Internet Profits – Just Another Online SCAM? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my review of Internet Profits!

Are you really gonna rake in the big bucks on an hourly basis or is it just a rotten scam to be extremely cautious of?

Continue reading for a truthful answer…

Internet Profits is Just Another Scam ReviewedQuick Overview

Name: Internet Profits.


Cost: $9.97 for a 10-day trial. Then a one-time fee of $79.

Owner: Sarah Hunter (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: The program may be cheap as chips, but it doesn’t provide you with any value whatsoever.

Please save yourself the hassle of falling into this “get-rich-quick” trap because it will swallow up your cash.

Before getting stuck into this FULL review for the lowdown on the money-stealing hoax…

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What is Internet Profits?

Internet Profits (IP) is apparently a work from home opportunity paying you up to “$87 per hour!

The other laughable part is that the program doesn’t exactly provide you with much of a task description other than “selling products.” So it could be one of many money-making methods – affiliate marketing, eCommerce, eBaying or MLM, to name a few.

The only thing that the system claims – you’ll get a website, training, and support for getting started online and making big profits.

But unfortunately, ‘IP’s’ sales page is nothing but a load of hype.

And hyped-up programs are either garbage delivering little value or scams, from my experiences.

Check out more of the bullsh*t I’ve reviewed to see my point – Digital Payday, Too Damn Easy, and Cash For Patriots, to name some duds.


Who is The System Aimed at?

It’s a program geared towards peeps who wanna make nearly $100 per hour on the web. ‘IP’ is for home working opportunity seekers in need of an income top-up.

This could be suitable for senior citizens, stay at home moms, college students, and also the unemployed, etc. Basically every man and his dog.

However, it’s designed in a way that gives you high hopes of collecting big profits quickly.

I’ve been involved in internet marketing for a fairly long time, and I know for a fact, as a beginner, there’s no fast and easy route to making money from the world wide web because it’s a myth.


Obvious Red Flag Warning Signs

There are several red flag warnings when it comes to the ‘IP’ program.

To you (as a newbie), they may not seem so obvious at the moment, but with my help, you’ll have a better understanding of the pitfalls to dodge in the future.

Scam Sign #1$87/hour is a big giveaway, in my book. Any home working opportunity or training program that promises you such huge profits per hour, week or month as a beginner, is a lie.

Building out a website and becoming a successful online biz owner takes months of donkey-work before you’ll even earn $87 per day, let alone hourly lol.

Scam Sign #2 Submitting your email address for “availability in your area” is also another con.

You’re not only dishing out your email (which will likely be sold to other companies and used to spam your inbox with additional junk offers/scams) but it’s also a manipulative “urgency” tactic for your wonga.

Don’t trust any program that apparently has to check for available spots.

Scam Sign #3A 60-day refund policy is a joke, in my opinion. Any platform offering you a 2-month refund policy is clearly telling you something… That the opportunity is “poor-quality” and sucks!

But also, it’s another technique implemented for gaining your trust and a membership fee. Will you get your money back after 60 days if it doesn’t work? Hmm… highly unlikely. 

Scam Sign #4When it comes to actually profiting from the IP system, there’s absolutely zero description of the tasks you’ll be carrying out. Oh wait, yes there is… “selling products!” lol.

Any work from home opportunity that’s vague and not upfront about the work involved is untrustworthy. Yet, another cheap manipulation strategy to watch out for.

Whether you cross paths again with ‘IP’ or other fishy opportunities, ensure that you bear the following red flags in mind because they might just save your bacon, my friend!

Unfortunately, with the super information highway these days, you’ve got to tread cautiously because of the number of shams created by tricksters. If something doesn’t feel right with an opportunity, my advice is don’t join.


PROS vs CONS of ‘IP’


  • It’s a great example of the trash to avoid


  • The sales page contains lots of BS & hype
  • The owner “Sarah” is used to hide the scammer’s real identity
  • You won’t make a single cent from it


 My Final Thoughts…

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, you should avoid the Internet Profits system like the plague.

It only gives you one small money-making clue: “the selling of products”, but doesn’t actually dive into any specifics whatsoever, apart from apparently providing you with a website, training resources, and help & support.

But take it with a pinch of salt because I don’t believe there’s any value to be taken away from the platform.

In addition, please be aware of the other red flag scam warning signs – unrealistic hourly income claims, the availability manipulation tactic, and the 60-day policy for refunds.

Any legitimate platform will never ever pull the wool over your eyes because they’re always open and honest, and upfront about what it takes for successfully making money online.

There are many effective strategies for growing an online business and being successful at generating an income online, but unfortunately, ‘IP’ isn’t one of them.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money on the web, and also one that costs $0 to get started with…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or experiences with ‘IP’ that you wanna share, please do feel free to post your comments below. We’d love to hear from you…



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