Fix Monthly Income: Real or A Big FAKE? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my honest review of Fix Monthly Income!

If you’re reading this right now, then it’s because you wanna know whether the opportunity is the real deal or just another lousy scam, right?

So I’m just gonna give it to you straight: It’s as FAKE as a three dollar bill!

Everything it tells you is pure BS!

Continue reading to discover WHY…

Fix Monthly Income Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Fix Monthly Income (FMI).


Cost: Free.

Owner: Some candy-ass!

My Score: 0/10.


Unfortunately, Fix Monthly Income is just one big joke that never pays out in a million years.

Because instead of getting paid from bringing referrals into the opportunity via your referral link…

Once you hit the payment threshold, you’re enticed with affiliate offers that are designed to put profits into the scammer’s pockets.

So think about it for a sec…

If you’re bringing in a load of people who also do the same as you, you’re all basically recruiting an army of customers for the fraudster.

Can you say the word “exploitation”?

The more effort you invest, the more cash he or she makes, unethically. UGH.

But before you get the lowdown on the hoax…

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What is Fix Monthly Income About, You Ask?

Fix Monthly Income is just another one of those “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes making false claims that you’ll earn up to $100 per day doing bugger all.

The main page is very basic and purposely withholds the key info you need.

In order to pressure you into entering your email address and other personal details to join.

It’s nothing but a phishing email scam and it’s not the only one created by the fraudster either.

Because I’ve found heaps of these fake money-making opportunities.

Here’s a handful of replicas I’ve seen so far:

And you can also bet your bottom dollar that I’ve not even scratched the surface!

There’s bound to be hundreds of these duds out there scamming the pants off the vulnerable who are new to the world of “online money-making”.

But before I reveal the red flags to be cautious off when it comes to the FMI sales page…


How Does Fix Monthly Income Work, “Supposedly”?

Once you’re inside the members’ area (below), you get a referral link to promote on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc.
Fix Monthly Income Fake Members Area
Exactly like its dog-ugly brothers and sisters – ‘FMI’ claims you’ll make from $5 from every click on your link and $10 for each referral.

In addition, there’s a $10 sign up BONUS chucked on top to sweeten the deal.

But these are similar claims made by other scams like Two Dollar Click and Four Dollar Click – that also pose as “legit” ‘GPT’ programs.

If it was really so quick and easy to make big bucks on the web, wouldn’t we all be stinking rich?

If you’re familiar with “REAL” ‘Get Paid To’ sites like Swagbucks, CashCrate, and TimeBucks, to name a few…

These programs mostly pay cents per task and dollars per referral IF/WHEN they also perform tasks.

So it’s fair to say that ‘FMI’ is talking out of its buttocks (to put it politely).

And since it never pays out one single cent to any member anyway – makes it A S.C.A.M.


And How do I Know This, You Say?


Once you reach the $300 payment threshold and try to cash out your earnings, ‘FMI’ takes you to a page full of random offers.

And guess what?

If you buy any of those offers, the scammer makes money from YOU because you’ve bought through his or her “affiliate links”.

In a nutshell, you bring people into the fake opportunity who submit their details, they then duplicate the process by sharing their referral link and so forth…

And EVERYBODY gets offered a bunch of products to buy instead of getting paid.

You do ALL the work. The scam artist reaps ALL the benefits.

It actually sounds like a “JOB” lol.

How this loser sleeps at night, I do not know!

Unfortunately, there are many lowlifes out there who will happily exploit newbies just like you.

If an opportunity sounds “too good to be true”, then it’s usually the case.

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The Red Flags That Scream “Scam” With Fix Monthly Income

As with any scam, there are numerous warning signs that come with ‘FMI’.

In addition to what I’ve already discussed, there’s more deception to be aware of.


Red Flag #1: Dollar Signs Are Back to Front

Instead of the dollar signs put before the figures, they are placed after.
Wrong Dollar Signs
Plus, they make terrible grammar mistakes on the main page and behind the scenes too.

This to me is always a telltale sign and obviously suggests that the scammer should return to school to get educated lol.

If they can’t be bothered to have their sales letter and membership area proofread, makes them pretty desperate to get their scam out there, in my opinion.


Red Flag #2: There’s Zero Support Available

One person tried to contact the support to find out why they couldn’t get paid.

See their complaint against ‘FMI’ on Ripoff Report.
Scam Complaints on RipOff Report
When you do click on the “Support” tab on the main website…

It sends you to the home page and there’s no email address to contact within the members’ area either.

I guess the scam artist is an even bigger coward than I thought.

Hmm… EXTREMELY fishy!


Red Flag #3: Exaggerated Income Figures

I’m sorry, but the total sum of over $900,000 paid to date makes you wanna “LOL!”
Fake Earnings
Since they display ZERO proof of this huge amount of money ever being paid and you just have to take their word for it…

Makes the whole payment claim a load of old codswallop.

Everyone and their Grandmother could produce a bunch of random income figures on the internet and expect naive suckers to believe it.

I dunno about you, but I’m not buying any of it.


My Final Word on Fix Monthly Income…

A Big Thumbs DownThe person behind Fix Monthly Income is just a one-trick pony circus act.

They wouldn’t know the term “ethical” if it punched them in the face, if I’m totally honest.

In my opinion, the scammer should be hunted down and chucked behind bars to save others from wasting their time and money, and generally being exploited.

Unfortunately, nobody has ever been paid via Check, Money Gram or PayPal from ‘FMI’ and they never will either.

The only guy or gal seeing big dollars rolling in from the so-called money-maker is the fraudster themselves.

Put simply, ‘FMI’ is a no-go danger zone to be avoided at all costs.


Tired of The BS, But Looking For an Honest Money-Maker?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to get off your chest when it comes to ‘FMI’?

We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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