Launch Jacking, The TOXIC Approach to Affiliate Marketing!

Some “Gurus” and “Super Affiliates” will tell you how super easy and lucrative launch jacking can be.

But they also kinda forget to say how TOXIC the concept is (which I’m gonna discuss shortly).
Why Launch Jacking is The Toxic Approach to Affiliate Marketing
Some claim they have made $100s in 2 days, over $1,000 in a week, and even one guy has generated as much as $10,000 in affiliate commissions in just a 24-hour time frame!


I made a MEASLEY $2.50 commission in 24 hours (not even enough for a coffee), despite holding a Google page 1 ranking!?
Poor Affiliate Commissions From Launch Jacking
So I’m here to shed some light on launch jacking and why I only made a pathetic $2.50 affiliate commission!

At least my experiences will either save you from getting suckered into the game or inspire you to work harder lol.


What is Launch Jacking All About?

Launch Jacking is exactly how it sounds.

When a Guru product launch goes live, you steal huge amounts of search engine traffic (intended for the main product website) from the “buzz” created.

An example of big Guru launches:
Big Digital Product Launches Listed on MunchEye
Apparently, it’s a technique that even NEWBIES can take advantage of for hitting the affiliate commission jackpot!

But can every man and his dog really become profitable from it?

Sadly, it’s not that easy to make MEGA bucks in 24-hours because firstly, you must have some experience in internet marketing, and secondly, you’re up against stiff competition (hardcore jackers who are awesome at repeatedly gaming Google).

Unluckily, there are other downsides to it as well.


How Does Launch Jacking Work?

There are various options for attempting to jack launches and make a big buck quickly online.

You can use exact match domain name variations based on the product.

For example; if the main product website is product You could buy:

  • product
  • product
  • product

Or purchase:

  • And so on…

The domain is then used to build a WordPress blog, publish a product review post with affiliate links embedded, install the necessary WordPress plugins (All in One SEO, Google Sitemaps, and Pretty Links, etc), share the sales article everywhere, and build a load of backlinks.

Your second option would be to use your own blog if you already have one established.

Simply publish a review, socially share the post as much as possible, and again, build some backlinks. This is the most popular method, and also the one I used.

The third option is to use the product name for setting up a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, and any other social profile that’s gonna get indexed by Google.

Then fill the social media platforms with product related content. You could share images, videos, and written status updates with your affiliate link, etc.

And finally, you can film one or two review videos on YouTube because Google also ranks them highly in its search engine.

You pick your product launch as many weeks in advance as possible, choose your strategy, and keep plugging away at it each day until you reach the first page of Google in time for the launch date.

BOOM, you have a HUGE flood of traffic, sales, and commissions!

That’s the general idea anyway.

Sounds straight forward, right?…


5 Major Downsides to Launch Jacking

There are many cons to launch jacking.

Here are the main ones:

A LOT of Competition!

Marathon Runners on a Road
The first major downside is that the competition is far too fierce, especially in the “make money online” niche.

I found it a heck of a struggle and a consistent battle on a daily basis to not only prevent my blog post from slipping further down the rankings, but to climb them.

Unfortunately, you will be swimming against the tide because everyone else is pushing forward and doing whatever it takes for that big payday.

In addition, you’re competing against the very same Gurus and Super Affiliates who encourage you to take part in launch jacking in the first place lol. They always dominate Google page 1.

Fat chance at beating these experts at their own game, particularly if you’re a noob!

Google Page 1 DOESN’T = Big Money!One Dollar Bill

What some of these launch jacking experts fail to tell you is that your blog post/social media page must have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd (preferably #1) ranking position on page 1 of Google if you’re gonna get a TON of traffic and commissions.

I discovered this for myself with the launch of ‘Lurn Insider’. My blog post review moved up and down the front page of Google like a yo-yo!

Because my review didn’t land on one of the top spots, it got a trickle of visitors, and I made 1 lousy sale that generated a commission of just $2.50!

Weeks of hard work and preparation for the launch simply went down the drain! 🙁

Spamming & Gaming The Search Engines!

Spamming is Bad For Online Business
With my own personal experience (which I’m not proud of), I had to continuously share my post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

Going OTT with promoting on social media is practically classed as “spamming”.

In addition, I created multiple blog post backlinks using the Warrior Forum and also the Quora ‘Q&A’ platform.

Despite my blog having nearly 200 posts and 3,000 comments, it still wasn’t enough to push my ‘Lurn Insider’ review to page 1.

So backlinking did help a little.

Some marketers class it as an ethical strategy for top rankings.

However, it can also be considered as “gaming” Google, especially when you’re aggressively building backlinks on various websites because Google will deem it as an unethical marketing practice and can derank your blog for it.

You can be treading on dangerous grounds with Google if your techniques aren’t natural.

Your Reputation is on The Line!

Lisa Simpson Doing The Loser Sign
When you write a “biased” product review without first trying out the product, then it’s basically a fake review because your only source of information is taken directly from the product sales page. Your post is based on hearsay.

A hyped up sales type of review won’t score you any brownie points with your visitors, especially if they purchase your recommendation and find the product to be a crap one.

And guess who will have the finger of blame pointing right at them?…


Traffic & Commissions Fizzle Out!

A Hand Holding a Sparkler
The final problem is that after the launch period, not only does the Google traffic die down, but your commissions can also potentially dry up if the product’s poor quality.

Customers will request refunds, and monthly paid membership customers will start dropping like flies.

So you may make some BIG commissions to begin with, but I wonder how much money you’ll be making 1 – 3 months down the line after the launch?


4 Important Tips to Take Into Consideration

A Lightbulb

When you’re adamant on launch jacking and you think you have what it takes to thrash the pants off your competition (the big boys n’ gals), then here are a few important tips to consider before taking the plunge for those affiliate commissions.

#1 – You need to actually find out what’s being launched and when. You can visit the following sites for big upcoming Guru launches.

#2 – You need to carefully pick a product that’s gonna be awesome (not some trashy one). Do your thorough research on the product owner to see if they’re the real deal and have a good reputation in digital marketing.

Also do some digging around for their previous product launches. Are they good quality products? Do they have a lot of positive user feedback?

#3 – Don’t just create a “biased” fake review (like the majority of marketers doing launch jacking). Ask the product creator for a free product demo and as much information as possible.

When you have the option to buy the product before launch. Do it!

That way you can write honest reviews. In addition, be “unbiased” by outlining both the PROS and CONS, and also give readers your honest opinions.

Stand out from the crowd and don’t just be another “Super Affiliate” looking to turn a quick book.

Give people “value”. 😉

#4 – Always read the ‘terms and conditions’ before jumping into any JV product launch for competition prizes and commissions.

This is an important step because some Gurus disallow negativity and unbiased reviews, and may disqualify you for breaking their rules.


My Final Opinion…

I’m not 100% dead set against launch jacking because it can be highly profitable if done right.

What really annoys the hell out of me is the fact that seasoned marketers make it sound ever so “simple and easy” to do, and also don’t paint the whole picture.

This is why I sucked at earning some real commissions, despite being on Google page 1.

When you work much harder and also smarter than your competition by choosing good quality products, publishing honest and unbiased reviews, and also steering clear of fierce backlinking strategies, you have the potential to make money from launch jacking in an ethical manner.

But for me personally, my own launch jacking days are done lol.

However, that’s also a positive thing because it means I can continue to build my online business exactly the way it should be and continue to deliver “value” to folks like you.

Before you go…

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Your Friend, Neil 🙂

Do you have any questions or any of your own successful/unsuccessful launch jacking experiences that you’d love to share with us? Please post your comments below…

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