Is Massive Online Paydays A Massive SCAM? (Reviewed)

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Is Massive Online Paydays A Massive SCAM
Quick Overview

Name: Massive Online Paydays.


Cost: $49 – $30,000+.

Owner: An unknown MOBE affiliate.

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What is Massive Online Paydays About?

Massive Online Paydays (MOP) apparently gives you a “millionaire website” and also makes a far-fetched claim of handing you $500 just for watching a hyped up video and paying $49 to sign up afterward.

The program is basically advertised as a quick and easy method of making a boat load of money.

Hey, who doesn’t wanna “get rich fast” on the web, huh?

Sadly, it’s a myth.

But the real aim of the site is to entice you to spend thousands of dollars on overpriced products, filling the pockets of an unethical individual who is affiliated with MOBE (My Online Business Empire).

There will be more on that though very shortly.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds or even thousands more scammy bullsh*t income opportunities very similar to ‘MOP’ that have been created by other MOBE affiliates.

And now affiliates of Aspire Digital Altitude are also jumping on the internet “fraudster” bandwagon.

Take a look at other similar fake programs I have reviewed:

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg!


How Does Massive Online Paydays Work?

‘MOP’ is simply a deceitful “doorway” website that funnels people like you into a high-ticket MLM opportunity called MOBE.

So, ‘MOP’ isn’t even a real opportunity. It’s a scammy page belonging to a cowardly affiliate of MOBE.

When you become a member of MOBE, you get a sales funnel for promoting its pricey training products and get paid a mega affiliate commission for every product you sell to other suckers.

Yes, you have the potential to make money with MOBE. But unluckily, you also have to purchase the exact same expensive products that you want to promote for an income.

To make $1,000s with the program, you must invest $1,000s.

In my opinion, it’s not a smart way to make money as a beginner because you’re seriously out-of-pocket before getting an online business started.

Any successful affiliate marketer will tell you that an affiliate program is always “free” to join.

But MOBE really takes the biscuit!


How Much Does ‘MOP’ Cost?

Well, when I say ‘MOP’, what I really mean to say is MOBE because that’s the true reality.

To join at the very basic level for a 21-step training system will cost you $49.

And then there are 5 expensive membership packages to choose from:

  • Silver Master Class = $2,000 + $20/month
  • Gold = $4,999
  • Titanium = $10,000 + $200/month
  • Platinum = $16,700 + $300/month
  • Diamond = $30,000 + $300/month

Seeing these ridiculous prices, you can clearly understand why many members of MOBE will struggle to earn an income.

This type of business model isn’t practical nor is it sustainable either. Empower Network recently went bankrupt because its affiliates simply couldn’t afford the high-ticket products anymore.

So, surely that gives you some indication that you won’t be able to build a long-term successful business with MOBE or even Digital Altitude for that matter.


Red Flags to be Cautious of

When you land on the sales page of ‘MOP’, there are a number of slimy tactics used to manipulate you.

Don’t fall for some of these red flags or you will get scammed:

#1: They offer you a millionaire website for just $49!


Unfortunately, it’s a total lie because to build a successful business on the web also requires training, tools, and support. So it’s gonna cost a bit more than $50, especially when you look at MOBE’s costs LOL.

Save your money – Build a free website here.

#2: The “limited spots” scarcity card is played.
Digital Millionaire Secret Fake Spots Remaining Scarcity
The page claims “when these websites are gone, this offer will expire” LOL. It’s designed to pressurize you into punching in your credit card details quickly.

#3: The promise of a guaranteed $500 paycheck, TODAY!

Yeah, right! I just saw a flying pig!

I think the affiliate behind ‘MOP’ would be broke pretty quickly if he/she offered every member 500 bucks LOL.

This is other stuff you should watch out for, not just with ‘MOP’, but also with every other program that looks very similar.




  • It’s the perfect example of what to be avoided at all costs for newbies


  • The sales page is full of hype and lies
  • There are unrealistic income claims
  • It costs much more than $49 to build a business
  • It’s a gateway to a rip off program called MOBE


Final Conclusion: Is Massive Online Paydays a Scam?…

‘MOP’ uses a LOT of deceptive techniques for trying to persuade you to fork out 49 bucks and then $1,000s – $10,000s extra for overpriced products from MOBE.

I think any affiliate who creates such scammy gateway sites like ‘MOP’ should immediately have their accounts terminated by Matt Lloyd because promoting such bull crap for a quick and easy buck is unacceptable.

The bottom line… ‘MOP’ is clearly a scam, and I seriously wouldn’t recommend blowing thousands of dollars on MOBE’s expensive membership packages either.

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