Is Lifestyle Design International a Life Changer? (Reviewed)

Howdy, welcome to my review of Lifestyle Design International!

At first glance of the opportunity’s sales page, it’s hard to tell what it actually is.

On one hand, it comes across as an expensive “Network Marketing” opportunity.

And on the other hand, it’s being advertised as an online “Marketing System”.

The page gives you plenty of info on member success stories, events, networking with leaders, and its system…

BUT the co-founders keep you in the dark when it comes to the actual product itself.

For all you know, you could be trying to flog a dead horse to family and friends, as well as poor suckers on the internet.

Luckily for you, I have done my homework though.

So, if you’re wondering what it’s all about, whether it’s a legitimate income opportunity for truly setting you free in life…

Or just another scammy pitfall to avoid – this review has the answers…

Lifestyle Design International ReviewQuick Overview

Name: Lifestyle Design International (LDI).


Cost: $49 + $1,000s in upsells.

Owners: Jeff Lerner & Andrew J. Cass.

My Score: 5/10.


Lifestyle Design International is a recruitment opportunity where you buy certain packages and then earn off of those when your recruits also buy.

But the good news is that you do get your hands on the resources you need for creating a profitable Biz on the net…

Just be prepared to invest a chunk of change though because the products really aren’t that cheap when combined…

And especially when you may need $100s (maybe $1,000s) extra for generating paid traffic to your opportunity.

So there is a downside to ‘LDI’, which is why it’s best for those with plenty of cash going spare from the offset.

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What is Lifestyle Design International About?

Lifestyle Design International is all about Wealth, Wellness, and Entrepreneurship according to the sales pitch…

By using the tools, training, and resources provided by the program for building a business on the web, you can apparently “start living your best life now”…

Enjoying a lifestyle of freedom and abundance.

It’s just the typical “financial freedom” stuff you hear all the time from most hyped-up programs that you come into contact with.

So, what is ‘LDI’ really about?

In a nutshell, you buy into the opportunity and its products, and then recruit others into the opportunity as well.

That’s how you’ll be earning your commissions. It’s pretty similar to how the Empower Network, MOBE, and Digital Altitude worked.

But let’s not go there with said high-ticket opportunities lol.


What Products Are Inside Lifestyle Design International?

When you join the program, there are 4 different non-tangible products for you to purchase:
Lifestyle Design International Freedom
#1: Freedom Experience – A 3-day networking event held in luxury global locations.

You get to mingle with other members, listen to speakers, and get insights into internet marketing success.
Mastermind Package
#2: Excel Mastermind – It’s a special inner circle that gives you access to the co-founders and leaders via events and monthly calls.
Elevate System
#3: Elevate Marketing System – Get a Done-For-You sales funnel and webinar system…

For generating leads and promoting the ‘LDI’ products for affiliate commissions.
Transcend Package
#4: Transcend Publishing Partner – This is a 5-day workshop at ‘LDI’s’ headquarters.

You get meals + luxury accommodation, plus advanced training/support from the leaders and a custom-built sales machine.

The products sound awesome, wouldn’t you agree?

But don’t get too excited because the events cost an arm and a leg, and are unaffordable for many newbies, in my opinion.

This is why very few folks tend to earn big with these types opportunities, I’m afraid.


How Does Lifestyle Design International Work?

When you click on “join our team”, you’re greeted with a sales page for something called the “Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle” Application kit.

HUH? *Scratches Head*.

Yeah, confusing, I know.

It turns out that Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is another program belonging to Jeff Lerner.

So ‘LDI’ is effectively a gateway to ‘ULL’ which is essentially the product that you will be starting out with.

As a new member, you will receive a sales funnel, training, support and the resources you need for getting started on the web and promoting the ‘LDI’ system for affiliate commissions.

See all the stuff you get:
Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Application Kit
Then I guess it’s down to you to decide whether you wanna buy into ‘Freedom Experience’, ‘Excel Mastermind’, and ‘Transcend Publishing’ products as well.

So you do get some value out of ‘LDI’, which would be unfair of me to label it as a scam.


How Much Do The Lifestyle Design International Products Cost?

For your Elevate Marketing System/Laptop Lifestyle application kit, it’s a one-time $49 purchase.

But this is a “bait and hook” technique used by most high-ticket programs like Empower Network, MOBE, and Digital Altitude, just to name a few.

When you visit ‘LDI’s’ sales page, Jeff and Andrew both purposely hide the “real” cost of their program for a very good reason:

To get through the front door.

The truth is, if the guys did uncover the true costs, newbies would run for the hills.

To gain access to the other products and attend company events with advanced training/support, meals, and 5* luxury accommodation, etc…

It will cost a heck of a lot more than just $49.

‘LDI’ will burn holes in your pockets because its products are easily gonna set you back literally $1,000s combined.

And then obviously, there are your marketing costs on top of that in terms of paid strategies for generating traffic to your sales funnel.

Well, unless you’re already experienced in organic traffic methods like social media and SEO, for example.

So, unfortunately, to make REAL money with the program and achieve a “lifestyle of freedom”…

You may be required to dip into your life savings – as a number of others are forced to do.




  • The program works for earning online
  • You can generate some big commissions
  • Get the resources, training & support you need


  • The program is designed to promote the program
  • It’s a high-ticket opportunity selling overpriced products
  • The co-founders aren’t upfront with you on the real costs
  • Very few people will earn a real income from it
  • No refunds are offered


Final Conclusion: Is Lifestyle Design International a Scam?…

Some folks may swear blind that Lifestyle Design International is a scam, and “affiliates” will obviously claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

So, people are certainly clashing when it comes to this program.

But who is right and who is wrong?

Is it legit or a scam?

In my personal opinion and experience with these types of programs, I wouldn’t say it’s a scam because there’s value behind the scenes…

Value, that can enable you to create a successful business on the internet if you use the training, tools, and support at your disposal.

BUT at what cost, huh?

Because it can easily cost you an arm and a leg (esprcially with paid traffic costs stacked on top) to go “all in” with it.

Furthermore, I’m not a huge fan of how ‘LDI’ is structured either because the name of the game is to recruit as many folks as possible.

This is not how making money with affiliate marketing truly works, I’m afraid…

It should be about building your own brand and earning commissions from promoting high quality products in a niche of your choice…

Products, that also belong to free-to-join affiliate programs and networks like Amazon, ClickBank, and ShareASale, to name a few.

This leads me to…


A Better Solution to Making Money Online…

In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to fork out $1,000s just to get an affiliate marketing Biz started because you should keep your costs to a minimum…

And then obviously scale your business – investing in paid traffic methods, etc, when the profits start rolling in.

But anyways, if you wanna build a profitable affiliate marketing Biz from scratch around your hobby or passion…

And also get the essential tools, step-by-step training, and 24/7community support for actually getting the job done – Try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts with ‘LDI’ that you’d love to share with us? Please post your comments below…

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