Is Millionaire Society More Like A SCAM Club?

Howdy, welcome to my review of the Millionaire Society!

Is it really a rich-ass club that’s gonna make you wealthy online or just another dud designed to scam the pants off you?

Dive in to find out!…

Is Millionaire Society More Like a Scam Club
Quick Overview

Name: Millionaire Society.


Cost: $4.95 for a 7-day trial & then $97/month + $47/month for VIP.

Owner: Mack Michaels.

My Score: 2/10.

Verdict: It’s a hyped up system with too much vague training that teaches some outdated methods, and the products aren’t exactly up to par either.

In my opinion, a newbie will never succeed with the system. So don’t waste your time and money.

But before I explain why Mack won’t deliver the goods…

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What’s Millionaire Society About?

Millionaire Society (MS) claims to be a turnkey system that shows you how to easily create an automatic business in only “15 minutes” at the click of a button and earn a boatload of money.

In fact, you have the opportunity to build 135 “Done-For-You” internet based businesses all on autopilot, making you money 24/7/365!

The idea of funneling cash into your bank account with minimal effort sounds like a dream come true, wouldn’t you agree?

But unfortunately, generating an income on the internet isn’t as easy as it sounds.


What’s Included With The System?

Millionaire Society Training Area
When it comes to the training side of things, there are literally TONS of video walk-throughs on different aspects of internet marketing.

The list of training videos broken down into various sections:

Getting Started

As an ‘MS’ newbie, there are 3 videos to get started online with.

  1. Full Tour
  2. Using Roadmap
  3. Your Concierge

These just cover the basic introduction to the system.


You will discover 3 step-by-step roadmap video walk-throughs on Affiliate Marketing, Turnkey Businesses and Traffic Generation.

You can learn how to get started and jump-start your online success in these areas.


You have access to 78 training tutorials on the following topics:

  • Being an affiliate
  • Using Pinterest
  • ClickBank
  • Website visitors
  • Online biz fundamentals
  • Domain tools
  • Web-hosting
  • Configuring severs
  • Optimization
  • Creating your own product
  • Understanding the concept of copywriting
  • Article authoring
  • Video presentation and tagging
  • List building
  • Understanding research
  • Organic competition research
  • Uncovering marketing strategies
  • Advanced keyword research software
  • Outsourcing
  • Building a stunning website
  • Leveraging a website turnkey template
  • Installing and configuring WordPress
  • Huge traffic technique
  • Affiliate marketing strategies
  • Implementing SEO tactics
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook Ads and pages
  • Turnkey businesses
  • Various mindset subjects

At least you’re not gonna get bored!


There are 2 videos in this section.

One is called Affiliate Analysis which dives into understanding businesses and products as an affiliate marketer.

The other is Affiliate Command Centers which covers the use of email, banner and marketing kits.

In my opinion, there is some value to take away from all the videos I’ve mentioned, even if they are a little too basic.

But the main problem with the training is that a number of strategies are outdated and there’s also a heck of a lot to take in from a newbie standpoint.

As for the tools and resources, you have access to:


There are 4 systems at your disposal that will cover building your very first online business and generating traffic.

  1. How To Get 100K Visitors in Just One Hour
  2. How To Make Money on Clickbank
  3. Pinterest Profits
  4. Domain Flipping

Each system also comprises of 7 different training videos.

Software Packages

There are 2 software products available.

One is named Affiliate Accelerator, and the other is Profit Bank.

Both are geared towards building your 1st biz on the web and creating a surge of traffic to it.

But I found this a little confusing, since I thought that’s what the 4 systems above are in place for?! ^^


You have 160 different turnkey businesses in the form of PDFs that you can download on to your computer with a single mouse button click.

But unfortunately, that’s all your businesses are: PLR eBooks filled with info to give away.

From my experiences with ready-made eBooks, most tend to be a pile of junk.

In my opinion, you’re better off creating your own eBooks because at least you’re in control of the “value” aspect and they actually do belong to you.


You can access 45 different online marketing tools, software, scripts and services for building a successful web based business.

In a nutshell: You get an automated website for promoting a bunch of eBooks for an income.

But I think you’re gonna struggle to make money with ‘MS’ because it’s lacking in high-quality training, some methods are outdated, and the website you get is pretty tacky too.

Your business won’t convert traffic into buyers very well.


Is Help & Support is Available?

Unfortunately, you only have the option to submit a support ticket to the trained concierge employees who will deal with your requests by email.

I would really love to say that the ‘MS’ Facebook fan page provides support, but it’s pretty much dead in the water because it’s been inactive since 2012!
Millionaire Society Inactive Facebook Fan Page
The page also has 56K likes, so you would assume “support” is at the top of Mack’s list.

But obviously not. He seems to be in the money-making game for himself.


How Much Does Millionaire Society Cost?

The cost is $4.95 for a 7 day test-drive.

When your trial expires, you’re looking at spending $97 per month for the membership fee.

There’s also the VIP upsell option at an additional $47 each month for a few extras.

As for the Rolodex of tools, you will be required to fork out a fortune for some recommendations!

However, after taking the 7-day trial myself, I found the system disappointing. So I chose not to become a full-fledged member.




  • The system offers a cheap trial
  • There are TONS of training videos
  • You get a number of tools & resources
  • Heaps of PDF books to download/sell
  • Some support is available
  • You can claim your money back


  • The monthly membership costs are expensive
  • The systems are locked until you upgrade to VIP
  • The software is also locked for some unknown reason
  • Exclusive member offers =Β more money to invest
  • Most of the training is very basic + some outdated techniques taught
  • Facebook support is non-existent
  • Newbies will struggle to make money – especially with a tacky website + products
  • Mack Michaels seriously hypes up the sales page


Final 2 Cents: Is Millionaire Society a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn my truthful opinion, ‘MS’ isn’t a complete scam because I do believe you can take a tiny bit of value away from the program.

BUT there are far too many downsides to ‘MS’ which is why I give it a massive thumb’s down in my review.

(1) – When you invest in a 7-day trial, you would at least expect access to “everything” within your members dashboard area.

It’s not the case with ‘MS’ because to access the 4 systems, you must upgrade to “VIP” status.

And also, the 2 pieces of software remained “locked” with no clear indication as to why.

(2) – I had no access to any tools or services during my trial either, other than the “external” recommendations made by Michael.

There may be 45 tools, but the majority cost additional money.

If you’re gonna be forking out $97/month for the membership, you should be provided with all the resources you need, besides “How To” videos and PDF downloads.

(3) – There’s no community of internet marketers to connect with or any other additional methods of help and support available.

The ‘MS’ Facebook fan page serves ZERO purpose and may as well get shut down!

(4) – The system is far too costly for what it’s worth (especially when some training’s outdated), and the VIP upsell is totally unnecessary too.

The Bottom Line: ‘MS’ is a hyped up system and nobody will ever become a millionaire using it. It’s not recommended.

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Your Friend, Neil πŸ˜€

Do you have any questions, thoughts or bad experiences, that you’d like to get off your chest with ‘MS’? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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