Is Your Dream Websites Your Worst Nightmare? [Review]

Hello, and welcome to my unbiased review of Your Dream Websites! 🙂

Is this really gonna make your wildest dreams of raking in the dough as easy as apple pie come true or just a total nightmare leaving you high and dry?

Well, there’s only one way to discover the truth…

Is Your Dream Websites Your Worst Nightmare - Review
Quick Overview

Name: Your Dream Websites (YDW).


Cost: $37 + upsells.

Owner: Jake (just some BS stage name).

My Score: 1/10.

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What’s Your Dream Websites All About?

Right off the bat, the ‘YDW’ sales page outrageously claims that copying some “weird trick” is gonna bank you “$1,000 per day starting TODAY!”

Swiftly followed by the video spokesman (Jake) claiming he’s just this second made you a brand new money-making account that’s about to be activated by clicking a mouse button a few times…

But it’s absolute bullsh*t because what he really shows you is a snapshot of what the affiliate stats area looks like inside of Clickbank.

In order to gain access to this area, you must first apply to Clickbank to become an affiliate.

So how can he set up an account on your behalf within just seconds – ESPECIALLY when he doesn’t have your credentials either?


Jake then claims it’s as easy as that for him to start making you cash, and he’s gonna show you live proof at the end of the video…

$1K per day from the internet is a very easy and realistic number with the right system…

Blah, blah, blah.

He basically waffles on – feeding your mind with EXACTLY what it wants to feast on when it comes to making huge bucks on the internet.

There’s just no value inside the sales video, whatsoever.

It’s nothing but all sizzle without the juicy steak – just like other crap I’ve reviewed in the past like:


The Red Flags to be Weary of…

As with all “too good to be true” sales pages within the ‘make money’ arena, there’s a lot of deception taking place with ‘TDW’ – in order to increase Jake’s chances of getting his grubby hands on your hard-earned bucks.

So before allowing yourself to be led down the garden path and parting with a bunch of dollars, you might just wanna bear the following scammy warnings in mind…


#1: Testimonials From Fake-Ass Members…

There are guys n’ gals proclaiming to have made an absolute fortune from ‘YDW’.

Meet this couple who have raked in a staggering $70K.

But what screams the word “SCAM” here is the fact that there’s ZERO proof of their $10,000s being genuine.

Furthermore, if you do some snooping around a site called ‘Fiverr’ – you’ll discover each and every one of those individuals peddling their “spokesperson” services (even to scammers) for pennies on the dollar.

So if ‘YDW’ is as real as you and me, then why does Jake purchase said services to trick vulnerable noobs?



#2: Who on Earth is “Jake” Anyways?…

All you have is his word to go on.

There’s no photographic evidence or even social media presence to even prove his identity, which basically makes his identity a complete fabrication.

Unfortunately, scammers use this “pen name” trickery all the time because once you hand over your cash only to find out the product is useless garbage – it keeps their reputation intact.

Meaning, they’re free to scam the pants off every man and his dog online without being called out.


#3: Zero Description of How it All Works…

Jake fails to explain the ins and outs of his so-called system because it’s actually non-existent from the get-go, and he knows it.

Surely if ‘YDW’ is legit, he’d walk you through the steps (in-depth) inside the sales video to help you arrive at a product buying decision, would he not?

Instead, he just sells you “the dream”, which is the real intention here.


#4: BS Income Proof Snapshots…

First of all, not only does Jake try to pull the wool over your eyes with snapshots of the millions of dollars his websites have supposedly produced for him over the last 4 years.

But also towards the end of his far-fetched sales video pitch, he reckons you have a total of $175 in commissions sitting in the new account (just from viewing a video presentation) he’s created for you.

It’s funny that he fails to mention HOW that $175 got there because money doesn’t just magically materialize out of thin air.

Something MUST be sold to produce a profit. That’s how business works.

Unless, of course, Jake has formulated some kinda Harry Potter spell for “magic money”.


Put simply, ‘YDW’ reeks of a rotten scam.

And even more so when it’s a replica of Your Easy Business, Profit With Our Sites, One Click Payday, and Copy MyCashflow, to name a few duds.

So it’s quite clear that Jake has been sowing his seeds online because one shady product isn’t enough for this money-grabbing jerkoff.

Just be cautious when looking up money-making opportunities because there’s no telling how many snake pits he has doing the rounds on the web.


How Does Your Dream Websites “Actually” Work?

Having already reviewed at least 100 of these opportunities offering you the world on a silver platter from little to no effort – I can tell you for a fact that ‘YDW’ fails to deliver anything that resembles online success.

Yeah, you may get access to some websites, but they’ll just be ones used to promote ‘YDW’ itself (the same product you buy into) for affiliate commissions.

Plus, the fact that 100s (maybe 1,000s) of folks who have already bought into this product are peddling the same sites and no doubt spamming the heck out of social media – creating a bad reputation for themselves and an even worse one for ‘YDW’.

Which, is also gonna reflect badly on you, in my book.

The ONLY way to build a website and succeed in this day and age is by working your ass off at producing VALUABLE content and getting it out there to the masses (potential customers) via the RIGHT promotional methods.

But, of course, Jake The Snake won’t tell you that part, will he?

He just wants you to buy into his “pipe dream product for $ in HIS own pockets.

The ONLY good thing about ‘YDW’ (in my opinion) is that there’s a 60-day refund policy in place because it’s sold via the ClickBetter digital marketplace.

So you’re not gonna get left totally high and dry.


Final Thoughts: Is Your Dream Websites a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownAs much as I’d like to call out Your Dream Wesbites as a blatant scam for walking you down the garden path with a seriously hyped up sales video also containing a bunch of manipulative red flags – ClickBetter will refund you your 37 bucks.

But just don’t take that as ‘YDW’ being legit lol.

At the end of the day, “get-rich-quick” garbage never works, and I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar on it.

The only reason why ‘YDW’ exists is to stuff cash into the pockets of the unethical individual behind it. Simples.

So what the heck now, Neil?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘YDW’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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