7 Figure Profit Code: Is it “Life Altering”? [Reviewed]

If you’re looking for an honest review of 7 Figure Profit Code (aka Seven Figure Profit Code), then you’re certainly in the right place, buddy.

So stick around if you wanna discover why you should avoid the online money-maker at all costs!

7 Figure Profit Code Review
Quick Overview:

Name: 7 Figure Profit Code (7FPC).

Website: sevenfigureprofitcode.com.

Cost: $127/$97/$37? (The price is slashed to $17 if you exit).

Owner: Meaghan Harper (used as some random name).

My Score: 2/10.


Unfortunately, the 7 Figure Profit Code makes all sorts of outlandish money-making claims just to make you buy the product.

Furthermore, the sales page raises MULTIPLE red flags – ones that I’m about to highlight in this review.

As for the actual product behind the scenes, by no means is it a reflection of the lies throughout the sales pitch.

Because what you really get in return for your cash is some guidance on building a website using ClickFunnels, which is quite pricey starting from $97/month.

This is so you can collect email leads in order to build a subscriber list to promote affiliate offers to.

But what you’re really encouraged to do is join the Now Lifestyle MLM program (that costs more money) and use your ClickFunnels website to promote it.

But that’s not all because you’re also talked into using a program called WebFire, which you’ll need to pump money into for sending traffic to your site.

So overall, 7FPC really isn’t as simple as it seems because it’s gonna require plenty of time and a chunk of change to see results.

Therefore, I don’t recommend it.

But before you continue reading this review for the lowdown on ‘7FPC’…

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What The Heck is 7 Figure Profit Code About?

7 Figure Profit Code is a replica of Your Freedom Mentor and boldly claims you’ll make TONS of cash with a system that’s as easy as pie to set up.

Even a caveman can do it! LOL.

In fact, all you need to do is watch a short video and Meaghan will set up the system for you at the push of a button.
Fake System Set up Button
Aww, how sweet of her to put you first.

Apparently, to generate a life-changing income, you simply:

Send traffic from places like Facebook to your ‘Done-For-You’ website and watch your bank account explode like a volcano without lifting a finger.

But unfortunately, Meaghan is so full of sh*t because making a boatload of cash on the internet is far from “easy” and “simple”.

Like all scammers, she sells you “the dream lifestyle”.

And “guarantees” that you’ll make money instead of sharing how her system actually works for turning a buck.

This is the first red flag to be cautious of with her so-called money-making system.

So take everything she says with a grain of salt.

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Extra Scam Tactics to Shield Yourself From With 7 Figure Profit Code

What you’ve learned about ‘7FPC’ so far is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid.

In addition to the lies and hyped up money-making claims…

The sales page/video uses a number of deceptive tactics to convince you to part with your hard-earned bucks.


Scam Sign #1: Fake-Ass Testimonials

There are numerous testimonials that come across as fake as a wedding cake.

For example, here’s one guy who claims he’s easily and quickly raked in over $1,000 already.
Fake Testimonials
In addition to the cheesy acting and obvious script-reading, not one single person provides real proof that they’ve made such money.

Which, strongly suggests these characters are hired from places like Fiverr to shoot short and dirt-cheap videos.


Scam Sign #2: Who The Heck is “Meaghan Harper”?

Sadly, Meaghan Harper isn’t who she claims she is.

Say Hello to Meaghan.
Meaghan Harper is a Fake Owner
Now meet the “REAL” Meaghan who appears to be modelling for a stock photo sold through Adobe Stock.
Meaghan Harper is a Stock Photo From Adobe Stock
So the actual person behind ‘7FPC’ has used a stock photo of someone completely random in order to gain your trust.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that Meaghan Harper is used as a stage name.

And also the voice within the video belongs to someone selling their services on Fiverr.


Scam Sign #3: Questionable Income Proof

The lady shares a BS screenshot of over $600 she made within a couple of minutes of setting up the system.
7 Figure Profit Code Fake Income Proof
She will try to convince you it’s real, but she provides no concrete evidence and doesn’t even show you HOW it was generated.

As for the screenshot itself, that can easily be forged.

Especially with the powerful software, we have access to in this day and age of the worldwide web.


Scam Sign #4: Uses Manipulation to Excite You

You can not access the purchase page until the countdown timer hits 0
Scammy Timer Tactic
It’s just a manipulative technique to ensure you sit through a hyped-up video full of drivel on exactly what you wanna hear when it comes to “making money”.


Scam Sign #5: Ridiculous Low Price

Now, what’s extremely laughable and confusing is the price point of ‘7FPC’.

On one hand, it’s reduced from $127 to $37.
Confusing Discount Price
But as soon as you attempt to close down the web page, it’s reduced from $97 to $17.
7 Figure Profit Code Discount
Even the $10 discount confuses the heck out of you!

Meaghan is either as dumb as a box of frogs or needs to decide the original price of her phony opportunity.

Is it $127 or $97?

Also, don’t be fooled by the $37 and $17 special offers.

Because it’s just a desperate attempt to trick you into buying into the trashy system.

Another thing, if she’s selling her system on the cheap, then clearly it’s a low-value one that’s never gonna work.

Because it takes a lot more than a few bucks for “REAL” success on the web.

But there is some good news…

Since you can buy ‘7FPC’ through the ClickBetter marketplace – means that you can request a refund within 60 days.

So with that said, I guess there’s no financial risk on your part after all.

But then again, you’ve still gotta go through the hassle of getting your money back lol.


Final Say: Is 7 Figure Profit Code a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn all honesty, 7 Figure Profit Code is nothing but your typical valueless “get-rich-quick” scheme.

There’s absolutely nothing genuine about it at all because once you see the red flags:

  • Ridiculous money-making claims
  • False testimonials
  • Fake owner
  • And other slimy techniques – you soon realize that it’s designed to “take” from you.

The only person who is gonna live a life of luxury with ‘7FPC’ is the sleazeball who created the dubious scam in the first place.

Unfortunately, with these types of “cheap” schemes, the fraudsters not only hit you with other costs for more junk once you’ve made your purchase.

But your inbox is likely to get flooded with trashy offers as well.

The Bottom Line: Keep ‘7FPC’ at arm’s length if you wanna avoid getting duped.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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