Is Cash For Patriots A No-Go For Flag-Wavers? [Reviewed]

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Is this a cyber version of ‘Patriot Games’ – where, instead of Jack Ryan, YOU are the target of an enemy scam or is it really gonna pay off. That’s the golden question?

Whether or not you’re a flag-waver wanting to set your sights on turning a buck online, get the honest answer you need, right here…

Is Cash For Patriots A No Go For Flag Wavers - Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Cash For Patriots (CFP).


Cost: $49 – $10,000+.

Owner: Zachary Scheidt.

My Score: 0/10.

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What’s Cash For Patriots All About?

According to the website, American patriots can grab their share of Trumps $2.6 trillion “cash for patriots program”…

These folks are raking in up to $7,980 per day, and you can be next in line by taking action before July 4th…

Some “James” guy has already made a cool $35,000 in 2017!
Cash For Patriots Fake Income Claims
And then the video spokesman (Zachary Scheidt) reels off a bunch of names who have also pocketed a fortune from this “little-known revolutionary” ‘CFP’ program.

He claims there are no special requirements and you don’t even need to be a fan of Donald Trump (lol) in order to claim your slice of the pie, blah, blah, blah.

I may not be a US citizen, but to me, those cash figures seem pretty far-fetched.

The other thing I’d like to point out is where’s the ACTUAL evidence of those peeps making a fortune?

With no identities revealed or bank account proof to support those claims, makes them absolute bullsh*t.

Furthermore, I highly doubt you’re gonna rake in the dough by simply sticking your name on some “government list”.

If that was the case, don’t you think every man and his dog would be tapping up Trump for buckaroonies?

These are some serious red flags raised, right off the bat.


How Does Cash For Patriots “Really ” Work?

Sadly, ‘CFP’ is nothing but a deceptive front for pushing you into paying for a monthly subscription of dividend stock investment guides through a company called ‘Agora Financial’ (AF).

You’re offered 3 different membership levels ranging from $49 to $99 for 1 year + shipping costs.

Yeah, it may seem reasonable.

But some folks have filed scam complaints (covered shortly in this review) against ‘AF’ for scaremongering the vulnerable, failing to cancel subscription requests, and generally “money grabbing”.

One guy, in particular, lost *GASP* $35,000 with ‘AF’.
Agora Financial Customer Scam Complaint

So ‘CFP’ is designed to play you for a fool because it has absolutely nothing to do with some cash-giving “government program”.

The only one doing all the giving here is gonna be YOU, unfortunately.


A More In-Depth Look at Some Red Flags…

The moment I landed on the ‘CFP’ page, it screamed out like a fog horn to me – ESPECIALLY when Trump’s offering US patriots vast amounts of cash, which is pretty unheard-of when it comes to any leader and government.

This is one of the main red flags, but there are others that stick out like a sore thumb.

So before taking the plunge head first with ‘CFP’, please bear the following in mind.


#1: Zero Proof of Government Relation…

While the website and video sound convincing – talking about some government program that you can easily cash in from by adding your name to a list, etc…

There’s no actual concrete evidence of ‘CFP’ having any connection with an official government program, whatsoever.

So with no verification, are you really gonna take Zachary’s word for it?



#2: Unethical Marketing Practices…

It’s not uncommon for some affiliate marketers and also product owners to create various brands for directing you to their products via squeeze pages and sales funnels, etc.

But unfortunately, Zachary does so in a dirty way by promoting an easy money program, and then redirecting you to an “investment” website that bears no resemblance.

Anyone who implements this rotten-egg strategy is not to be trusted because they’ve clearly something to hide.


#3: Agora Financial Scam Complaints…

In addition to the guy who lost $10,000s with ‘AF’, there are 100s of complaints from other disgruntled customers.

And sadly, this is also due to the ‘AF’ website being unclear about the products and costs, which, in my opinion, has been done on purpose for the guys behind it to pocket a pretty penny themselves.

==> Read complaints on ‘Pissed Consumer’ here.
==> See complaints on ‘Trustpilot’ here.

So I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite disgusting behaviour of the guys behind ‘AF’ to not only charge for products not purchased, but to also over-charge, sometimes fail to provide refunds, and offer little to no support.

What “LEGIT” website would ever do that?



#4: Even Former Employees Have Beef With Agora Financial…

Well, one does, in particular, anyway lol.

But even so, I think it’s awesome that he or she has come clean about how ‘AF’ REALLY operates because it’s gonna help prevent numerous folks falling into the snake pit.
Agora Financial Employee Scam Complaint
==> Read more employee reviews of ‘AF’ on ‘Glassdoor’ here.

So if all these complaints combined aren’t enough to send you sprinting for the hills like Road Runner, then I dunno what will.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘CFP’


  • Zachary Scheidt is the real deal
  • Investing is a legit model for those who have $10,000s to splash out


  • The whole website & video are totally deceptive
  • It’s nothing but a page for funneling you into Agora Financial
  • There are numerous scam complaints against ‘AF’


Final Thoughts: Is Cash For Patriots a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs Down100% YES, without a shadow of a doubt, in my opinion.

Firstly, not only does ‘CFP’ walk you down the garden path by encouraging you to sign up for cash payments from the US government, which, in reality, is nothing but a gateway to an “investment” site enticing you with products to purchase…

But you’re also led to believe that the large payments are super-duper easy to claim. And the veteran income testimonials are extremely questionable because there’s no proof.

Adding insult to injury, the investment site (Agora Financial) itself raises some serious concerns, since a number of scam complaints have already been lodged against it.

So based on all those points I’ve highlighted in this review, I seriously do not recommend ‘CFP’ one bit.

What the heck do I do now then, Neil?

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