Is WordStream Your Easy PPC Advisor? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my review of WordStream!

These days, Pay Per Click marketing will teach you some harsh lessons if you attempt it blindfolded without the training and especially the right tool for the job.

If you’re struggling to convert your PPC ads into profits, then I’ve found a great solution that can help turn things around for your online Biz…

Is WordStream Your Easy Pay Per Click Advisor
Quick Overview:

Name: WordStream (WS).


Cost: Free trial. Then price varies from $2,928/year – $7,428/year. Plus $1,428/year for consulting.

Owner: Larry Kim.

My Score: 8/10.

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What’s WordStream All About?

(WS) is basically a nifty piece of software that removes all the complexity of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

It’s a keyword research tool and online Ad advisor that not only saves you time but makes it easier to manage and create profitable Ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing and also Facebook.

You can access all the tools and features you need and learn how to enhance the performance of all your advertising campaigns in just 20 minutes, which I’ll be discussing very shortly.


Who is Gonna Benefit From it?

Whether you’re a newcomer to online paid advertising who needs that helping hand to get started or you’re currently struggling to make a single dime in profit, then ‘WS’ will suit you right down to the ground.

In addition, marketing agencies and their clients will also benefit financially from the ‘WS’ platform.

However, the only thing I will say is just be prepared to have plenty of spare money aside because the tool will cost you a chunk of change.


Before we Dive in. Is Training Available?

When it comes to training, ‘WS’ does provide you with a bunch of invaluable resources for making the most of the tool for your campaigns.

Firstly, there’s a walk-through introduction of the software and how to get started with it.

Secondly, there are numerous videos that walk you through a “20-Minute Work Week”, Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks, using QueryStream, Account Build Out, and also Additional Tools.

Thirdly, you get step-by-step guides covering ‘WS’s’ Advisor HTML Dashboard, Landing Pages & Leads, Call Tracking FAQs and Social Ads Support.

The final training section provides you with videos on Understanding Match Types.

Plus there’s a blog that helps you with Adwords Tips, Paid Search Marketing, and Infographics.


Let’s Discover The Tools & Features…

As for the features, there are heaps of the things at your disposal.

#1: Manage Your PPC Accounts

You can quickly and easily view all the necessary PPC ad data in both your Google Adwords and Bing accounts.
Managing PPC Accounts Inside WordStream
‘WS’ automatically connects to both accounts and allows you to switch between the two without having to actually open up 2 separate browsers, which is the best part.

#2: Create Landing Pages

Easily create your own customized landing page by defining your own look and feel with a few “mobile-friendly” themes, creating content, building your form using specific fields, and choosing settings.
WordStream Landing Page Creator
However, when it comes to building high-converting squeeze pages and sales funnels, check out my #1 rated software here.

#3: Daily Leads

Track customer lead growth over a long-term period using a targeted landing page and setting up the Call Tracking feature.

You can also export your lead data to XLS or CSV formats.

#4: Create Reports

There are 2 report templates for you to choose from for your ad campaigns.
WordStream Campaign Reports
Either select a Success Report which gives you highly detailed insights into your progress with Adwords or Bing. Or pick an Adwords Performance Grader to give you a percentage score and learn how to make improvements.

#5: Search Work Week

The “20 Minute PPC Work Week” report provides you with recommendations on adding negatives, keywords, optimizing your ads and bids, and reviewing costly keywords.

It also gives you annual figures on the numbers of clicks and savings.

There are additional services on offer…

#6: Social Ads Software

With over 1.55 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook, presents a real opportunity to get your online business out there to the “targeted” masses.

The ‘WS’ social ads software takes all the guesswork out of social media marketing on Facebook so you can easily profit.

Plus it also helps you with Instagram too!

#7: Managed Services

The ‘WS’ in-house team of search engine marketing specialists will take over the reins of optimizing your account, freeing up your time so you can focus on other aspects of building your online biz.

#8: Free Graders

Make use of various free marketing graders for an in-depth analysis of your Adwords campaign and landing page, and your FB as well as Bing campaigns.

#9: Agency Solutions

If you’re working for an agency, then you’ll know that managing multiple client accounts is a headache and a half.

The ‘WS’ Agency Solution service helps you to create top performing and extremely profitable ad campaigns for your customers with real ease.

You will have total control over your workload from using one single platform.

#10: Social Advertising on FB

This makes it easy to improve the overall performance of your FB ads.

It offers you smart tools and workflows to work with, easy management of the platform, powerful targeted audience capabilities, and a bunch of campaign recommendations.

#11: Premier Consulting Service

Your own professional ad advisor will help you to achieve maximum results with your internet marketing campaigns.

You’ll receive a one-hour monthly telephone call with help and guidance in any area of Pay Per Click, actions to take and also account diagnostics reports.


Help & Support is Available, Right?

If you have any questions about ‘WS’, you can easily contact the team via the following methods:

  1. Submit a form
  2. Ring the sales or support team
  3. Write to their mailing address
  4. Send a quick email
  5. Live-Chat with a rep is available
  6. Connect with them on FB, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin

You certainly have a heap of options for reaching out to the team.

But my preferred method of contact with any service is always via live chat because it’s the fastest way of getting a response, in my opinion.


Are You Ready For The Costs?

Firstly, you can take ‘WS’ for a 7-day free test-drive with no credit card required. So put your wallet or purse away, right now!

As for the pricing plans, there’s a big bunch to choose from depending on your budget.

Here are your options:

#1: When your monthly PPC ad spend is up to $2,500/month – membership costs between $264/month – $299/month or $2,928/year.

#2: Ad spend of $2,500 – $5,000/month = $374/month – $429/month or $4,008/year.

#3: Ad spend ($5K – $10K/mo) = $464/month – $529/month or $4,968/year.

#4: Ad spend ($10K – $25K/mo) = $694/month – $789/month or $7,428/year.

When your monthly ad spend is $25K and over, you must call the team for special plans and pricing figures.

The following add-ons are optional:

Facebook Social Advertising will cost you $49 per month.

Premier Consulting costs from $135/month – $149/month or $1,428/year.

Managed Services Fees: If you have advanced PPC needs, then help from the team will cost you a fee of $1,000 + 7% – 10% of your monthly ad spend.

Social Adas Fees: For this FB ad service, your fees will be vary from $79/month – $149/month depending on your monthly Facebook spend.

I hope I didn’t bore you to death too much with the prices lol.

But as you can see, it’s not exactly cost-effective software is it?


PROS vs CONS of ‘WS’


  • Sign up for a 7-day free trial – (No credit card is required)
  • Manage your campaigns in only 20 minutes every week
  • Receive 20 minute-work-week alerts
  • Get access to all the features you need
  • Additional add-ons are available
  • You get training & support
  • Schedule a Demo on request


  • The membership fees are expensive
  • Extra fees required for add-ons


Final Thoughts: Is WordStream Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpWith so many fantastic resources to help with optimizing and enhancing your PPC campaigns on Google, Bing and FB – you’d be crazy not to take ‘WS’ for a 7-day free spin.

I also love the fact that ‘WS’ doesn’t require your credit card details for the trial and also provides you with heaps of invaluable training as well as numerous support options.

However, my only issue with the software is that it’s incredibly costly, but I guess it can pay for itself when you’re raking in the profits from your ads.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘WS’, we’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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