Total Income Answer: Endorsed by Mark Cuban? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my unbiased review of Total Income Answer!

The person behind it reckons it’s that awesome at making you a fortune online, that even Mark Cuban endorses it.

Ya, right! LOL.

Get stuck into this honest review to understand why this so-called money-maker is just a pile of bullsh*t, that’s endorsed by nobody…

Total Income Answer Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Total Income Answer (TIA).


Cost: $97.

Owner: Karen or Kathlene Evans (used as stage names).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: SCAM (Steer Clear of This One).


Unfortunately, Total Income Answer is built on a pack of lies because the whole sales page revolves around the “get-rich-quick” myth.

The truth be told, all you’ll find behind the scenes is some generic out dated info and/or some software that fails to deliver the goods.

Trust me, I’ve invested in this type of garbage long enough to know EXACTLY how it operates under the hood.

So the only person giggling all the way to the bank is the unethical creator, I’m afraid.

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What’s Total Income Answer About?

Total Income Answer promotes itself as “The #1 Work From Home System“…

And also guarantees that you will make almost $400/daily when you spare just 1 hour of your time each day.

Apparently, successful Entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett also endorse the system.

Hmm… An unlikely story (as you’ll doon find out)…

But what the opportunity doesn’t tell you is HOW you will go about making a fortune on the web.

Right off the bat, this raises a red flag because it’s a tactic designed to make you “curious” like a cat.

Which leads to entering your credit card details, obviously.

What I’ve also learned about ‘TIA’ (which raises a second red flag) is that it’s a rehashed scam created by the same fraudsters behind:

These are just a few of the MANY duplicate “get-rich-quick” duds out there.

So you really have to watch your step when searching for online money-making opportunities, I’m afraid.


Are The Total Income Answer Endorsements The Real Deal?

As I mentioned – Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet highly the recommend ‘TIA’, according to the sales page.

Which shows you the following articles:

Mark’s Endorsement.
Mark Cuban on Forbes
Elon’s Endorsement.
Elon Musk News Story
Warren’s Endorsement.
Warren Buffet News Story
Whether the stories are genuine or not, the truth be told, the said entrepreneurs have never crossed paths with ‘TIA’ itself.

And even if they did, they certainly wouldn’t put their reputations on the line by promoting such a hoax.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The only reason why these stories are highlighted on the ‘TIA’ sales page is so the scammer can use the three entrepreneurs as a way of gaining your trust…

To steal 97 of your hard-earned dollars.

Yet, another filthy tactic that raises a red flag.


Additional Scam Warnings to Bear in Mind With Total Income Answer

I’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to the red flags with the ‘TIA’ system.

Here are a handful of other warnings that you should remain highly skeptical of if you wanna avoid the pitfall:


“Too Good to be True” Income Guarantee

They want you to believe that making $379 per day online is as easy as pie…

So you punch in your credit card info without hesitation, right?

“Get-Rich-Quick” has always been a myth.

But scams like ‘TIA’ keep trying to convince opportunity seekers (especially newbies) like you that it’s real.

Don’t get me wrong, you can earn a full-time income via affiliate marketing

But it won’t happen as easily and quickly as the scammer wants you to believe, sadly.

PSST! If you’re willing to follow the right training with a legitimate platform, and also put in the time and effort into building a successful business…

Then I recommend that you get started here for free.


The Advertisement of News Channels

The scammer’s intentions here are to build instant credibility with you…

By showcasing the top news channels on the front of his or her sales page (WITHOUT permission, I might add).

But while it’s true that “work from home opportunities” have been featured on the well-known news channels…

‘TIA’ never has been and will never be featured on TV.

So never fall for the news channel icons…

UNLESS they’re displayed in a legitimate manner (i.e. on a none “get-rich-quick” style sales page).


Limited Number of Places Available

You are told that a “limited number of spots are open” and to “check availability in your area“.

The reason behind this is so the fraudster can have your email address for spamming your inbox with more scammy garbage.

There’s nothing wrong with scarcity itself, BTW.

But when it’s deployed by someone selling you a “pipe dream”, how likely are you to trust them with your credentials?


A Fabricated Character Fronting The Opportunity

Karen Evans or Kathlene Evans is used as a stage name to represent the scam…

So that the cowardly creator can hide his or her true identity.

Karen Evans Form Total Income Answer

Meet Karen Evans.

But the laughable part about the whole thing is that her photo is actually from a stock image site.

Which means any person can easily lay their hands on it and use it to fool others like you on the web.
Woman Sat at Laptop With Coffee Mug
Meet “Karen” again ^^ LOL.


PROS vs CONS of Total Income Answer


  • It serves as an awesome example of the type of trash to avoid like the plague


  • It makes false income claims
  • The endorsements from successful entrepreneurs are fake
  • The owner uses as a stage name
  • No newbie will make money with this


Final Thoughts on The Total Income Answer Scam…

The truth be told, the Total Income Answer system is a total waste of your time, effort, and money.

There’s nothing to be gained from investing in the scam, whatsoever.

Well, apart from learning a costly lesson lol.

‘TIA’ is only designed for one thing only – to make one person rich…

I’ll let you guess who…

Ask yourself this:

If ‘TIA’ is the real deal, then why are so many red flags raised throughout the sales page, huh?


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Do you have any questions or experiences with ‘TIA’ that you’d like to get off your chest? We’d love to hear from ya below…


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