Is LongTailPro Really The Best Keyword Tool? (Reviewed)

A huge welcome to my review of LongTailPro!

Is it really the best keyword research tool for bloggers and affiliate marketers in existence or is it really no different from the rest, huh?

Get stuck into this article to find out…

Is LongTailPro Really The Best Keyword Tool
Quick Overview

Name: LongTailPro.


Cost: Starter = $297/year. Pro = $537/year. Agency = $1,177/year. (Each plan has a 7-day free trial).

Owner: Spencer Haws.

My Score: 7/10.

Verdict: It’s a fantastic feature-rich keyword tool that also offers plenty of great video training tutorials.

The software is ideal for any newbie or experienced affiliate marketer/blogger.

But before getting stuck into this review to discover more about the research platform…

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What’s LongTailPro All About?

‘LTP’ is a research platform that finds you a whole bunch of long tail and low competition keyword ideas from each individual or multiple keywords that you enter into the system’s search bar.

In addition to the main research feature, LTP provides you with in-depth insights into keywords as well as a Rank Tracker tool for keeping tabs on your website rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In my experience, the software is quick at finding keywords for your content and has some pretty cool features that are important for your website’s organic growth.


Let’s See How LongTailPro Works

Before getting started, you can create a project for your domain name for measuring the number of referring domains/backlinks, the keyword competitiveness levels that you can rank for, and also the quality of links to your domain.
Long Tail Pro Project
My apologies for the “0” scores lol, since my site was brand new at the time of writing this review.

Moving on to the keyword research itself, you’re able to enter up to 5 seed phrases into the search bar and also choose up to 400 suggestions per keyword.

For this example, I’ve kept it simple by using just one keyword “cat toys” and 20 suggestions.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

Click to Enlarge

And then, BOOM, LTP quickly pulls up a bunch of results.
Long Tail Pro Keyword Results

Click to Enlarge

Avg. KC – (Keyword Competitiveness) displays a score of 0 – 100 next to each keyword.

You will want to select a keyword with a score as close to “0” as possible or preferably highlighted in amber or green for the best chance of Google page-1 rankings.

Volume – the average number of times per month people have searched for the keyword.

However, from an SEO standpoint, I consider the Bid, Words, Rank Value, Language, and Location to be unnecessary metrics.

When you click on a keyword phrase (I clicked “automated cat toys“), you’ll be able to see a breakdown of the various results in Google.
Long Tail Pro Google Results
In addition, there’s a competition analysis of the top 10 Google organic results for the chosen keyword.
Long Tail Pro Competition Analysis
The last feature is the Rank Tracker – you can easily see where your blog posts are ranking for specific keyword terms in the 3 major search engines.
Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker


Any Training to go With LTP?

YEP, absolutely!

Long Tail Bootcamp

Training Video Snapshot

Firstly, there’s “Long Tail Bootcamp” – giving you access to 14 step-by-step video tutorials:
  1. Finding Seed Keywords
  2. Understanding Intention & Fining Better Seed Keywords
  3. Basic Keyword Research
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Uisng Rank Value to Determine Keyword Profitability
  6. Combining Keywords & Serp Crossover
  7. On-Page SEO
  8. Site Structure & Silos
  9. How to Fill Out Your Silos
  10. Outsourcing Your Content
  11. Outreach
  12. Beyond Google
  13. More On-Page SEO
  14. The Final Day

Long Tail University

Training Video Snapshot

Secondly, there’s “Long Tail University” – giving you an additional 15 step-by-step video lessons + BONUS live examples + 5 webinars:
  1. Types of Keywords
  2. How to Find Seed Keywords & Pick a Niche
  3. How to Expand Keywords
  4. Criteria of a Winning Keyword
  5. How to Analyze Your Competition
  6. Competitor Keywords & SEM Rush
  7. Developing a Keyword-Driven Content Strategy
  8. How to Write Great Content Based on Keywords
  9. WordPress Settings & On-Page SEO (Properly Targeting Keywords)
  10. Keyword Tracking & ROI
  11. Link Building 101
  12. Guest Posting
  13. Broken Link Building
  14. Round Up Articles
  15. Infographics

As far as training goes, LTP certainly delivers TONS of value because you’re not just taught how to use the tool but also how to effectively build an online business via keywords, SEO, and blog content.


Can You Expect Help & Support?

YEP, you sure can!

When it comes to support, you can chat to the support team via the conversation feature, send an email or check out the FAQ, troubleshooting or quick LTP guide pages.


How Much Does LTP Cost?

Usually, keyword tools cost an arm and a leg, but LTP is a fairly cost-effective research platform, in my opinion.

There are 3 price plans available:

  • Starter = $37/month or $297 billed annually
  • Pro = $67/month or $537 billed annually
  • Agency = $147/month or $1,177 billed annually




  • You get a 7-day free trial
  • The plans are reasonably priced
  • It’s fast at finding lots of keyword results
  • Some great features are available
  • Tons of step-by-step video training
  • Help & support is available
  • It’s very user-friendly for newbies
  • It’s web-based – nothing to download
  • Can help you to build a profitable blog


  • Your credit card details are required to start your free trial
  • There’s no PayPal payment option available
  • The keyword tool lacks some important SEO metrics


Final Thoughts: Is LongTailPro Worth it?…

I’ve tested out numerous keyword tools over the years, and I must admit that ‘LTP’ is quite impressive because it makes the research process relatively quick and easy, especially for newbie affiliate marketers and bloggers.

What’s extremely cool about the software is that it gives you tons of long tail keyword ideas for your blog posts, it’s totally web-based, there’s so much awesome training on getting Google rankings and traffic for a profitable biz, and you can track your results in the search engines.

So LTP is definitely one of the top keyword tools, in my opinion.

However, the only downside to the software is that there’s not enough emphasis on SEO when it comes to looking up keyword ideas.

Yeah, it displays keyword competitiveness and even the potential traffic from page-1 rankings, but I think it’s missing other crucial SEO keyword metrics found here.

Final Verdict: LTP is an awesome keyword tool that’s totally worth taking for a 7-day test drive.

But before you leave…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on using Long Tail Pro, then we’d love to hear your comments below…


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