John Crestani’s Internet Jetset: A SCAM? (Reviewed)

A huge welcome to my review of Internet Jetset!

There seems to be a heck of a lot of buzz around John Crestani and his Internet and Affiliate Marketing training course – BUT does his program really live up to all the hype by delivering the goods?

I guess you’re about to find out, so hang tight, buddy!

Is John Crestanis Internet Jetset a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Internet Jetset (IJ).


Cost: $47 one-time for IJ membership. $47/month for IJ & JetsetLIVE. $187 for Xtreme Case Study Archive.

Owner: John Crestani.

My Score: 7/10.

Verdict: If you want to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer using free traffic sources on the web, then John’s step-by-step training program is a great starting point.

But before you get stuck into this review…

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John Crestani’s Free Exclusive Training Webinar

First of all, John gives you access to an exclusive free webinar – providing you with in-depth training on how he started his Internet-based business from scratch and how you can follow in his footsteps as a successful affiliate marketer.

When you watch his webinar, he shows you full step-by-step training on:

  • Why online marketing is the best place to start as an Entrepreneur
  • 3 things you need for crafting a 6 to 7-figure per year business
  • How to choose your niche market
  • How to generate your very first affiliate commission today
  • How to create an income that’s on autopilot
  • There’s also a live ‘Q & A’ session after the webinar

In my opinion, you certainly get plenty of value from the webinar!


What is Internet Jetset All About?

After your free webinar, you will be able to become a member of ‘Internet Jetset’…

‘IJ’ is John’s step-by-step training course on free traffic methods such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and a few other platforms, that affiliates can take advantage of for making money online and building extremely successful businesses.


Who is This ‘John Crestani’ Dude?

At the age of 28, John got fired from his job (one he truly hated) and built up a digital business that made him $500,000 per month (yup, half a million dollars) while he traveled around the globe.

Say “Hello” to John.
John Crestani From Internet Jetset
He founded the ‘Super Affiliate System’ (12-week training course) and also ‘Nutryst’ (affiliate network).

In addition, he’s now the founder of the new ‘IJ’ system.

It was all thanks to Tim Ferriss’s ‘4 Hour Workweek’ that inspired John to start his own online business and drastically change his life.

John has been featured on the big news channels such as Fox and CBS, in the Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., within the Business Insider magazines, and also speaks about marketing on the internet at conferences worldwide.

Read and be inspired by John Crestani’s story on Forbes here.

Is Mr. Crestani a scammer?

Well, judging from the attention and great publicity John has received, you have 100% proof that he is the real deal!


Who is ‘IJ’ Ideal For?

John’s training product is designed specifically for folks from all walks of life who dream of becoming super successful affiliate marketers.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or you totally suck at earning online, John will walk you through the process of building a profitable affiliate marketing business from ground zero.

‘IJ’ is perfect for all internet marketing noobs!


What Training’s Included in The Course?

John’s 8-hour “action-jam-packed” system consists of a number of thorough training modules on your first commissions, preparing your mind, choosing your offers, using Google, Youtube, and Facebook for free traffic, overcoming your limits, and copywriting.

But there’s no doubt more modules and updates will be added to the platform in the coming months.

I really like the fact, the training is an awesome mixture of steps for both building a profitable business on the web and also mindset preparation to ensure you stay on the right track with your biz.

In my experience as an affiliate, “mindset” is a highly important factor when it comes to success! So I’m glad it’s also an aspect that John teaches us affiliates.

Let’s have a very quick glance at some cool stuff you will learn inside ‘IJ’:

  • How to make your first affiliate commissions within only 2 hours of joining ‘IJ’
  • A secret trick for combining Amazon and Facebook to make instant money
  • How to remove ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ for preventing failure online
  • The #1 culprit for causing the loss of business focus
  • How to set up a WordPress blog
  • The affiliate networks that pay the most, and how to join the programs
  • Two ways to use Google for targeted free traffic
  • John’s super special trick for finding long-tail keywords for high intent & traffic
  • Using the Google Keyword Planner tool
  • And plenty more…

In addition, you can buy into the ‘Xtreme Case Study Archive’ – giving you numerous successful case studies that you can implement into your own online biz.

Think of it as a kinda “cheat sheet” if you will.


Any Help & Support Available?

When it comes to the main support option, you can purchase ‘JetsetLIVE’ which not only gives you access to live webinars each and every month, but also the Super Affiliate Forum.

Inside the forum, you’re able to request support from John himself, his support team, and also other members of IJ.

The cool thing about the community is that ‘John Boy’ actively engages with his students and goes above and beyond to help you with his responses.


What’s The Overall Cost of Internet Jetset?

Prior to joining ‘IJ’, you will register for a free training webinar. Inside, John gives you plenty of “golden nuggets” to take away.

After your freebie webinar:

  • Internet Jetset is a one-time cost of only $47
  • (Optional Upsell #1) IJ + JetsetLIVE is $47 per month
  • (Optional Upsell #2) Extreme Case Study Archive is a one-off fee of $187


PROS vs CONS of ‘IJ’


  • The costs of the program are very reasonable
  • High-quality & thorough step-by-step video training
  • Assignments to complete for encouraging you to take action
  • John goes out of his way to help you succeed
  • The traffic techniques are free and effective
  • The platform is very newbie-friendly
  • There’s an active community of successful marketers for help & support
  • John Crestani is a credible & reputable Webpreneur


  • The basic course doesn’t offer training on ‘paid’ traffic techniques
  • An additional fee will be required to host your WordPress site
  • There aren’t any tools included in your membership


Final Thoughts: Is Internet Jetset a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpIn my opinion, John Crestani’s ‘IJ’ system is nothing short of awesome.

If you’re a newbie looking for a starting point or even if you’re finding it a struggle to make money online, Johnny’s program will give you the step-by-step process for becoming profitable and killing it as an affiliate marketer.

But also do bear in mind that there will be additional expenses involved.

The Bottom Line: Invest in yourself by buying into the IJ program, follow all the training, and take “MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION” because it will inevitably lead to a successful monthly income.

Learn quickly, create a strong work ethic, and your business will prosper.

I think it’s perfectly safe to say that both John and his ‘IJ’ system are LEGIT!

However, there is a better alternative…

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Your Friend, Neil! 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘IJ’? We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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