website. 😉

But the person behind ‘IPT’ has bundled these news stories together in order to make their product seem convincing to noobs just like you.

Put simply, he or she uses hocus-pocus wizardry to sweet-talking you into making a purchase – lining THEIR pockets with dollars instead.


I’ll be explaining HOW ‘IPT’ works in more detail in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

But first…


WARNING: It’s Red Flag Hell With Instant Payday Tricks!

The scam warnings I’ve just highlighted are the tip of the iceberg because there’s more laughable sales video bullsh*t to come.

Let’s take a look at how the individual responsible for ‘IPT’ desperately tries to pull the wool over your eyes for THEIR benefit, shall we?


#1: “Make up to $1K Per Hour”…

The video spokesperson doesn’t just claim you can make a whopping 800 bucks on an hourly basis, but also ramps it up to $1,000 per hour… And from minimal effort!
Fake 1K Per Hour Income Claim
SHEESH, now he really is taking the biscuit!


Raking in that amount of cash (especially on an hourly basis) from home as a “newbie” and without lifting a finger is a total Peter Pan myth, I’m afraid.

Even seasoned internet and affiliate marketers can struggle to make $1K every hour.

It literally takes months and years of learning the right skills and working your socks off to earn the big bucks.

So what chance has a novice got, huh?


#2: “$3K in The Last 48 Hours”…

Some 80-year old woman by the name of “Tracy Lund” has reeled in $3,400 in just 2 short days, allegedly.

Say Hello to Tracy.
False Member Income Claims
There are also others who have made similar amounts of huge cash from ‘IPT’ on “autopilot” – using some “simple trick”.


But take the stories with a pinch of salt for two very good reasons.

A) For example, the image of the lady with her hubby in the background is highly likely to be bought from a stock photo website.

Sadly, this is a common tactic deployed among scam artists because it’s a super-easy way of building rapport with you.

I mean, why wouldn’t you wanna trust and relate to a pic of some sweet and innocent old lady?

The same also applies to the fake-ass member video testimonials because they’re “paid actors” hired from Fiverr. I guarantee it!

Even the owner himself reckons he’s making $1,000s per week using ‘IPT’ and shows you a screenshot of his Clickbank earnings.
Fake Clickbank Earnings
B) Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can easily learn how to edit photos and even fabricate screenshots of Clickbank earnings to make it seem convincing, in this day and age.

It’s not exactly rocket science, once you know how.


#3: “Where to go on Your Next Vacation”…

You probably guessed this one was coming, right?

Your hardest decision with ‘IPT’ is choosing your next holiday getaway and brand new luxury motor, apparently.
Instant Payday Tricks Sells a Pipe Dream
All you have to do is pay a small $37 one-time fee and watch your wildest dreams come true, blahdy blah.


Put simply, the guy in the video sells you a “pipe dream” by planting seeds in your head of everything you want out of life.

In the real world, there is no cheap and easy path to accomplishing your dreams. It comes at a cost. It’s as simple as that.


#4: Who on Earth is “Ed Roberts”?…

You’re led to believe that the video spokesperson and owner of ‘IPT’ is called “Ed Roberts.”

Meet Ed.
Instant Payday Tricks Fake Owner
While a short video clip of the guy on his smartphone may seem convincing. It’s not.


Because that video clip could be from anywhere on the web or may even be some random Fiverr actor. Who knows.

But with no circumstantial evidence to prove the guy’s actual identity, makes Ed Roberts a total fabrication, in my book.

In fact, the “pen name” disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page further proves my point LOL.
Ed Roberts is a Pen Name
So if ‘IPT’ is some “magical money” system that makes all your dreams come true without breaking into a sweat, then why is the ACTUAL creator not revealing his or her true identity?

That’s the question you should be asking yourself.


I could bang on all day about the red flags, but I’m sure you get the picture by now of what ‘IPT’ actually stands for: “Get-Rich-Quick” garbage.

Which is no real surprise when it comes to hyped-up Clickbank products these days, like Affiliate Cash Club, Fast Cash App, and Explode My Payday, to name a few others.


What’s Really Happening Behind The Curtains of Instant Payday Tricks?

I can say with 100% certainty that you will NOT be getting your hands on some bulletproof ‘Done For You’ system making huge stacks of cash around clock using ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) – as the ‘IPT’ sales video claims.

Sorry to burst your bubble! 😛

So what really happens once you’ve entered your credentials and submitted the $37 payment is you get bombarded with “Upsells” trying to squeeze more money from you.


When you’ve said “NO” to that crap, you’ll arrive at a dashboard that offers YouTube video tutorials providing basic money-making info on the concept of blogging via Squidoo, article directories, Clickbank, and low-paid ‘GPT’ opportunities, etc.

However, this is the same training you can easily find on YouTube for “free” anyways.

But the biggest problem with the videos inside the dashboard area is that some are seriously outdated – teaching bad habits from years ago that are unlikely to work in today’s internet marketing arena.

In addition to the videos, there are ebooks covering topics on squeeze pages, email list building, and easy ways to market online, to name a few.

But like the videos, the ebooks contain a lot of outdated training material, which raises some serious concerns.

It makes you wonder whether the person behind ‘IPT’ has created this mediocre training themselves or just stolen it from various parts of the web and turned it into a shoddy Clickbank product they could profit from.


But one thing’s certain, they sure as hell don’t have your best interests in mind, otherwise they would teach Internet Marketing skills that work in 2019 and onward.

Wouldn’t you agree?


PROS vs. CONS of ‘IPT’


  • With it being sold via Clickbank, there’s a 60-day refund policy
  • A perfect example of the garbage you should avoid in future


  • “Full” access for $37 is a lie because there are upsells
  • The sales page & video contain pipe dream BS & red flag warnings
  • The product provides seriously outdated (and no doubt, stolen) training
  • As a newbie, you will never make a single cent from this


In Closing: Is Instant Payday Tricks a SCAM?

A Big Thumbs DownThat’s a “tricky” one. *PUN intended* lol.

But on a more serious note, I do believe ‘IPT’ is a scam but also legit at the same time.

Bear with me for a sec while I explain…

On one hand, the person responsible for this ‘IPT’ garbage flat out lies to you throughout the sales video on “getting-rich-quickly”. Plus not to mention the rest of the deception taking place used to lure you in.

But on the other hand, it does deliver SOME form of value (even if the majority of the training’s outdated trash).

Add to the fact that Clickbank will refund you your 37 hard-earned dollars.

However, if you fall for the upsells – spending a chunk of change, I don’t think Clickbank will refund you. So, that’s all on you.

The Bottom Line:

‘IPT’ is a total waste of time and money because it doesn’t deliver on its promises. Don’t expect to make a single dime from it. Period.

Therefore, it’s not recommended.

If you’re sick and tired of fraudsters trying it on with you, but you’re after a 100% LEGIT way to make money online – one that revolves around building a successful Affiliate Marketing Biz…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘IPT’, we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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