Is Profit 365 Just Another 24/7 Dirty Scam? [Reviewed]

Hello there, and I thank you for dropping in on my honest and unbiased review of Profit 365!

Without giving you some long-winded introduction like most reviews.

Is this program really gonna put cash in your pockets all year round or just another lousy scam operating 24 hours per day to avoid?

To get the answer you’re looking for, continue reading…

Is Profit 365 Just a 247 Dirty Scam Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Profit 365 (P365).


Cost: $37 + upsells.

Owner: Jamie Lewis.

My Score: 2/10.

But before diving into this FULL review.

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What’s Profit 365 All About?

Once you land on the ‘P365’ sales page, Jamie Lewis says he’s gonna show you how he makes $4,900 in a single day!

And then as you watch his sales video.

He scrolls his smartphone whilst walking through some shopping mall – showing random shoppers the $100s – $1,000s he’s making via Clickbank.

Meet Jamie attempting to blow some dude’s mind with his income results.
Jamie Lewis Internet Marketer
Jamie basically says anyone and their grandmother can duplicate his results.

And your never-ending quest for a web-based income will stop today because he’s about to reveal some big untold secret.

According to the guy, you login to ‘P365’, create a Clickbank hoplink, blast it to the masses, change the world, and watch the cash roll in.

Put simply, Jamie’s program revolves around the concept of “affiliate marketing”.

Where, you promote others products in return for commissions when you make sales.

But the issue I have with Jamie’s hypie sales pitch is that he makes affiliate marketing sound like a piece of sponge cake.

His sales page really is no different from other hyped-up stuff I’ve reviewed in the past like:

No matter whether you’re practicing the art of blogging and SEO or using sales funnels and leveraging paid traffic sources.

Affiliate marketing takes time, effort, and cash to put into practice.

Furthermore, Jamie hangs around with Matthew Neer (my least fave marketer).

Who’s behind products like 5K Formula System, Viral Cash App, and Wealth Ascension – all following a “get-rich-quick” theme.

So right off the bat, the ‘P365’ sales page triggers some alarm bells.

But I guess you’ll soon discover whether or not Jamie’s product is gonna live up to the hype.


How Does Profit 365 Work For a Buck?

Inside ‘P365’, you’re basically gonna get access to some ‘Done For You’ email campaigns to use, as well as generic video training.
Profit 365 Training Videos
But it’s nothing to shout home about, as you’re about to discover.

Here’s how it works in a little more detail:

Firstly, Jamie introduces you to the 3 methods that you’re gonna be leveraging.

The first two are paid traffic generation methods – PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and also solo ads.

But from experience, you’ll need a chunk of change handy to invest in both because paid traffic is all trial and error.

Plus the fact, it can take time to break even and start profiting, even when you do manage to get decent traffic conversion rates.

The third method covers Clickbank, which is the marketplace you’ll be using to search for products to send traffic to and earn affiliate commissions from.

But the problem with Clickbank is that there are A LOT of shady ‘make money’ products being sold and customer refund rates can be fairly high.

So Clickbank isn’t exactly gonna win “affiliate program of the year”, from my point of view.

In addition, Jamie gives you 40 solo ad swipe emails (which, unfortunately, are very hypie and spammy) along with the most profitable niches and products.

All in all, you’re pretty much left to your own devices because the training lacks real meat on the bone.

Making it insufficient for big success as an affiliate, in my opinion.

Not to mention, the training videos are outdated because some are from 2016.

Which, makes ‘P365’ flawed, since some stuff you’ll learn may not work in this day and age of internet marketing.


How Much Does Profit 365 Cost?

The initial cost of Jamie’s product is $37.

But then come the following optional upsells:

First of all, there’s class training costing you $197 (with a downsell of $97).

And then you’ve got a business in a box for $297.

Since Jamie also recommends leveraging PPC and solo ads for driving traffic to your Clickbank offers, those sources combined can easily cost you $100s.

ESPECIALLY, when Jamie fails to give you (a “newbie”) step-by-step guidance.

If I’m being totally honest, I wouldn’t even waste your time and hard-earned bucks on ‘P365’ because there’s little value on the inside.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that the upsells are gonna be crappy too if the main product is anything to go by.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘P365’


  • You do get something for your money (even if the value is crap lol)
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day returns policy – so your $37 isn’t completely flushed down the toilet


  • Jamie gets your hopes up with hype throughout his sales video
  • The majority of the training is very vague (and also outdated in some parts)
  • The pre-written solo ad emails are hyped up & spammy
  • There are additional upsells to splash out on
  • It appears to be a rehash of other shoddy products


Final Thoughts: Is Profit 365 a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn my honest opinion.

‘P365’ has to be one of THE absolute worst products I’ve ever come across in the online money-making space from a “seasoned” internet marketer.

You’re not taught HOW to actually make money with Jamie’s recommended methods.

Nor does he provide you with pre-written solo ad emails that offer value to your potential customers.

You’d think with all his years of internet marketing experience and wisdom, he’d put together a half-decent product helping newbies to crush it online.

But sadly, just like Matthew Neer, it seems he’s only bothered about his own bank balance.

The bottom line: Jamie’s created a slapdash product that’s total horse manure.

While ‘P365’ may not be a scam (since Clickbank offers a refund and there’s SOME level of training on the inside) – it’s certainly not recommended.

If you’re sick to the back teeth of crappy products that fail to deliver.

But you’re after a 100% legitimate solution to earning a full-time income on the web as an affiliate marketer…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘P365′ – we’d LOVE to hear em’ below…


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