Is Copy Profits Case Study Worth Copying? (Reviewed)

Howdy, welcome to my review of the Copy Profits Case Study!

Is this money-maker really a proven blueprint to the big bucks on the internet?

Or is it gonna be another hyped-up product that brings you little to no results?

Jump right in to find out…

Copy Profits Case Study Review
Quick Overview

Name: Copy Profits Case Study (CPCS).


Cost: $5.95 + $100s in upsells + $100s for traffic methods.

Owners: Billy Darr, Mosh Bari & David Kirby.

My Score: 5/10.

Verdict: (LEGIT) – It offers some good basic training for a newbie to wrap their head around when it comes to starting an affiliate marketing Biz.

But investing in the entire system and implementing the strategies can easily cost you a king’s ransom.

Especially when it comes to solo ads because they can be pretty risky when no results are actually guaranteed.

Furthermore, if you truly want to get anywhere with ‘CPCS’ as a total newb, then you may have to buy the upsells and/or find advanced training elsewhere, in my opinion.

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What’s The Copy Profits Case Study About?

The Copy Profits Caste Study is an internet marketing training program that’s similar to something else I’ve reviewed called  Zero Hour Work Days.

A program, that shows you how to earn $80 per day as an affiliate marketer in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche.

You’ll watch over the shoulder of Mosh Bari…

As he walks you through the steps that he uses to earn daily commissions from promoting affiliate products within the Warrior+Plus and JVZoo marketplaces.

For your $6 investment, I think the step-by-step video tutorials are worth the cost. (I’ll be diving into the training in a few moments).

However, my only issue with the program is the fact that you’ll need to pour literally hundreds of dollars into solo ads.

And there are also numerous One-Time-Offers to splash out on as well (discussed in this review).

In my opinion, forking out a fortune to get started isn’t exactly ideal for any noob.


What Will Mosh Bari Teach You Inside Copy Profits Case Study?

Inside the members’ area, there’s a dolly mixture of step-by-step tutorials for you to follow as a newb.

Copy Profits Case Study Video Training

An Example of The Training.

However, a small handful of videos are extremely short, but there are still a few good lengthy ones offering you value to take away.

The training videos you can access:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Solo Ad traffic via a Facebook group
  • Designing an opt-in page
  • Earning 100% Funnel commissions
  • Purchasing traffic live
  • Getting discounts on traffic
  • Creating funnel pages & offers via the Instabuilder WordPress plugin
  • Buying & using a tracker
  • Setting up follow up messages in GetResponse
  • Setting up a GetResponse autoresponder
  • Mosh Bari’s 12-hour results
  • Bari’s daily earnings
  • Unlimited free traffic-1 (Using Facebook)
  • Unlimited free traffic-2 (Using AutoPin Nuke WP plugin)

Put simply, you’ll be building yourself a sales funnel and sending traffic to it for growing an email subscriber list in the ‘MMO’ niche.

In addition to the videos above, there’s a link for a “$100K Webinar.”

However, there’s just one problem. The webinar ended on 31st October 2016, so you must email Billy Darr for more info.

Lastly, there’s an $18K case study presentation with Billy Darr.

But you don’t get much from it.

Because it’s an upsell video presentation where he discusses working with you 1-on-1 and helping you to create your own digital products.


Any Help & Support Available Inside The Program?

When it comes to help and support, you have 2 options.

You can either email the owners who say they aim to give you a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Or you can join their private member’s Facebook group, which isn’t very big or active, in my opinion.


How Much Does Copy Profits Case Study Cost?

To start off will cost you $5.95. But if you leave the page, you’ll get it for just $2.95! LOL.

There are also a number of (OTOs):

  1. Copy & Paste $617 Campaigns – $16.48.
  2. The Push Button Money App – $25.51.
  3. 3 Software Tools – $59.50.
  4. The License Rights – $137.40.
  5. The Viral Traffic App – $40.09.

I’m not quite sure how much the 1-to-1 coaching with Billy Darr costs.

Because you must personally send him a message on Facebook for the info.

But I guess the mentoring comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

In addition to the program costs, you will need to invest in other tools/services as well as paid advertising for your squeeze page.

So you’re easily gonna be forking out $100s for getting an online Biz up and running using the system.

From a newbie standpoint, spending a fortune to get started isn’t really the best approach to internet marketing.

Because your costs really need to be kept minimal.

This is why I recommend blogging as the best option for starting out with affiliate marketing.

Because you can build a successful online Biz for less than $500 per year!…

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  • It’s really cheap to get started with
  • There are some good quality training videos
  • Some free bonuses in the members’ area
  • Help & support is available


  • Too many upsells to buy
  • There’s a lot of emphasis on paid resources
  • Not enough training on free traffic methods
  • The $100K Webinar isn’t available
  • You can’t choose your own niche to work with


Final 2 Cents: Is Copy Profits Case Study Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpIn my opinion, the $6 investment is worth it to join Copy Profits Case Study.

Because the basic step-by-step training is good quality and can potentially help you to make some money. 

I do also like the fact that the owners seem genuine and give it to you straight…

That the program isn’t some sort of get-rich-quick system and does require hard work for online success.

The only thing I dislike about ‘CPCS’ is that like the majority of ‘MMO’ products these days…

You’ll need additional funds for upsells, other resources, and paid traffic methods.

So, if you do want to succeed with the ‘CPCS’ program and make as much money online as possible, you must be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, solo ads don’t necessarily mean guaranteed results either.

And could cost you an arm and a leg before you’re profitable. So it’s something else for you to bear in mind with the program.

The Bottom Line: The system is LEGIT and is probably something I would recommend if you have the funds available.


Want a Better Way to Make Money Online?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘CPCS’? We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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